To make moving our files from one phone to another easier, Samsung created a dedicated app called the Samsung Smart Switch. While this app is a fantastic way to protect our favorite photos, private messages, and recent contact list, it can run into some problems.

Have you ever encountered a situation that Samsung Smart Switch that does not work? If you meet that problem, keep reading, we’ve got excellent solutions for you to try in this post!

samsung switch not working

Method 1: Choose a Samsung Smart Switch Alternative - iMyFone iTransor

When your Samsung Smart Switch mobile is not working, try using the powerful software designed to work across all mobile platforms - iMyFone iTransor. They have an easy-to-use solution that allows you to selectively transfer up to 18 types of data from your iPhone to Samsung or Samsung to iPhone for free.

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iTransor - Phone to Phone Transfer Directly

Transfer/Backup/Restore/Export WhatsApp on iPhone/Android.

  • Directly transfer data across different platforms
  • Selectively transfer the data you need
  • No need for Wi-Fi or cellular data
  • Transparent process of phone data transfer

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Let’s see how it work.

Step 1. Connect your devices to PC

Download iTransor and then open it, click "Transfer Other Data". Then connect your Samsung phone and iPhone to PC.

transfer samsung to iphone guide

Step 2: Prepare the devices for transferring files.

Tap on "Transfer" after both devices are connected. Then you need to follow the instruction on the screen to operate.

easy way to transfer samsung to iphone

Step 3: Select the date you want to move from device to device.

After the preparation of the devices, you can see all the phone data you have. Select the data you want to transfer and click the "transfer" button in the lower right corner.

how to transfer samsung to iphone

Step 4: Get all procession complete

The program will start to work, and the time depends on the size of data you want to transfer. After the program finish, you can see all transferred data on your target device.

last step to transfer samsung to iphone

Method 2: Check if Samsung Smart Switch Not Connecting

This problem can happen if your Samsung smart switch windows phone is not working and cannot connect using either a USB cable or WiFi. Always start by double-checking your USB cable input and wire to ensure it is correctly physically connected to your phone and your PC.

If you are working wirelessly, verifying that your WiFi is enabled on your phone and PC. Sometimes your WiFi crashes and will cause a lack of connection. If that is the problem, you can restart your devices and try connecting again.

Method 3: Check if Samsung Smart Switch Not Enough Space

The fantastic photos we take and videos we save can sometimes fill up our mobile devices and leave little room for extra space. That can cause an issue when your Samsung Smart Switch is not working if the receiving new device doesn’t have enough room to make the file transfer.

Step 1.Verify your receiving phone has enough space by going to Settings > Storage and check the size available.

smart switch not working not enough space

Step 2.Free up space by removing old photos or videos that are no longer important.

Step 3.Free up space by going to Settings > Apps and deleting old apps or clearing app cache.

smart switch not working

That should do the trick to creating more space so the essential files you want to be transferred actually make it through to your new device.

Method 4: Check if Samsung Smart Switch is not Compatible

Method 4: Check if Samsung Smart Switch is not Compatible

One of the reasons that your Samsung Switch not working is because the devices you use are not compatible with the app.

Follow these steps to check whether it is not compatible:

Step 1.Updating the operating systems on your devices to ensure they use the latest versions.


Smart Switch supports Android 4.3+ and iOS 4.2.1+.

Step 2.Make sure you have marked the correct device properly as Android or iPhone and sender or receiver. If the target device is anything other than Samsung, Smart Switch will not work.

smart switch not working not campable

The Smart Switch app is efficient. If you do not stick to Samsung’s instruction's exact parameters or have a proper device receiving the information, it will not work.

Method 5: Check if Samsung Smart Switch is not Stable

This can be one of the most frustrating reasons your Samsung smart switch mobile is not working. For example, you could be midway through a transfer, and then all of a sudden, the app turns off or crashes. Then you’re left in the blue as to what information was transferred correctly and if it is still usable.

To fix this issue:

Step 1.Check if your Smart Switch app is updated.

Step 2.If the update didn’t work, try reinstalling your Smart Switch app from the Play Store.

smart switch not working not stable

Step 3.If neither solution worked, try restarting your device and then updating/reinstalling the app.

Method 6: Check the Data Volume Transferred

The "Samsung Smart Switch not working" issue can also happen if you are attempting to move huge files in volumes the app cannot always handle. It is because the Smart Switch can suddenly get stuck in the data transfer process.

To fix this:

Step 1. Select specific smaller volumes of data to move during a transfer at a time.

Step 2. Clear the cache of the device and restart before trying again.

Both of these solutions should do the trick. The point is to clean what the app thought it was moving with smaller chunks of data that shouldn’t get stuck along the transfer process.


1 How do I reset my Samsung Smart Switch?

From the home screen, navigate to Settings > Apps. Swipe to "Smart Switch "and then tap Storage.You’ll be given the option to Clear cache and Clear data by selecting OK. From there, you should be able to reattempt the data transfer.

2Where is Smart Switch on Samsung?

On newer devices, Smart Switch will be preinstalled. Otherwise, you can download it on your Android device from the Google Play Store, the App Store for Mac, and the Samsung Smart Switch Hub for PC.

3How do I manually connect to my Samsung Smart Switch?

Start by installing the Smart Switch app on your device. Then, open the app and connect. As long as you have a WiFi signal or cell service, you’ll be able to connect. To transfer, you’ll have to be on WiFi or using a USB cable.


When you meet the "Samsung Smart Switch not working" issues, the most useful method we recommend is to use iMyFone iTransor! It is an easy-to-use method that makes the process smoother in the long run. It also helps to prevent any of the common issues Samsung is currently experiencing.

Either way, we hope you found this article helpful and can now move your favorite pictures, messages, and videos from one device to another.