One of the most important reasons for buying a smartphone is the ability to use our favorite mobile apps on them. Your favorite apps might be your email app, or a document editor, or a ride hailing app, or messaging app like WhatsApp, or dating apps like Tinder. Whatever app it is; it is difficult to imagine life without them.

transfer apps to new iPhone

When you buy a new iPhone, one of the biggest issues you might face would likely occur when you try to move all your apps to your new device. Although Apple provides some official methods for this, they are sometimes not compatible with all types of apps, and they come with different challenges.

This article provides a detailed review of the best methods for transferring your apps to a new iPhone.

Things to Know Before Transferring Apps to New iPhone

If you are transferring from iPhone to iPhone, iTunes and iCloud are both free services from Apple which allow users to transfer apps to new iPhones. This is the "official" way of transferring your apps, and it works fairly well. You can check the directions in the latter contents of this article.

However, though they do work, iTunes and iCloud are not perfect. They have a few issues when it comes to being able to transfer apps to new iPhone:

  • You cannot selectively transfer apps. It's basically all or nothing. You either transfer all of the data or you don't.
  • It will affect the existing data that is on the device. This old data can be overwritten when the apps are added. If you want to keep your old data and transfer app data to new iPhone without losing the other apps, this can be a problem.
  • The source device can only be an iPhone.

Just because the official Apple method has these flaws, though, doesn't mean that there aren't alternatives. You can use software that gives you more control and freedom over your apps, such as iMyFone iTransor.

1.1 Selectively Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone [Recommended]

iMyFone iTransor is an outstanding PC app to help you backup and restore/transfer any app to your new iPhone, regardless of the OS version it runs on. You can聽back up only some of your data on iPhone, or all of it. Similarly, you can selectively聽choose some data to restore from your back up, or you can just restore all of it. It supports transferring many types of apps, including contacts, messages, WhatsApp and WeChat. To transfer apps to your new phone you simply need to backup from your old phone, and then restore to your new iPhone.

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Steps to transfer apps to a new iPhone using iTransor

The backup process can be completed in 3 easy steps. They are explained below:

  • Download and install the program on your computer and open the app after its installed. Click on Acquire Backup from Device & iCloud option at the top-left of your screen.
  • Click on Back Up Device and then connect your old iPhone to your PC using a USB cable. Select the Apps option from the back up list.

back up apps

  • Click on Back Up at the bottom-right corner of your screen and wait for the process to complete.

Now you can restore the backed up apps following the steps below:

  • Disconnect your older iPhone from your PC and connect your new iPhone using a USB cable. Click on Restore Backup to Device.
  • You will find a list of all previous backups 鈥 if you've done a lot 鈥 including your most recent backup. Select the most recent backup and click on Next. Choose the Apps you want to transfer and then click on Directly Restore or Preview & Restore. The Preview & Restore option allows you to view all the apps before you restore them to your new iPhone.

selectively restore apps

  • Finally, you must decide if you want to merge the apps you're about to restore with the corresponding existing app on the new iPhone, or if you want replace them. Click on Merge to merge them or Replace to replace them. The restore process will begin immediately after you select one of these. Wait for the process to complete.

1.2 Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone Using iCloud

iCloud is Apple's official could storage service. All iPhone, iPad and Mac users can subscribe to the service by paying a monthly fee. You can configure your settings to automatically back up all your phone's data and apps, and like every cloud service, it requires internet connection to transfer apps.

Steps to transfer apps to a new iPhone Using iCloud

Here's how to transfer apps using iCloud:

  • Make sure the apps you want to transfer are backed up to your iCloud. Confirm this by going to Settings and tapping on your name, then on iCloud. Toggle on the apps you wish to transfer if they're toggled off.
  • Turn on the new iPhone and follow the setup instructions until you see Apps & Data on your screen.
  • On the Apps & Data screen page, click on Restore from iCloud Backup. A page asking you to log in to your iCloud will pop up. Log in using your Apple ID and tap on Next.
  • Select the most recent of your backups and restore it on the new iPhone. Wait to see the completion notification before moving to the next stage of your set up.

transfer apps to new iPhone using iCloud

1.3 Transfer Apps from iPhone to iPhone Using iTunes or Finder

Although primarily known for music, iTunes has a data sharing feature that allows you to easily transfer apps and data between a PC and an iPhone/iPad. Data shared using iTunes are copied to your local drive, meaning they remain on your computer after transfer.

Steps to transfer apps to a new iPhone Using iTunes or Finder

  • Download and install iTunes (or Finder if you are using the latest macOS Catalina) to your computer. Plug in your older iPhone via a lightning USB cable and click on Back Up now. Wait for the process to finish.
  • Turn on your new iPhone and continue your set up till you reach to Apps & Data.
  • On the Apps & Data page, tap Restore from Mac or PC. Connect the new iPhone to your Mac or PC and open iTunes or Finder. You might be asked for your device passcode or to Trust This Computer, just follow the on-screen steps.
  • Select Restore Backup on iTunes and choose the most recent backup. Select restore and enter your passcode if you're prompted to do so. Wait for the restoration process to end.

transfer apps to new iPhone using iTunes

Transfer Apps to New iPhone from Android Using Different Applications

Apple's official tool for transferring data like your apps, messages, calendar and notes is the Move to iOS app. However, Move to iOS does not support the transfer of many types of app and data like WhatsApp and other messaging apps. To use the app to transfer apps from Android, while setting your new iPhone you need to select the Move Data from Android option on the Apps & Data set-up screen.

Another excellent Android to iPhone transfer tool is the Copy My Data app. This app assists its users in moving contacts, calendars and media to an iPhone. Available for download on both the Apple App store and Google Play Store, it uses a secure private Wi-Fi network to connect both the iPhone and Android for transfer. For security reasons, you would also be asked to enter a 4-digit code 鈥 displayed on the android app 鈥 on the iPhone.

Furthermore, there are many other mobile apps for transferring apps to a new iPhone from almost any device. Some of these apps boast astonishing transfer speeds and they work via Wi-Fi. Some popular examples include SHAREit and Xender.

While all the aforementioned transfer tools are great for transferring different apps to an iPhone, none of them can transfer WhatsApp and all the underlying WhatsApp data like your WhatsApp messages, contacts, documents and videos. This is precisely what iMyFone iTransor Pro does excellently.

iMyFone iTransor Pro

iMyFone iTransor Pro is a desktop transfer tool. It can efficiently and speedily transfer WhatsApp from any mobile phone to an iPhone without risking data loss or security. While it is currently only available for WhatsApp, its next version will support transferring additional data and apps.

Steps to transfer WhatsApp to a new iPhone Using iTransor Pro

  • Download and install the app from the official website.

windows version    mac version

  • Open the app and select Transfer Whatsapp on the start menu.

choose Transfer WhatsApp

  • Connect your Android phone and your new iPhone to your PC using the appropriate USB cables. Switch between the devices to accurately select the source and destination phones.

connect your devices to a computer

  • Select Transfer WhatsApp between Devices and then click on Transfer. Wait for the process to complete and click on Done when it is finished.

A Comparison of the 4 Methods to Transferring Apps to A New iPhone

iTransor iCloud iTunes / Finder Different Apps
Source Device All modern iPhones from iPhone 4 or later. Only iPhones. Only iPhones. All Android and iPhone models.
New iPhone requirement Compatible with all iOS versions.

iOS 8 or later; Storage space exceeding the backup size.

Up-to-date iOS versions; Storage space exceeding the backup size.

Compatible with all iOS versions.
Operational methods USB cable. Internet connection 鈥 backup and restore. Internet connection/
USB cable.
Internet connection/
USB cable.
Limitation Non-wireless transfer. Only works for iOS devices and requires Apple ID. Only works for iOS devices. Currently only available for WhatsApp transfer.