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Rootjunky Samsung Bypass Apk – Unlock Google FRP Lock Now

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Aaron Donald

June 6, 2019 (Updated: April 13, 2020锛

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At some point in your Samsung Android life, you could run into trouble with your device, necessitating you rooting it to life. If you have ever had an issue with your Samsung device, maybe it is malfunctioning or experiencing system issue, you'll need to know how to bring your device back to life. This is where your knowledge of Rootjunky comes in. However, not everyone understands how to use Rootjunky and restore Samsung device back to normal.

How to Bypass Samsung Bypass APK with Rootjunky

Rootjunky helps you to bypass factory reset protection (FRP) on Samsungs devices. FRP is a protection meant to prevent unauthorized use of your device, especially if it was stolen. FRP will prevent it from being used except the Google account used on the Samsung device is provided.

However, there are a time when you need to bypass the Google FRP lock on Samsung device. If you have just been given the device or you bought it from the original owner without the FRP already removed, you could have a problem using the Samsung device.

Requirements to Bypass Samsung FRP via Rootjunky:

You need to prepare extract devices to complete the FRP bypass process:

  • A USB drive
  • An OTG cable (this is not the same from a USB cable)

How to Use Rootjunky Samsung Bypass APK?

Step 1: Click here to download the Rootjunky APK on your computer. Connect your USB drive to computer and copy the APK to the drive.
Step 2: Open your Android device and try to set it up. When you 鈥榬e in the 鈥淰erifying your account鈥 screen, use the OTG cable to connect your device to USB drive.

use Rootjunky APK

Step 3: Open the file explorer on your Android device and access the APK from the USB drive.
Step 4: Select the right APK file you downloaded to install it into your Android device.

use Rootjunky APK

Step 5: When the 鈥淚nstall blocked鈥 warning window appears, tap 鈥淪ETTINGS鈥.
Step 6: Check the 鈥淯nknown sources鈥. Then check 鈥淎llow this installation only鈥 and click 鈥淥K鈥 to proceed.

use Rootjunky APK

Step 7: Click 鈥淚NSTALL鈥 to proceed. When it completes, click 鈥淥PEN鈥.

use Rootjunky APK

Step 8: Now open the 鈥淪ettings鈥 app on your device. Find and perform the factory reset on your device. This will remove the old FRP account from your device.

use Rootjunky APK

Step 9: When your device reboots, you will start the setup again. This time, it won鈥檛 ask to verify the Google account. You can set up your device as a brand new one.

Cons of This Way:

  • The APK has not been updated for a long time. You may find it inoperative for your device.
  • You may be stuck during the process because the operation is different on different models.
  • There is no after service provided by Rootjunky.

Best Tool to Bypass Samsung FRP Recommended

Actually, it鈥檚 not recommended to use Rootjunky as the process is rather long and complicated. In fact, we have to stop at the level we stopped because it can get confusing really. There is a better and more efficient way to bypass the Samsung FRP lock, that is using iMyFone LockWiper (Android) FRP lock tool.

LockWiper (Android) is a unique software program that was developed to bypass Samsung FRP lock without needing a Google ID. It is not only safe and fast, but also a very efficient and uncomplicated method. If for any reason you are locked out of your phone , then LockWiper helps to get your phone access back easily.

lockwiper (Android)

7,500,000+ Downloads

Key Features - Why LockWiper Is A Better Choice

  • Remove Samsung factory reset protection effortlessly without knowing the Google ID or password.
  • Help you quickly access your phone and enjoy all features when you鈥檙e locked out of your device.
  • Completely remove the previous account, hence your device won鈥檛 be tracked or limited.
  • A complete self-service unlocking program that no tech skills are required at all.
  • Also bypass the screen locks including PIN, password, pattern, face and fingerprint lock.

Try It Free

How to Bypass Samsung FRP Lock with LockWiper (Android)?

Step 1. The first step is to download and install iMyFone LockWiper (Android) and click choose 鈥淩emove Google Lock鈥 on your screen. Connect your Samsung device via a usb.

iMyFone LockWiper Android screenshot

Step 2. Select the right information for your device and click 鈥淒ownload鈥 to proceed.

iMyFone LockWiper Android screenshot

Step 3. LockWiper (Android) will then download and install a specific data package for your device.

iMyFone LockWiper Android screenshot

Step 4. Follow the continue and it will prepare a specific firmware package for your Samsung device. This package will start to unlock the factory reset protection on your device.

iMyFone LockWiper Android screenshot

Step 5. When the unlocking process finishes, you can now access your device without requiring any account or password.

iMyFone LockWiper Android screenshot


Surely, after getting through this post, you鈥檒l learn how to bypass Samsung FRP lock with Rootjunky APK. If you鈥檙e lucky, you鈥檒l finally figure it out to work. But for most users, it鈥檚 not easy to use Rootjunky. However, LockWiper (Android) FRP lockcan solve all the issues quickly and effectively. It doesn鈥檛 require you to have any technical skills. All you have to do is to connect your device to LockWiper (Android) with a USB cable and let LockWiper do the rest.

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