Your Apple ID contains your personal information and payment details, which is the important authentication on your Apple devices. If you forget your Apple ID password or you just bought a second-hand iPhone associated with an Apple ID, you are unable to enjoy the services like iTunes Store, Apple Support, FaceTime, iCloud, App Store, iBooks Store, etc. And someone else might be able to track and lock your iPhone. In this article, we will discuss how to bypass Apple ID when you forgot its password.

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Why Your Apple ID is Locked?

Your Apple ID can be locked or disabled if you forget the login details or enter the incorrect password several times. The lockout system on the iPhone is designed to prevent an unauthorized intruder. If you just purchased a used Apple device, that might be logged with other's Apple ID. The Find My iPhone feature can also lock you out from an iCloud activation lock. But don't worry, just read the following content. You will find a suitable way to bypass Apple ID without a password.

How to Bypass Apple ID When Find My iPhone Enabled?

Find My iPhone app on iPhone enables you to locate your missing device, which is a great security feature. But sometimes it can be a great hassle, as it greatly increases the difficulty of bypassing Apple ID.

Here we have found a powerful software for you, which can bypass Apple ID when Find My iPhone is turned on. The iMyFone LockWiper iPhone unlocker is a user-friendly and intuitive software designed to remove the Apple ID and iCloud account within 5 minutes. It is concise and easy to use. Let go through its main functions.

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Key features of iMyFone LockWiper:

  • Bypass Apple ID and iCloud account when you don't have the password.
  • Permanently bypass iCloud account even when Find My iPhone is enabled for all Apple devices.
  • Easily bypass MDM profile without passcode within few simple steps.
  • Your device will be removed from the previous Apple ID. And your device can’t be remotely blocked or tracked by the previous user.
  • Unlock all types of screen lock, such as digital password, Face ID and Touch ID.
  • Unlock Restrictions and Screen Time passcode without losing data.

Video Tutorial about How to Unlock Apple ID without Email/Phone Number/Security Questions

Change Apple ID without Email/Phone Number/Security Questions

Steps to Follow

Step 1. Download iMyfone LockWiper onto your PC, then choose the "Unlock Apple ID" mode.

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Step 2. Connect your device to your PC using a USB cable.
Step 3. Click on the "Start to Unlock" tab. And wait for the software to remove the Apple ID and iCloud account on your iDevice.

Unlock iCloud

Step 4. LockWiper will completely remove the Apple ID and iCloud account associated with your iDevice within 5 minutes.

Unlock iCloud

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Contact the Previous Owner to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

If you just bought a second-hand iPhone or iPad, and find it associated with an Apple ID or you just make it stuck in iCloud activation lock. In this case, you can contact the seller or the previous owner of the device to help you bypass the Apple ID remotely. This can be done by deleting the device from the iCloud. You can tell the previous owner to follow the steps below.

Step 1. Sign in to with their Apple ID.

sign in icloud account

Step 2. Tap on "Find iPhone" feature.

find iphone feature

Step 3. Choose "All Devices".
Step 4. Choose the device that you want to delete from this iCloud account.
Step 5. Tap on "Remove from Account".
Step 6. Once completed, you can use your second-hand device normally. And you can create or sign in your own Apple ID.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with DNS Method

If you can’t contact the previous owner and get stuck in the iCloud activation lock, you can refer to this method. It will help you bypass and remove the iCloud activation lock. But it also features a lower success rate. And after bypassing the iCloud activation lock, you can only use parts of the functions on your iPhone or iPad, which is very inconvenient. You should take the following steps.

Step 1. Restart your Apple device and select your Country and Language.
Step 2. Navigate to "More Wi-Fi Settings". Click on the "i" icon beside the Wi-Fi network.
Step 3. Select "Configure DNS" and choose "Manual".
Step 4. Replace the DNS settings with a new one based on your location.

  • South/North America:
  • Europe:
  • Asia:
  • Other Regions:

Step 5. Afterward, go back and connect to your Wi-Fi network.
Step 6. Go back to the Activate iPhone screen, and select "Activation Help".
Step 7. Afterward, you will receive a message of successfully connecting to the DNS server. Then you can access parts of the apps and features on your Apple devices.

DNS Method

From this article, you can know how to bypass Apple ID on activated devices or unactivated devices. iMyFone LockWiper is the most convenient method, can help bypass Apple ID when Find My iPhone is enabled. After unlocking, you can enjoy the full function of your device, and your device will never be re-locked. Now, iMyFone LockWiper iPhone unlocker provides a free trial, just download it to bypass Apple ID in 5 minutes!