Screen Time on iOS 12/13 is used to manage your digital activities on iPhone or iPad. You can also set time limits or block specific features on your children's iPhone. But if you cannot remember the Screen Time passcode, is there any way to reset or disable the passcode without erasing your iOS device?

Fireebok Fone Rescue is designed to scan the hard drive for lost files, allowing you to restore accidentally deleted, lost, or moved files. It can also help to recover your lost Screen Time passcode by scanning an iTunes backup. But this is not an efficient way based on user feedback. This article will make reviews of Fireebok Fone Rescue and introduce its alternatives to help you find your best way to remove Screen Time passcode without data loss.

Review of Fireebok Fone Rescue

Fireebok Fone Rescue can recover your lost or deleted data from your iPhone or iPad. It is capable of recovering more than 15 different file types, including photos, contacts, messages, videos, notes, Restrictions and Screen Time passcode, etc. It helps to find back your Screen Time passcode by loading and scanning your iTunes backup, so your files on iPhone or iPad will not be lost.

1 How to Use Fireebok Fone Rescue to Remove Screen Time Passcode?

You should take the following steps to remove Screen Time passcode by using Fireebok.

Step 1. Update your iTunes to the latest version.
Step 2. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to PC.
Step 3. Select your iPhone or iPad when it appears in iTunes.
Step 4. You need to encrypt your backup or you cannot use this method: select the option of "Encrypt iPhone backup" and create a memorable password.
Step 5. Just wait until backup finished.

itunes backup

Step 6. Launch Fireebok Fone Rescue and navigate to "Recover From iTunes Backup".
Step 7. Select the iTunes backup, and tap on "Start Scan".

Fireebok Fone Rescue

Step 8. After scanning, access to "Note & Others > Screen Time Passcode". The passcode will display on the interface.

Fireebok Fone Rescue

Write down your iTunes encryption password and store it somewhere safe. You cannot recover your iTunes backup without this password.

2 Review of Fireebok Fone Rescue


  • You can browse your iTunes backup through Fireebok.
  • It can recover your Screen Time passcode without data loss.
  • It can recover your lost or deleted files on your iPhone or iPad.


  • It requires you to set the iTunes encryption password, which cannot be forgotten.
  • You need to wait until finishing backup via iTunes.
  • It takes time to scan through the list of files from your iTunes backup.
  • The design is not user-friendly or intuitive, so you need to take the time to learn how to use it.
  • It takes a long time to dig through all of the folders to find the specific file you are looking for.
  • You need to take every step correctly or you cannot find your Screen Time passcode.

Fireebok's Alternatives: iMyFone LockWiper

If you don’t want to waste time on tedious steps or spend time on backup, we recommend you to use the Fireebok's alternative - iMyFone LockWiper. It removes your Screen Time passcode by a few clicks while keeping all of your files safe and complete. You don’t need to back up or restore your iPhone or iPad. It will get everything done in 5 minutes within 3 steps.

lockwiper unlock iPhone passcode

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Key features of iMyFone LockWiper:

  • It can remove Screen Time or Restrictions passcode in no time.
  • Your data will not be lost after removing Screen Time passcode.
  • Apple ID can be removed totally without passcode. After removal, your device can’t be tracked or blocked by the previous Apple ID.
  • You can remove all types of screen locks, such as 4 or 6 digital password, face ID, fingerprint, etc.

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Remove Screen Time passcode in 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Open LockWiper, and select "Unlock Screen Time Passcode", then connect your device to computer.

Unlock restrictions passcode

Step 2. Tap the "Start to Unlock", then the software will just take a few minutes to remove Screen Time passcode.

Start to Unlock

Step 3. Congratulations! Your Screen Time passcode has been removed without losing data.

Finish Removing

Advantages of LockWiper for removing Screen Time passcode:

1. Quick unlocking: remove Screen Time passcode in 5 minutes.
2. No data loss: all of your files will be safe and intact while unlocking.
3. No backup required: you don’t need to back up your files to iTunes.
4. Compact design: it is a professional unlocking software without useless design.
5. Simple steps: clear guide with simple operation, it is easy to use.

Fireebok Fone Rescue can help to recover Screen Time passcode by scanning iTunes backup. It is not specially designed for unlocking passcode, so you need to spend time on some unnecessary process. If you are looking for a faster and easier way, iMyFone LockWiper will be your best choice. It can bypass the complex steps and remove Screen Time passcode directly. Most importantly, all of your files will not be lost.

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