"My iPhone is disabled and won't connect to iTunes, what else can I do to unlock my iPhone?"

iTunes plays a large role in Apple's product line. However, sometimes iTunes could give you many errors or glitches, causing you a lot of trouble, especially when your iPhone is disabled and it says iPhone cannot connect to iTunes.

iPhone won't connect to itunes

But Why Won't My iPhone Connect to iTunes?

There are many possible reasons why your iPhone won't connect to iTunes. But in most cases, the problem is caused by either the glitch of your iPhone device, or some errors of the iTunes application. Therefore, the fix for this kind of problem is also pretty straightforward. One of the most effective way to cope with the iPhone won't connect to iTunes problem is to use another unlock tool to fix the disabled problem instead of using iTunes.

Of course, you can also try fix iPhone or iTunes with an iOS fixing tool. Besides that, putting your iPhone into DFU mode sometimes will also fix some iTunes connection problem.

Don't worry. Today we will get into all these solutions one by one and you can see for yourself which one is the best solution for you.

Part 1: Fix Disabled iPhone won't Connect to iTunes without iTunes - iPhone Unlock Tools

Although most iPhone won't connect to iTunes problems can be fixed, it's not easy to figure out why exactly your iPhone does not connect to iTunes, and even harder to find a way to fix the iPhone or iTunes. So instead of trying to fix iTunes, a more recommended solution for the disabled iPhone won't connect to iTunes problem is to use another unlock tool, or use the Find My iPhone function to unlock your disabled device, instead of using the buggy iTunes.

iMyFone LockWiper is a professional iOS unlock tool that can unlock your screen lock, Touch ID, Face ID, and remove Apple ID from your iPhone. When dealing with a disabled iPhone, LockWiper can get the device out of the disabled mode by unlocking the screen lock and give you full access to your device.

lockwiper unlock iPhone passcode

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Key Features:

Windows version Mac version

Video about How to Bypass Any iPhone Passcode

bypass iphone passcode

Step 1: Download the free trial, and install it on your PC. Launch it.

Step 2: Select the Unlock Screen Lock mode to help you bypass the iPhone demo mode.

remove iphone screen lock

Step 3: Using a working USB cable, connect you iDevice to your PC and make sure the device is recognized. 

remove iphone screen lock

Step 4: Download the firmware package and unpack it to move to the next step.

remove iphone screen lock

Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions and select "Start to Unlock." To begin the unlocking process, it takes a few seconds to do this.

remove iphone screen lock

As you can see, the iMyFone LockWiper unlock tool can help you unlock iPhone demo mode within several steps. You deserve this powerful tool. Trial version is available for you to have a check. Just download the program and let it do the job for you.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Is there any tool for Locked Android device? Yes. We got LockWiper (Android) for you. It can both help you remove Screen lock or Google FRP lock from your device within only minutes.


iMyFone LockWiper only removes the passcode of your device. If your device has an activation lock, it will still remain after the screen lock is removed. You can unlock the activation lock by entering your Apple ID and password, or use an activation lock bypass tool to bypass the activation lock.

Part 2:Fix Disabled iPhone won't Connect to iTunes without Computer

iCloud's Find My iPhone service was designed by Apple Inc. software developers to allow iOS device users to locate their missing iOS device either on the iOS app or by logging on to www.iCloud.com on a browsing device. More so, Find My iPhone offers us 3 features, which include: Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase iPhone.

Steps for fixing via Find My iPhone feature

From the third feature of Find My iPhone above, we can easily remove "iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes" notification to enable your iPhone. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Go to www.icloud.com and enter your Apple ID and Password.

Step 2. Navigate to "Find iPhone" tab and select it.

Find iPhone

Step 3. Click "All Devices" and select the iPhone you want to enable.

Step 4. Click "Erase iPhone" and confirm it to unlock iPhone lock.

Erase iPhone

Fixing Requirements:

This way is easy, but it comes with limits. This way is effective for you only when you satisfy with these requirements:

  • Your disabled iPhone should be associated with your iCloud account and have "Find My iPhone" enabled.
  • You must remember the Apple ID and passcode of your iCloud account.
  • Your iPhone must be connected to any network, through cellular data or WiFi.

If this way is not applicable to you, you need to use the method below.

Part 3: Fix Disabled iPhone won't Connect to iTunes - iPhone/iTunes Fixing Tools

Both solutions introduced above can get your disabled iPhone out of the disabled mode, just like iTunes. But if you insist in using iTunes to unlock the disabled iPhone, and at the same time your iPhone won't connect to iTunes, then you can try fix this problem by using some iPhone/iTunes fixing tools.

Method 1. Fix iPhone with Fixppo

Fixppo is a professional iPhone fixing tool. It can not only help you fix the disabled iPhone not connecting to iTunes problem, but also provide some quick and simple fixes for all kinds of other daily iOS glitches. You can use it to enter/exit recovery mode, downgrade iOS without jailbreak, as well as fix system errors for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Apple TV.

If you want to fix the fix the iPhone not connecting to iTunes problem with Fixppo, here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Install Fixppo and launch it on your PC. Select "Standard Mode" tab on the screen and then, get your iPhone connected to it.

fixppo standard mode

Step 2: You are now required to set your device into Recovery/DFU mode. To do this, hit "Start" and make sure to follow the on-screen guide carefully.

recovery mode instruction

Step 3: Your device and the latest compatible firmware version will then be displayed automatically by the software. Verify the information and hit on "Download".

download firmware

Step 4: Once it gets downloaded, hit on the 'Start' button and within a short while your device will be back to normal. The message "iPhone Is Disabled Connect to iTunes" will disappear.

fix successful

Method2. Fix iTunes with LockWiper

Yes. This is the same LockWiper we just talked about in the last part. Besides providing an intuitive way to unlock all kinds of passwords on your iPhone, LockWiper also comes with a handy tool that helps you detect glitches in iTunes. Use LockWiper to detect your iTunes for glitches and you may be able to fix it in minutes in order to get rid of the disabled iPhone not connecting to iTunes problem.

Here is how to use the extra "fix iTunes" feature in LockWiper.

Step 1: Download and install iMyFone LockWiper.

Windows version Mac version

Step 2: Find the "Fix iTunes" icon at the top ribbon and click on it.
Step 3: Follow the step-to-step guide in the popped-out window to detect glitches in iTunes.

lockwiper check itunes error

Part 4: An Advanced iTunes Connecting Method: DFU Mode

When your iPhone fails to connect to iTunes, trying to put your iPhone into the DFU mode sometimes will help.

DFU mode is also called Device Firmware Update mode. Under DFU mode, your iPhone will directly upgrade to the latest available version of iOS and reset all settings. Therefore, most iPhone won't connect to iTunes problems will be fixed under DFU mode.

Different devices and firmware may require different operations to enter DFU mode. If you are using an iPhone 8 or newer devices, here is how you can put it into DFU mode. If you are using other devices, check our inclusive guide on how to put iPhone/iPad/iPod into DFU mode.

Step 1: Connect your device to a computer and then lunch iTunes on the computer.
Step 2: While iPhone is connecting to iTunes, Press and quickly release Volume Up button, press and quickly release Volume Down button, then press and hold the Side button until you see the iTunes icon on iPhone.
Step 3: When your iPhone is in DFU mode, you will see a pop-up window on iTunes. Select "Restore" on it.
Step 4: Confirm that you want to restore your iPhone to proceed.

dfu mode


if the restoring process takes more than 15 minutes, your iPhone will exit the DFU mode. At that time, you need to repeat the Step 2 and Step 3 until it finally completes.

Part 5: Frequently Asked Question about iPhone Cannot Connect to iTunes

1 How do I get my iPhone out of Disabled mode?

If your iPhone was previously synced with iTunes, then you can fix iPhone disabled connect to iTunes issue with these steps;

  • Connect your iPhone to the previously synced PC.
  • Then open iTunes and select your iPhone.
  • Next, click the "Sync" button to back up your device.
  • When the backup is complete, click the "Restore iPhone" button.
  • Then select the ‘Restore from iTunes backup’ option in the iOS Setup Assistant. Your data will be restored by iTunes from the most recent backup.

2 Why does my iPhone say iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes?

You may experience "iPhone disabled connect to iTunes not working" message when you have tried up to 10 incorrect passcodes. It could be that a kid or someone else tried wrong password combinations on your iPhone. It's a hitch that can be solved with iMyFone Lockwiper or other similar tools.

3 How do I unlock a disabled iPhone?

  • Connect your iPhone to a computer via a USB cable. Then launch iTunes.
  • Once the computer detects your iPhone, click on iPhone icon then tap the "Summary" tab > click "Back Up Now" button to create an iTunes backup.
  • Then click the "Restore iPhone" option and follow onscreen instructions to restore your iPhone.
  • Your iPhone will be wiped after the process and restored as a new device.
  • Next, choose the "Restore from iTunes backup" option when the iOS Setup Assistant prompts you to set up your iPhone.
  • Lastly, choose the "Restore from iTunes backup" option and choose the most recent backup of your iPhone.
  • 4 Can you unlock an iPhone without connecting to iTunes?

    Yes, when iPhone is disabled, you can unlock it without connecting to iTunes if you have enabled "Find My iPhone" feature. Just use the "Remote Wipe" to erase all content including your iPhone's passcode.

    5What happens when iPhone is disabled?

    Mostly when iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes to unlock it. But this is what happens: iPhone gets disabled when you have entered the wrong passcode several times. So, your iPhone becomes disabled and you can only get it back to working by erasing it. This will delete all your data and settings, enabling you to set up a new passcode.

    TLDR: A Conclusion

    It's pretty obvious that, when you're dealing with the iPhone not connecting to iTunes situation, the most recommended solution is to unlock the disabled iPhone with another tool like iMyFone LockWiper or Find My iPhone instead of sticking to the buggy iTunes. However, if you want to fix the iTunes or iPhone once and for all, you can always try fixing tools like Fixppo.

    Connecting iPhone to iTunes in DFU mode will force your device to be upgraded to the latest iOS version available, therefore could also fix the iPhone not connecting to iTunes problem.

    But in the end, also don't forget the simplest and most obvious solutions: Reboot your iPhone or computer, and upgrade iTunes version. Sometimes the simple fixes work way better that you could imagine. Leave a comment if you still have more similar problems.

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