In this day and age, every step we move and everything we do costs. But we never know if our pays worth the money, so most of us will think it more worthy to find a free way or discount for what we want. Like any popular software, iTransor for WhatsApp has a pirated version either as iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp crack and full version. Today, we would take up this controversial topic and look at the key differences between the official (paid) iTransor for WhatsApp and cracked iTransor for WhatsApp, try to figure out which one to choose gets the most benefits.

itransor for whatsapp crack

What Does Cracked Software Actually Mean?

Although most of you guys have already known what a crack version means, I hope to make a clear definition here. Citing the definition from Wikipedia, software cracking is also known as software breaking, is the modification of software to remove or disable features especially copy protection features.

software cracking

That’s being said, someone modified the coding of the official version, remove some features, “created” the crack version of the software. Although the definition only includes “remove”, but the software cracking person may also add something into the program. When you install a cracked version of the software, you also install malware or a trojan with it, which could cost more than the actual cost of the software.

Let’s further look at the differences between official and crack full version of the iTransor for WhatsApp app.

What Do/Don’t You Get from the Crack Full Version of iTransor for WhatsApp?

Now coming towards iTransor for WhatsApp specifically, let’s compare the official version with the cracked version.

comparison between itransor for whatsapp crack and paid version

1 Features

In terms of features, you get the complete package if you opt for the official version. With the cracked version, some features of the software maybe missing. Furthermore, you get regular updates with the official version, so new features are added as soon as they get a stable release. As I know, iMyFone is constantly updating the features of the iTransor for WhatsApp app, you don’t want to miss it. On the other hand, the crack prevents the software from updating itself to avoid detection. The lack of updates can make the cracked version outdated and obsolete.

2 Bugs

Since a crack tampers with the original software, the pirated iTransor for WhatsApp is unlikely to function properly at all times. This could mean random crashes or the app refusing to run altogether. With the official version, bugs are a rarity and, if they do occur, fixes are released as soon as possible to resolve the issue. As a result, the user experience with the official version is far more consistent when compared to the cracked version.

3 Safety

Cracked full version iTransor for WhatsApp brings along a host of risks for your computer. It is common to find malware or other malicious elements within cracked versions. They can cause data loss and, in some cases, financial loss as well if it turns out to be ransomware. Conversely, the official version is highly secure and stable. The paid version of iTransor for WhatsApp poses no threat to your data and privacy.

4 Support

Since the cracked version is unofficial and not affiliated with iMyFone in anyway, you do not get the necessary tech support in case of any issues. The situation is completely different with the official version as you get top of the line tech support which resolves your queries in a timely manner.

5 Refund Policy

The cracked full version of iTransor for WhatsApp is free so no refund is applicable as there was no charge in the first place. The official iTransor for WhatsApp offers a 30 day refund window where you get your money back if you are not satisfied with the service. The payment method used by the official version is secure and ensures that your information is not misused in any way. It would be reasonable to say that the refund policy improves the value of the official version.

6 Protection of WhatsApp Data

iTransor for WhatsApp handles your WhatsApp data. Whether it is a transfer between devices or creation of backups, one needs it to be reliable so that our data is not harmed in any way. This makes the investment in the official version justified as our WhatsApp data is definitely worth it and relying on the cracked version would not be wise.

Is There Any Benefits to Choose iTransor for WhatsApp Crack Full Version?

comparison between itransor for whatsapp crack and paid version

Of course, there are some benefits to choose a crack version of the software. It is cost-free, you can avoid the risk of wasting money if the software doesn’t work. With crack version exists online, you can try different software until finding the one meets your need perfectly without pay. However, to be honest, there is too much important information in your WhatsApp data, such as contacts, and the photos or videos including personal info that you would not like to take the risk of being lost or leakage. Moreover, the crack version could have been modified to upload all of the other data on your phone to the hacker side. You never know.

With the official version of iTransor for WhatsApp, we can give you the promise that we collect no users' data at all, except for the data you offer to us when making the purchase such as email address. This is which CANNOT be assured in the crack version, right?

An Irresistible Surprise - 20% Discount on Official iTransor for WhatsApp

After establishing why the official version is better, there would still be many people who are concerned about the pricing of software. To address their concern, it is important to understand that iMyFone strives to deliver the best possible services at the reasonable rates.

itransor for whatsapp product discount

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Currently, iTransor for WhatsApp has a 20% discount offer on all plans. This makes the offering even more attractive and worthwhile. So if you need a reliable WhatsApp data backup and transfer tool then you do not need to look any further from the official version of iTransor for WhatsApp which can be purchased through the iMyFone website.

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