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Finding the perfect Star Wars name can be a challenge. With so many options to choose from, how do you pick one that fits your character and stands out?

The good news is we've done the research for you! We tested the top 7 best Star Wars name generators in 2024 to help you choose the best one. No matter if you need a cool name for a Jedi, Sith, clone trooper, or droid, we'll help you find the perfect moniker.

So let's dive in and find the ultimate Star Wars name!

Star Wars name generator

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Part 1. The 7 Best Star Wars Name Generators

1 ChatArt

chatart pro

ChatArt is an advanced AI chatbot, writing assistant and AI image generator. It helps generate creative and customized Star Wars names. With dialogue capabilities, it makes character naming immersive and engaging. It answers your questions and generates creative conversations based on your input.

In addition, its AI content creation function has more than 50 creative scenarios. It integrates a powerful language model and can generate various types of text content, including articles, blogs, advertising copy, etc. Finally, ChatArt also has AI image generation capabilities. It can quickly generate imaginative images such as wallpapers, icons, etc. based on user descriptions.

Key Features:

  • Powerful AI Model
  • It plugs into the most powerful models currently available, including GPT-4 Turbo, Claude 3, Gemini Pro, and more. This ensures that the highest quality and most up-to-date content is produced.

  • Huge Database
  • ChatArt’s database contains a vast amount of content. It's exposed to a lot of Star Wars content, giving it a ton of potential names. It also works as a Sith or Jedi name generator and Star Wars ship name generator.

  • Real-time Collaboration
  • You can chat live with ChatArt, using text or voice, to iterate and discuss the perfect name through a back-and-forth conversation.

  • Customizable
  • You can easily provide guidance on name gender, length, starting letter, etc. to round out the process. The more detailed the instructions, the more complete the responses you will get.

  • Convenient Bookmarks
  • If you are not satisfied with the generated name, you can ask it to improve the answer quality or request more. You can also save and organize your favorite names for future use.

  • Powerful Features
  • In addition to AI chat, ChatArt also provides you with AI writing and AI picture functions, allowing you to experience the power of AI.

  • Available Anytime, Anywhere
  • ChatArt not only has an online web client available, but also a dedicated application for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. It has a free plan that allows you to use it without registration and is limited to 5 times per day. So you can try it out and register again if you like it.

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How to Use ChatArt Star Wars Name Generator

chatart generate star wars name

Step 1. Download, install, and open the ChatArt app on your mobile device. (Or you can directly go to ChatArt’s web version.)

Step 2. Tap on the text box at the top and you can start chatting with AI.

Step 3. Type or speak whatever you want. If you want a Star Wars name, you can type it like this: Generate some cool Star Wars names for me. And it will get back to you quickly.

2 Donjon

Star Wars name generator- Donjon

Donjon is a free online random name generator tool with specific features for creating authentic Star Wars names. It has various name options such as male, female, bothan, hutt, droid, etc. After selecting the name type you can click ‘Generate’ with one click to easily and quickly generate a name that suits your needs.

Key Features:

  • Customizable - Pick settings like character type and era to refine names to your story.
  • Randomization - Quickly generate 10 unique name suggestions at a time for inspiration.
  • Free Use - As a free web tool, Donjon is accessible to all for easy Star Wars name generation.
  • Range of Generators - Donjon provides other useful generators for full world-building.

3 Fantansy Name Generators

Fantansy Name Generators

Fantasy Name Generators is a free online tool for creating unique fantasy names for games, stories, and more. Its Star Wars Name Generator can give you 10 random names suitable for humans in the Star Wars: The Old Republic universe.

Key Features:

  • Massive Name generators - The site now has over 1400 generators.
  • Variety of Name Types - Generate names for characters, places, spells, weapons, clans, horses, and more.
  • Randomization and Lists - Get randomized names or create lists by choosing your favorites.
  • Name Meanings - Find name meanings to help guide your choices.
  • Free to Use - Accessible to all fantasy writers and creators.

4 Swtorista’s Human Name Generator

Swtorista's Human Name Generator

Swtorista’s Human Name Generator is a specialized free Star Wars human name generator. It can create human names fitting the Star Wars: The Old Republic universe. Through lists and customization, it can generate appropriate options.

Key Features:

  • Name Lists - Pulls from a database of 13,000 existing human Star Wars names from the Old Republic era for accuracy.
  • Customization - Assemble your own Skywalker-style surnames from provided word lists for creative options.
  • Random Generation - Get randomized first and last name suggestions in the Old Republic style.
  • Free Resource - As a free fan-made generator, it helps Old Republic roleplayers and writers create fitting names.

5 NameNerd

Star Wars name generator- Namenerd

The Names Nerd Star Wars Name Generator is a free online tool with hundreds of name suggestions for various Star Wars characters and races.

Key Features:

  • Huge Database - Access hundreds of Star Wars name ideas.
  • Customization - Filter by gender and specific races like Sith, Jedi, and Wookiee.
  • Name Saving - Click the star icon to save favorite names for later.
  • Guidance - Get tips on choosing the right name and overview of popular characters.
  • Free Resource - As a free generator, it assists all Star Wars fans and creators.

6 FanBolt

Star Wars name generator- Fanbolt

FanBolt's Star Wars Name Generator is a free online tool that can function as a Star Wars name generator for Jedi, Sith, or any character.

Key Features:

  • Male and Female Names - Generate names for both genders.
  • Custom Nicknames - Add a personal name/nickname for custom options.
  • Endless Ideas - Keeps generating new names with just one click.
  • Downloadable - Save favorite names for later use.
  • Free Resource - Useful for all Star Wars fans and creators.

7 The Story Shack

Star Wars name generator- The Story Shack

The Story Shack's Star Wars Name Generator is a free online tar wars last name generator that can also generates both name ideas for characters and locations in the Star Wars universe.

Key Features:

  • Male and Female Names - Create names for both genders with one click.
  • Downloadable Names - Export your favorite names to a text file for later use.
  • Endless Ideas - Keep generating new names indefinitely.
  • Customization - Add your own words/names for unique options.
  • Free Resource - Useful for all Star Wars fans and creators.

Part 2. How to Choose the Right Star Wars Name Generator

Tips 1 Consider Your Naming Needs

First, decide if you need character names, location names, ship names or droid names. Some generators are better for coming up with names for specific types of things.

Tips 2 Check the Database Size

Look for a generator with an extensive database of name parts and word combinations. This will give you more variety and options to choose from.

Tips 3 Advanced Features

See if the generator has any fun extra features like providing name meanings or grouping names by themes. This can come in handy for finding the perfect fit.

Tips 4 Read Reviews

Do a quick search to read reviews and see what past users have said. This helps determine if a generator is user-friendly and delivers good results.

Tips 5 Try Before You Decide

Test out a few different generators by generating some sample names. Get a feel for the options each one provides before deciding on your favorite.

After exploring various Star Wars name generators, we recommend ChatArt. It is supported by the most advanced GPT-4 Turbo and other bases, has a huge name database and advanced artificial intelligence system. You can easily customize the generated name types by describing your ideal Star Wars name. Try it today!

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Part 3.FAQs about Star Wars Name Generators

1 What is the best Star Wars name generator?

There are many great Star Wars name generators available, but some top options include ChatArt, Fantasy Name Generators for character names, Jedi/Sith Name Generator on swfanon.fandom.com for Jedi and so on. Have a try on these generators!

2 How does a sith name generator work?

Sith name generators combine dark, intense, or aggressive sounding terms to create unique names fitting for Star Wars Sith characters. They often mix harsh consonants, the letters Z, X, and K, and words like "shadow", "dark", or "death" to form sinister sounding names.

3 What is a good jedi name I can get from a jedi name generator?

Jedi name generators can provide great name options like "Kevar Sunstrider", "Tamon Dalescar", "Zara Kelborn", and "Darrus Jeht". They tend to use more melodic, wise, or virtuous sounding words to form heroic Jedi names.

4 Can a Star Wars name generator from your name create a name based on my real name?

Yes, some Star Wars name generators like ChatArt allows you to input your real first or last name and will transform it into a potential Jedi name for you. This adds personalization to the generated names.

5 How does a Star Wars name maker or Star Wars name converter work?

These names generators take either your real name or made-up words/names and convert them into creative Star Wars style names by changing letters, adding sci-fi suffixes/prefixes, mixing in Star Wars vocabulary and more.


Finding the perfect Star Wars name can make your fan creation complete. With many great Star Wars name generators, focus on your needs and try out options to see which works best.

For an advanced AI-powered generator with customization, check out ChatArt. This cutting-edge tool provides an intuitive naming experience.

Give it a try today to find the ideal moniker for your Star Wars characters!

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