Released in 2008, Pokemon Platinum has many fans that widely regard it as the best Pokemon game in the series. There are many important reasons for this, including that the designs were excellent, the game mechanics were well-balanced, and the devs added lore and mythical Pokemon.

In short, Platinum was the first Pokemon game where it felt fully-immersive, and the world felt well-rounded. You'll want to catch all the Pokemon in the game, and some of the hardest ones to get are the legendaries. To understand what the legendaries in Pokemon Platinum are, and how to get them, let's dive deeper into this topic.

legendaries in Pokemon Platinum

What Legendaries Are in Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon Platinum was a stellar game for the Nintendo DS console. It is an enhanced version of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, aiming to fix some of the issues and create a more comprehensive game. Nintendo's effort paid off, given how highly rated the game was and still is.

IGN, for example, gave it an impressive 8.8 out of 10, citing that "for those who haven't jumped into the Pokemon adventure yet, Platinum is the one to back".

To catch every Pokemon in the game, you'll need to capture the legendaries in Pokemon Platinum. These Pokemon are "a group of incredibly rare and often very powerful Pokemon," so catching them tends to be challenging.

In Pokemon Platinum, all legendaries include ten key Pokemons (these are the ones you'll find the easiest, although there are more than ten in the game). The full list is in below.

all Pokemon legendaries

  • Giratina: You can find this Pokemon at the end of the Distortion World. When you encounter it, it will be level 47. Giratina is also a Pokemon Diamond legendary.
  • Uxie: This Pokemon is level 50. You can find this Pokemon in Sinnoh.
  • Azelf: Lake Valor has this blue Pokemon. You can battle this Pokemon only once. Azelf is also level 50.
  • Mesprit: Lake Verity has another level 50 Pokemon. You can battle Mesprit multiple times. Each time he runs off.
  • Dialga: This dragon Pokemon appears at the Summit of Mt. Coronet. He is level 70, so be prepared for a serious fight!
  • Palkia: This Pokemon is another dragon that appears at Mt. Coronet. Like Dialga, this Pokemon is level 70.
  • Heatran: You'll find this Pokemon where they arrested Charon. As far as legendaries in Pokemon Platinum go, this is one of the easier ones to catch since its level 50, and you'll be very far into the story by this time.
  • Regigigias: As the easiest legendary Pokemon to catch, by far, you'll find this one at Snowpoint Temple. It's level one. Yes, you read that right, so bring your absolute weakest Pokemon to battle it, so you don't accidentally make it faint before catching it.
  • Cresselia: Found on Full Moon Island, this powerful psychic Pokemon is a fantastic legendary. When you find Cresselia, it will be level 50.
  • Zapdos: One of the more recognizable Pokemon in the game, Zapdos is in Sinnoh. You'll find this Pokemon at level 60.

There are other legendary Pokemon in Platinum, but these are ten you should be aware of so you can be on the lookout for them! For Pokemon that you can only battle once, make sure you create a save point if the battle goes awry.

How to Catch The Legendary Pokemon in Platinum?

Every Pokemon in the game has a different method of capture. You'll have to go to various game locations to find each Pokemon.

In Sinnoh, you'll find Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit, located at Lake Acuity, Valor, and Verity, respectively. The Summit of Mt. Coronet contains Dialga and Palkia. Snowpoint Temple has Regigigas. Cresselia is in Full Moon Island, and Zapdos is in Eterna City.

These locations are where some of the legendaries in Pokemon reside.

catch Pokemon legendaries

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simulate movements with two-spot mode

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Where to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Platinum?

Also, let's briefly discuss Mewtwo. You may have noticed that it wasn't on the list of legendaries, and it's not one that has some steps to catch. The reason why we never listed Mewtwo is that you cannot find this Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum. It's only in the Cerulean Cave. You can get Mewtwo in Fire Red or Leaf Green, supposedly, but not in Platinum alone.

Some Things about Legendaries Pokemon Platinum That May Interest You

Can You Still Get Darkrai in Platinum?

Unfortunately, the only official way to access it is to get a member's card from Nintendo for an event in 2009. So, unless you have a time machine and can go back about ten years, you'll need to do some hacks. The first is to perform a void glitch to force the encounter, and the second is to use an Action Replay. These unofficial methods will still let you get Darkrai in the game.

 Darkrai in Platinum

Which Is The Best Starter in Pokemon Platinum?

At the beginning of the game, you'll get to select from a wide variety of Pokemon. Generally-speaking, choosing Chimchar is the best option. It has the best edge over the types of Pokemon that you'll encounter at the Sinnoh gyms. Therefore, if you're looking for the most relaxing time in the game, choose Chimchar at the beginning!

Why Is Pokemon Platinum So Expensive?

After all, it's a 10-plus-year-old game that can still fetch $60+ online. A large part of that is due to supply and demand. Since many consider Platinum as one of the best Pokemon games of all time, it remains in high demand. Factor in that Nintendo is no longer manufacturing these cartridges, and it makes sense why these games are so pricey compared with other DS games.


With the right software, finding legendaries in Pokemon Platinum is not impossible. Using iMyFone AnyTo to change your location, you can collect Pokemon much faster and easier than you could without this type of location spoofing software.

As an avid Pokemon player, you should consider iMyFone AnyTo to make collecting easier. It'll most definitely help with your enjoyment of Pokemon Platinum, one of the greatest Pokemon games of all time!

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