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[2024] 8 Recommended AI YouTube Video Makers


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Do you want to enhance your YouTube channel with well-crafted videos? You've come to the right place! In this article, we will introduce you to eight recommended AI YouTube video makers that can revolutionize and simplify your video creation process, resulting in better quality and more captivating videos. Let’s get started right away!

ai youtube video maker

In this article:

Part 1: Best 8 AI YouTube Video Makers

The following 8 choices are well recognized by many users. You can choose the one you like to enhance your working efficiency.

1 Nova A.I.

Nova A.I. is a powerful tool designed to assist users in creating and editing videos specifically for YouTube with a range of functionalities. With capabilities such as video editing, audio editing, titles and text overlays, templates and themes, it is such a great AI YouTube Video Maker for free. And if you need more professional tips and features, choose to upgrade to whichever plan you like.

nova ai youtube video maker


For the group with different needs, you can choose from Basic, Pro to Business, which contains features in different level.

pricing for nova

2 InVideo

Here comes InVideo. It is an ideal platform that enables users to produce captivating, high-quality videos. This user-friendly tool facilitates the creation of videos from your concepts in real-time, and comes equipped with a variety of pre-set templates and media to simplify the initiation process.

Moreover, numerous features such as voiceover, customizable templates, and text-to-speech conversion that can help greatly in learning on how to make AI generated YouTube videos are offered to suit different need.

invideo ai youtube video maker


It offers Business and Unlimited plan for users at a fair price.

pricing for invideo

3 Steve AI

Steve AI is a web-based software that designed for creating videos and animations in a simplified manner. In other words, it empowers you to utilize the power of AI to transform written content into visually impressive videos with or without the templates in minutes.

It provides 1000+ customizable video templates, AI-powered auto-generated scripts and rich graphics to help you master the art of knowing how to use AI to make YouTube videos. Hooking your viewers is no longer a dream.

steve ai youtube video maker


There are four choices for you with features of multiple kinds.

pricing for steveai

4 Vimeo

As a well-accepted online platform, Vimeo has its own video editing tool designed to improve the quality of users’ YouTube videos with stock photos, footage, and personal media without hassle.

Besides, individuals have the option to incorporate audio elements including background music and voice-overs to polish the audio content. When the editing process is finished, its ability to complete effortless exporting of videos makes it a friendlier AI YouTube video maker.

vimeo ai youtube video maker


Whether you’re a starter or a pro, you can find the plan that suits you here.

pricing for vimeo

5 Wisecut

To know how to make AI generated YouTube videos, Wisecut stands out as a reliable option to consider. One highlight is its automatic identification and deletion of pauses in videos, thereby eliminating the need for repeated manual editing.

With a powerful punch in and out feature, it intelligently generates jump cuts that enhance the brevity and appeal of your video, smoothly removing any extraneous pauses and skillfully adjusting the background music volume in response to the speaker's voice.

wisecut ai youtube video maker


Compared with the monthly plan, its annual plan seems to be affordable.

pricing for wisecut

6 Lumen5

So, how to make AI generated YouTube videos? Lumen5 can be the answer. This platform offers drag-and-drop functionality and is additionally equipped with AI tools for easily modifying video content. A highlight it possesses is its capacity to transform written content such as blogs and articles into visual media like videos with custom themes, watermarks, fonts, and brand colors.

Besides, it divides your content into segments, depending on the amount of text your transcript or article has. It can identify keywords and suggest where to position callouts and overlays as well. And you can later upload your final output onto your YouTube channel with ease.

lumen5 ai youtube video maker


The monthly and yearly plans are offered for users of different level.

pricing for lumen5

7 Pictory

Pictory is the next AI YouTube video maker for YouTube creators. With its resourceful features such as instantly converting text, making faceless videos to add more fun, and making stunning videos with a large media library..., creators can increase the ranking and grow the channel with ease.

Besides, its ability to generate the individual voice or upload a pre-made voiceover or choose the AI voice freely makes it all the more wanted and trusted by YouTubers. The running-by-the-cloud enables it to be accessed by many others as well.

pictory ai youtube video maker


It also offers two choices with annual and monthly plans.

pricing for pictory

8 Veed

If you need an alternative for video creation for your YouTube channel that is primarily centered on tutorial or explainer videos, you may want to give Veed a try, a cloud-based video editing platform that comes with many built-in features.

Its key features include one-click subtitling, auto-translation, removal of background noise and unwanted pauses, and custom branding... Being cloud-based, it is ideal for those who prefer not to download any software to keep all their video projects online and accessible.

veed ai youtube video maker


Since it provides a free trial with limited features, you can take a look at its other plans.

pricing for veed

Bonus Tips: How to Freely Share AI Generated YouTube Videos?

These tools introduced should be a help for your YouTube video creation career. But what if you want to share those videos but find out there are video size limit set by those popular social platforms like YouTube, Discord, WhatsApp, etc. In such a case, you should need a video compressor like iMyFone AnySmall.

No matter how large your video is, this software will certainly compress your videos to the desired size, thus making the video-sharing process easier. More importantly, videos won’t get any watermark after compression! And you can freely share them!

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Key Features:

  • Compress AI generated videos in 1 click with ease.
  • Bulk compress videos to save both time and effort.
  • Watermark-free to get compressed videos for better sharing.

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Here’re 8 AI YouTube video makers, hope you find the one you need. And since each one comes with features of a slight difference, you can make a wise choice after checking their introduction. And if you should share your creative videos but can’t find a proper way because of the video size limit, iMyFone AnySmall is ready for you!

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