"I accidentally performed a low-level format instead of a quick format on my Canon SD card. Can I recover my data"?

Formatting a hard drive or SD card helps you clean up your SD card or hard drive from a virus. However, there are two types of formatting: low level and high level.

Performing a high-level format isn't an issue, as you can easily retrieve the data using different methods.

But, you might face difficulty recovering data in low-level format. This post tells you about the Canon low-level format recovery and how to do it.

Part 1: Something You must Know about Canon Low-level Format

1.1. What is the canon low-level format?

Before discussing whether you can opt for the Canon low-level format recovery, it's important to know '' what is low-level format''.

Low-level formatting tends to erase all the data from your storage device regardless of the partitions' number present on your device.

It doesn't care about the file system layer and works directly on your disk sectors. Low-level formatting is a physical format that ensures that all the data from your flash drive is deleted permanently.

1.2. Can I recover the canon low-level format?

Many ask whether they can recover data after performing a low-level format or not. The answer depends upon how you Perform the low-level format.

  • For instance, if the low-level formatting process is taking time, you can opt for the Canon low-level format recovery in the following situations.
  • You started the low-level format on your hard drive, but it did quite finish, and you recovered the data in the process.
  • The low-level formatting process was about to finish, but you halted the process as you changed your mind regarding formatting the data.
  • Your Canon SD card's data sectors were partially removed or didn't get wiped.

Part 2: How to Recover after Low-level Canon Format

If you want to recover data after Canon low-level format, you must acquire the services of iMyFone D-Back.

Using this tool, you can recover any data, and things could become more pleasing when you come to know that this tool can also help you opt for the Canon low-level format recovery.

Moreover, iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery comes up with an intuitive user interface, making it a monumental option for you.

Main Feature:

  • It helps you recover data from multiple storage devices
  • Supports 1000+ file types
  • Brilliant scanning speed
  • Preview your deleted files
  • Highest recovery rate

How to recover data using iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery

Step 1: To begin with, navigate to the official website of D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert and install the software. Connect the Canon SD card to the PC to proceed ahead.

install the software

Step 2: Launch the Canon SD card and tap on the ''Scan'' icon to initiate scanning the data.

tap on scan

Step 3: Once the scanning process gets completed, you'll need to preview the data and then hit Recover to initiate restoring the files

click on recover icon

Bonus Tip: How to Avoid Format Canon Camera

You generally opt to format your Canon SD card when it gets corrupted, or you're unable to access your data, so you can take the following precautions to avoid formatting the Canon SD card.

  • Use a reliable card reader so that it doesn't get corrupted when you connect the Canon SD card to a PC.
  • Don't plug the SD card into multiple devices, as it can corrupt your Canon SD card.
  • Back up your Canon SD card data so that when your SD card gets corrupted, you can restore the backup without having to format it.
  • Don't overwrite the data if your SD card isn't showing the old files.

Part 4. FAQs

Does low-level format erase all data?

When you perform a low-level format, it erases all the data from your hard drive, and if the low-level format gets completed, recovering the data will almost be impossible.

What is the difference between low-level format and standard format?

A low-level format is the most extreme format that works on the disk sectors and permanently removes all the information placed on the SD card hard drive.

Meanwhile, a standard format only deletes the partitions and won't cause complete SD card data loss.

3 Is low-level format safe?

It is not recommended to perform low-level format as it can delete the data permanently. Thus you can't consider a low-level format a safe option.

Final Words

This guide might be a game changer if you struggle to opt for the Canon low-level format recovery. We've highlighted the brilliant ways to recover your data in low-level format.

Luckily, D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert makes the Canon low-level format recovery look easy, courtesy of its remarkable features.