It is hard to pinpoint the exact price of hard drive data recovery cost since there's no such thing as a flat-rate price for the said service. However, it does not mean that we cannot predict its price. If you want to know how to guess the how much does external hard drive data recovery cost, keep reading!

Part 1. How Much Does Data Recovery Cost for External Hard Drive

It is impossible to have a flat rate when it comes to recovering hard drive data as many factors play into it. Here are the main factors why the rate keeps changing:

Recovery depends on the drive

Every computer's hard drive is different, even when some computers have the same brand and type for their hard drives. Everything depends on the amount of space used, the computer's regular care, and other things. Because too many factors come into play, the experts cannot give an exact price in the beginning. They will have to see the goods directly, making it impossible to provide the actual cost (especially if you are remote).

There's no such thing as one solution for all kinds of issue

The title itself is self-explanatory. Many factors contribute to a hard drive failure, and the experts will need to go through the failure to get the data you need. The severity of the failure also differs. The more detailed the severity is, the more complicated it would be for the programmer to get your files. Hence, you cannot get a fixed rate immediately when you get the data.

Due to the uncertainty of the price, some take matters into hand and attempt to learn how to execute external hard drive data recovery. Unfortunately, it's not that easy since there are many specific factors you will need to understand to do self-recovery.

Part 2. Other Factors May Influence the Data Recovery Cost

Here are some of the things you need to know to understand how to make external hard drive data recovery:

Logical check-up

First, you must check the logical process of the hard drive. Does it do its logic properly? Or is it unable to do the most basic commands you give? Sometimes logic issues such as formatting, failure to boot, and other failed tasks can be why the hard drive suffers from failure.

If there is a logical issue, you will need to find out the logical problem, and you'll have to get past it to get the data.

Mechanical check-up

If the logic isn't the issue, you must undergo a mechanical check-up. A simple loose screw can affect the entire device's performance, so you must ensure that the hard drive is physically ok. It can be pretty hard to do a mechanical check-up since you must treat the hard drive gently, but if you do the proper steps, you'll find it.

Ransomware checkup

There can be scenarios where ransomware is the reason why your hard drive is damaged. You will need to know the signs of ransomware issues, such as file extension issues, ransom notes, etc. To understand the ransomware signs, you will need to study the steps to recognize them.

Part 3. Alternative to Recover Data from External Hard Drive without Repair Cost

As seen above, you need to study many factors to extract data by yourself. Unfortunately, it's not easy to understand the said factors. Unless, of course, you've found great software that can help you extract data easily.

Thankfully, D-Back for PC is here to save the day. You can do the steps for how to make external hard drive data recovery as easy as 1 2 3, so you won't need to spend time struggling to save your hard drive data. Some of its features are:

  • Support recovery for all kinds of scenarios.
  • Support different kinds of devices.
  • Allow retrieval of 1000+ file types.
  • Offer advanced file filter for easier search.

If you want to use D-Back for PC for recovery, you can do the simple steps below:

Step 1.Open the software and pick the drive you want to recover.


Step 2.Wait for D-Back for the PC to scan the lost files of the chosen drive.

scan selected location

Step 3.Select the items you want to recover and click Recover to get them.

scanned files preview


Getting an exact price for portable hard drive data recovery is nearly impossible as many factors contribute to the service's cost. The more complex the issue is, the higher the price would be. The solution to such an issue is to recover your data, which you can do easily using D-Back for PC. D-Back for PC will get the files you need in less than five steps, saving you time and headaches.