How to Unlock iPhone without Password

Do you know that your password can be put aside when iPhone unlocking is the issue? Yes, you heard that right! You do not need your password to unlock iPhone at all, unlike what all uninformed iPhone users are doing. Yours can be different if you apply the simple strategies you are going to learn in this piece.

Method 1: Use Siri to Unlock iPhone without Password

Have you heard about Siri bypassing? It is the first excellent method you may want to use to unlock iPhone without using a password at all. The best part is that it is not difficult to do. However, if Siri is not enabled on the iPhone you want to unlock, you may have issues, but that can be solved quickly. Follow the steps below to unlock an iPhone with Siri.

  • Press and hold the Home button of the iPhone, the ask Siri "hey Siri what time is it?. if Siri is disabled, move to the next step.
  • Open “Control Center” and tap on “Clock”.
  • tap on “+” button to add world clock.
  • Now on the search box type anything and tap on “Select All”, then select “Share”. If you can’t see “Share”, then try a few more times to see it.

  • Then choose “Message”.
  • Now type a name following “To:” and tap on “return”. When the text changes to green, tap again.
  • Locate "Create New Contact" and tap.
  • Click on Add Photo which is below the mugshot icon, click "Choose Photo".
  • You have just accessed the iPhone without a password.
  • Method 2: Use iTunes to Unlock iPhone without Password

    You can also take advantage of iTunes to open a locked screen. Below are steps you need to follow.You can also take advantage of iTunes to open a locked screen. Below are steps you need to follow.

  • Press down the power button until you see” Slide To Power Off.” Power it off.
  • Go to your PC and open iTunes.
  • While holding down the Home button, plug your iPhone into the PC. The device will power up in Recovery Mode.

  • Click OK. Then, restore and update the device. iTunes will restore the iPhone.

Method 3: Use iCloud to Unlock iPhone without Password

Follow the steps below to use iCloud to unlock a locked screen. This can work for both iPhone and iPad.

  • Go to “Find My iPhone”.
  • Sign in to iCloud with your details.
  • Click All Devices and select your device.
  • Click "Erase iPhone," and supply your Apple ID and any phone number.
  • Turn on your device, and wait for few minutes for iCloud to restore your device.
  • Restart your device and follow the set up prompt.
  • Click “Restore from iCloud Backup” and you are done.

You can also watch this YouTube video to know how to unlock using iCloud.

Bonus Tips: Use iMyFone Umate Pro to Erase/Reset iPhone

iMyFone Umate Pro is a piece of software that helps to clean, erase or reset iPhone without going through any complicated steps. Below are some of its key features.

  • 1-Click Clear Up: Use this feature of Umate Pro to erase junk files, temporary data, and others to speed up the function of your iPhone.
  • Erase All Data: All data found in Messenger History, Contact, Video, Music, etc. can all be deleted using this software.
  • Erase Deleted Data: If you previously delete any data from your device, Umate Pro can help you delete them permanently because such deleted data can remain on your device.
  • Erase Private Data: Private data includes photos, messages or other personal information on you iPhone which you normally can't find.
  • Erase Third-Party Apps Data: Apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, KIK, and others can be cleaned using Umate Pro.

iMyFone Umate Pro Using Steps:

  • Download, install on your PC and run Umate Pro.
  • Windows version    Mac version

  • Connect your iPhone to the PC.

  • Select “Erase All Data” tab, then click "Erase".
  • Confirm deletion by typing "delete" when prompted, then click "Erase Now".
  • These are helpful ways for how to unlock iPhone without password if you are not able to access it.