What Happens When You Reset Your iPad

Why would someone want to reset an iPad? Well, it could be for a number of reasons. They may have noticed that their device was bogged down by lots of data and they just want to start fresh. They could also be planning to give the device away and want to remove all of the data so that the next person who uses it has a clean slate; this also helps enhance the last user's privacy, of course.

What Happens When You Reset Your iPad?

In short, when you reset your iPad to factory settings, you lose everything. The term that Apple uses for this is a “restore,” but the semantics don't really matter because it results in the same thing: all your apps, photos, music, and other data are lost. Go to “Settings > General > Reset”.

  • Reset All Settings: It will not clean your data stored in iPad but will bring back some settings to factory default. Such all of your general settings are brightness, wallpaper, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, notification, privacy and more.
  • Erase All Content and Settings: Not only the general settings but also stored data will be removed, including your downloads and any pictures you've taken. If you want to keep any of these personal data, then be sure to back up or transfer it over to some other device before you do something as radical as a factory reset.
  • Reset Keyword Dictionary: Your predictive text is no longer personalized to you. This is particularly helpful if you are looking to pass the iPad onto someone else, as their typing patterns may be quite a bit different from yours. You might also want to avoid others known what words you might have added to your dictionary.
  • Note: Keyboard shortcuts will not be removed when you reset keyboard dictionary.

  • Reset Home Screen Layou: It will affect any layout changes that you might have made to the home screen. Any shortcuts you might have dropped there will be gone—but then again, so will the apps that were linked to them anyway, so it hardly matters.
  • Reset Location & Privacy: Basically, this sets your location services to the default “off” position, which means that your device cannot be tracked remotely if it is lost or stolen. On the other hand, this enhances privacy and keeps your apps from having access to your location unless you manually approve them.

This is what happens if you reset your iPad. Before you do the reset, you will be asked if you want to backup your data. This is probably a good idea just in case because you never know if you will need to use it again.

iPad Reset Is Not Safe Enough!

Now, if you perform a factory reset on your iPad, then apparently your data is gone, right? Since it's not showing up on your screen and it is no longer accessible, then it's permanently deleted and you never have to worry about anyone seeing what was on your device, right?

Well, not necessarily. Here's the thing: Even if you do a regular “reset,” the data is often still there until it is over-written. In other words, it is not permanently erased and is in theory recoverable. This means that just factory resetting your iPad the normal way is not safe if you're looking to protect your privacy.

How to Safely & Permanently Reset Your iPad

What happen if you reset your iPad—the permanent way? The ultimate way to reset your iPad and rid it of all its private data and more is to use iPad data eraser like iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. This application permanently deletes files on your iPad so that they are completely unrecoverable. You can even scan your device to see what data you thought you had deleted, but that is actually still lingering silently in the background. This not only frees up space, but it also protects your privacy.

iMyFone Umate Pro is unique and powerful, and has a host of features that you will find useful if you're struggling to delete stubborn data. These include:

ios space saver

iMyFone Umate Pro

  • The ability to free up space with a single click.
  • The ability to erase ALL data on your device, just as with a factory reset, but better. This deletion is permanent and leaves no trace.
  • The ability to erase deleted files. For example, you may have thought that you had deleted WhatsApp messages or attachment, but actually they are just invisible from your iPad. This software can find them out and completely erase them, 100% unrecoverable.
  • The ability to permanently delete private data, such as messages, photos, call history, texts, contact, note, voice memo, WhatsApp, WeChat, and more.

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3 Steps to Complete Reset Your iPad

1. Connect your iPad to computer and open the software.


2. Tap “Erase All Data” tab and click “Erase” button.


3. Type “delete” into the box and start the reset process by click “Erase Now” button.


All of these features can be used by simply downloading and installing iMyFone Umate on your computer, running the software, and connecting your iPad to your computer through a simple USB interface.

So next time you ask yourself, “What happens when I reset my iPad?,” perhaps a better question to ask yourself is, “What happens if I reset all settings on my iPad with iMyFone Umate?” The answer is that you finally gain control over your device and are able to delete your data forever.