As a happy iPhone user, you want your device to function as perfectly as possible. In some instances, many users may come across a situation where their phone starts lagging, freezing or they have to get rid of unwanted data. For this purpose, users resort to resetting their iPhones. Many times, people get confused about how to reset an iPhone mainly because they either haven't done it before or have moved to a newer model that has a different way of performing a reset. Whatever the issue is, you have nothing to worry about because this article covers all the means of resetting all iPhone models till now.

Part 1: Differences between Soft Reset/Hard Reset and Factory Reset

First off, let’s go ahead and see what are the different kinds of reset that you can perform on iPhone and what differentiates them: There are three ways to reset an iPhone, namely: Hard Reset, Soft Reset, and Factory Reset.

These are applied in different scenarios and operations also vary. Here’s a clear comparison between all of these methods.

Soft Reset Hard Reset Factory Reset
What is it A Soft Reset is a simple restart of the device. It turns off all processes and restarts them again. A hard reset is performed to set the phone to factory settings by wiping all data using the hardware keys. A factory reset reverts the iPhone to its factory settings using the "Factory Reset" option in settings.
When to use it
  • iPhone performing slowly
  • iPhone overheating
  • and some other minor problems
  • iPhone not rebooting
  • iPhone frozen
  • Reboot loop
  • iPhone stuck
  • and another system
  • glitches
  • To remove unwanted applications
  • Before selling or giving away your iPhone
  • iPhone infected with malware/virus
  • Or some other serious problems
How to use it By holding the Power button and turn off your device By holding the Power button and Volume button together for 20 seconds until you see the Apple logo By selecting the "erase" option in the iPhone settings or restoring iPhone
What will happen Simply restart the iPhone. No data loss It will abruptly reboot your iPhone. No data loss Erase all data and settings on iPhone

Now that we know what these techniques are and what they do let's see how we can perform them.

Part 2: How to Soft Reset iPhone

The method of soft resetting your iPhone is a very straightforward and easy way of rebooting your phone. Not all models of the iPhone have the same style of performing a Soft Reset. So, if you are wondering how do I reset my iPhone and have no clue, here’s a list of iPhone models from iPhone 5 to iPhone 12/13 and how to perform a soft reset on them:

Steps to soft reset iPhone 8 or earlier devices

  • Press and hold the Power button on the top or side until you see “Slide to power off” appears.
  • Drag the slider and your device will be shut off.
  • Now press the Power button again until you see the Apple logo screen.

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Steps to Soft Reset iPhone 13/12/11/X/XS/XR/XS Max

  • Hold the Sleep/Wake button on the side and the Volume Down​ at the same time (volume up works, too, but that could accidentally take a screenshot, so down is more straightforward).
  • Wait until the Power-Off Slider appears.
  • Move the slider from left to right to shut down the phone.
  • After your device turns off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again.

soft reset iPhone xs

Part 3: How to Hard Reset iPhone

The ways as to hard reset and iPhone vary depending on the model you are using. Here's a list of ways you can use to physically hard reset your iPhone (All models):

Steps to hard reset iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6/6s (Plus)

  • Hold the Power button and the Home button.
  • Keep holding until the Apple logo appears.
  • Let go once this happens – your iPhone is now resetting.

Steps to hard reset iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Hard resetting the iPhone 7 series is just the same as above except that instead of holding down the Home button, you have to press and hold the Volume Down button and the power button at the same time.

Hard Reset iPhone 13/12/11/X/XS/XR Series

  • Quickly press and release the Volume Up button
  • Quickly press and release the Volume Down button
  • Press and hold the Power button and let go as soon as you see the Apple logo.

hard reset different iPhones

Part 4: How to Factory Reset iPhone (4 Ways)

The last resetting technique is the factory reset. This kind of reset removes all data of your device and in one of the methods given below, even repairs and installs a new iOS. If you’re looking for how to reset iPhone completely, here are all the methods for all models:

4.1 How to Completely Reset An iPhone without Passcode/iTunes

If you need to completely restore the device to factory defaults without a passcode, there is no easier or more effective method other than using iMyFone Fixppo. It can factory reset your phone in moments and at the same time repair your software to prevent further errors. Follow the steps and learn how to reset iPhone using iMyFone Fixppo.

Windows version      Mac version

Step 1. Firstly, you have to download Fixppo on your computer. Select Reset iDevices from the home page. Hit "Hard Reset" afterwards.

select reset idevices

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer and click Next.

connect device for restore

Step 3. A pop-up window will show up to tell you to back up your iPhone. Hit "Back Up Now" to proceed. If you don't need it, you can just click "Skip" to move on.

back up now

Step 4. After the backup file is stored in your computer , Fixppo will automatically detect the latest firmware version and get your device reset with it.

download firmware

Step 5.Then we can start to reset our iPhone. But before Fixppo reset our iPhone, we need to put your iPhone into Recovery/DFU mode. Then, we just wait for it to complete.

hard reset successful

After it’s finished, your device should be fully restored without having a passcode. Now you can set up as a new device.

4.2 How to Factory Reset iPhone in Settings

To do so on your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings and enter the passcode to confirm erasing of all data.

erase iPhone in settings

4.3 How to Factory Reset iPhone using iTunes

Follow these steps below on how to reset your iPhone using iTunes:

  • Connect your device to the computer you have synced with.
  • After it has detected your device, choose the option Restore iPhone given on the screen.
  • iTunes will confirm that if you want to restore as it will wipe everything. Click the Restore button and download the software to reset your device.

restore iPhone using iTunes

4.4 How to Remotely Reset iPhone using iCloud

To reset your phone remotely using iCloud, you must have the Find my iPhone feature enabled in advanced, then follow these steps:

  • Open find my phone on
  • Select All Devices’ Info window and click erase next to your device.
  • For verification it will ask for your Apple ID password, you can also answer security questions if you are using a trusted PC or you can enter the verification code sent to you on your other Apple device.

erase iPhone using iTunes


We hope this article helps understand how do you reset your iPhone and when to use the different types of reset. If you have any further questions, leave a message below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The free trial for Fixppo is now available for Win/Mac!

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