Nothing is more irritating and stressing than an iPhone that keeps turning on and off. I've had the same problem with my iPhone X and trust me, it gets on your nerves. You can lose data that isn't saved yet, miss calls and have unwanted interruptions. After a while of researching what can be the cause and how I can have it fixed, I finally got my iPhone to work perfectly. I'm here to share everything I found out about this issue with you guys. I will provide methods that'll work for all iPhones, except the very old ones. Let's get started:

Why Does my iPhone Keep Turning off?

The continuous loop of rebooting can be a result of various issues. These issues can be software or hardware related. For me, this problem is mainly caused by software glitches, but the situation also varies from each individual. Here are some of the most common reasons why your phone keeps turning off.

1.Faulty Battery Indicator

One of the very common reasons that your iPhone keeps turning off and back on is that your battery indicator might be displaying 0% even if it is full at 100%. This can make the OS think that the battery is drained, resulting in turning the device off.

2. Software Incompatibility

The most common reason that people face is a software conflict. There may be the soft ware might be corrupted or incompatible with other services. It can meddle with other OS services that can force your phone to turn off.

3. Sluggish Applications

Another reason why your iPhone keeps rebooting may be because of inactive applications that take up space and slow your phone down. Applications like these that make the phone slow and sluggish are usually the cause of unnecessary rebooting.

Tip: For further information on this, you can refer to Why iPhone Keeps Turning Off.

How to Fix Your iPhone that Keeps Turning on and off

Now that you know what's causing your iPhone to behave in such a weird manner, let's go ahead and find out what different solutions you can use to fix this odd issue.

1. Force Restart Your iPhone

Force restarting your iPhone can usually fix the issue you are facing. Methods for force restarting are different for some iPhones. Here's a quick guide on how to do it:

iPhone 6S and earlier:

  • Press and hold the home button.
  • While holding it hold the sleep/wake button which is on the right side for iPhone 6, and on top for iPhone 5 series.
  • Do so for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

restart iPhone 6/5

iPhone 7/7 Plus:

There are different things that have changed for the 7/7 Plus models. The sleep/wake button is on the right side of the phone and there is no actual home button anymore, instead there's a 3D touch panel. So, unlike pressing the power button and the home button, you are going to have to press the power button and the volume down button to force restart your iPhone7/7plus.

force restart iPhone 7 to fix iPhone

iPhone 8/X/XS/XS Max/XR:

Starting with the iPhone X and iPhone 8, Apple has changed the way to make emergency calls. For that you now have to press the side button and the volume button, hence eliminating this way for a forced restart. For a forced restart, you have to:

  • Hold and release the volume up button.
  • Hold and release the volume down button.
  • Hold the side button until the screen turns off and then back on. You can now release the side button right as you see the Apple logo appear.

force restart iPhone xs/xr/x

2. Reset all Settings

Resetting your phone can get you out of almost any issue you are dealing with. It's pretty easy to reset an iPhone. If your iPhone keeps turning off, this might be the cure:

  • To reset your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings.
  • It will ask your passcode, after typing it, a warning box will appear, there will be an option to erase in red, tap it.
  • Lastly it will ask your Apple ID password for confirmation, after you get that done, everything will be wiped out from your phone and it will return in its default state.

erase iPhone content and settings

If this doesn't fix your issue, read below.

3. Repair Operating System without Data Loss

When your iPhone is facing serious errors, the best option is to repair your iOS. This option isn't that simple and may wipe out everything because of which most users go for the other options, for example, iTunes restore. But now you don't have to worry because you can use iMyFone Fixppo! It can easily repair your iOS by removing bugs and issues and the best part about it is that you don't use any data at all. Here I have summarized the key features to help you better understand Fixppo.

Introducing The Best iOS System Recovery Tool:

  • It can fix various iOS problems, including iPhone keeps turning on and off, Apple logo, recovery mode, DFU mode, white/black screen and more.
  • The Standard Mode lets your fix and repair iPhone/iPad without losing data.
  • It also provides the Advanced Mode to fix severe iOS problems.
  • Broad compatibility covering the latest iPhone XS/XR running iOS 12 and even old iPhone 6/5/4.

Windows version      Mac version

Steps to Fix iPhone Keeps Turing off Using Fixppo:

You can fix this problem easily by following the given steps:

Step 1.Download and install Fixppo on your PC/Mac. Then select Standard Mode from the main interface.

repair iOS using standard mode

Step 2.Connect your iPhone with this software and click Next to move on. If the device isn't detected it will ask you to enter recovery mode, just follow the steps that are given in the screen and proceed.

connect your iPhone with fixppo

Step 3.Download the firmware from the list of available versions that will be shown to you. Choose the one you want and click download.

download firmware to fix iPhone keeps turning off

Step 4.After the firmware is downloaded successfully, click the Start button and he program will begin to fix the device automatically. Do not unplug the device during the process to avoid it getting bricked.

download firmware to fix iPhone keeps turning off problem

4. Update Your Apps on iPhone

Sometimes older versions of apps can cause errors because of bugs which can make your phone keep turning off. New updates come out with bug fixed that help your iPhone perform better. So, make sure your apps are updated to avoid issues and fix those that are there.

update apps on iPhone

5. Restore with iTunes in Recovery Mode (Data Loss)

If you are having problem factory resetting your phone through settings, you can restore your phone using iTunes.

  • Connect your iOS device to your PC and go to iTunes. 
  • When your device is detected, force restart it using the steps given above and your iPhone will enter Recovery Mode, and iTunes will ask your to restore it first.

iTunes has detected iPhone in recovery mode

  • You will then see an option to confirm whether to restore iPhone to factory settings. Click Restore and iTunes will download the software to repair your iPhone.

iTunes restore iPhone to factory settings

Keep in mind that using this method will wipe everything on your phone.

6. Hardware Problem

If still your iPhone keeps turning off and you're unfortunate enough, you might have a hardware problem. This can be a battery or IC issue. These are complicated issues and you should contact with Apple in order to get an issue like this fixed.

check iPhone for hardware issue


After all of the methods and ways I went through to fix my phone, I found iMyFone Fixppo to be the easiest one. There are issues that can go over your head if you're not geeky enough, but if you use iMyFone Fixppo, you wouldn't have to worry about that because it takes care of everything for you. It is an easy, reliable and fast way to get rid of your iPhone's software problems.

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