Lost Your Photos? Recover Photos from iTunes Backup Selectively!

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If you are a selfie buff or a regular phone shutterbug you probably have an immense collection of photos and files that are very dear to you. You need to keep your photos safe so you can access them whenever you like. Tragedy can strike at any time and you may delete or lost your photos when you least expect it. That is why you should always keep backing up your photos so you can recover photos from iTunes backup files whenever you need to.

1 Recover Photos from iTunes Backup Using Restore Method

It’s not that difficult to recover photos from iTunes backup files if you know what to do. Here’s the specific procedures you can follow.

Step 1: First, make sure your iOS device is connected to your computer which has the iPhone backup file on it.

Step 2: Next, once your device is connected to iTunes, check to see if there is an iOS update available. If there is, get the update.

Step 3: To restore your photos and data, go to File > Devices > Restore from Backup. In case you are using iTunes on Windows, you can press the Alt key to find the File menu.

Step 4: Check the date of backup along with the file size and pick the backup file you want to restore from.

Step 5: Start the restore process and wait for it to complete. Once the backup has been restored completely your device will restart. Wait for it to sync with your computer again and then you’re done!

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Some drawbacks of trying to recover photos from iTunes backup

There are a few drawbacks of trying to recover photos from iTunes backup files though. As a direct result, the existing data on your iPhone will also get deleted and replaced during your restore. In addition, you cannot check and carefully pick the photos you would like to restore. It’s a global restore option that gives you little control over what you want to restore. So, is there a better option out there?

2 Selectively Recover Photos from iTunes Backup using 3rd-Party Tool

Have no worry! You can use a 3rd-Party tool to help you selectively recover photos from iTunes Backup. This means you not only don't need to worry about that the current data will be replaced by a whole iTunes backup file, but also you can selectively choose the photos you want to recover. iMyfone D-Back iPhone data Extractor or iMyfone D-Back iPhone data Extractor Mac is such a professional iTunes Backup Extracto. The main features of the software are: – it gives you multiple recovery options including custom recovery modes of your photos and data! Yes, you can now select and choose the photos that you want to restore without losing all your other important data on your iPhone and resetting your entire device.

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A Professional iTunes Data Extractor Tool

  • Support to recover 22+ important files such as text messagescontactsimagesvideos, notes, safari history and more files.
  • Preview and selectively recover data to let you choose files you like.
  • Gives you multiple recovery options Recover from iOS deivce, Recover from iTunes Backup, Recover from iCloud Backup and Smart Recovery.
  • Support data recovery from all iOS devices such as iPhone 6S, iPad Pro and iPod touch.

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Following are the steps to recover photos from iTunes backup selectively.

Run iMyfone D-Back on your computer.Choose "Recover from iTunes Backup"

Recover from iTunes Backup

Choose Photos as the file you wish to recover.

select photo from iTunes backup

Then choose the iTunes backup file that contains the photos you want. Click scan to let iMyfone D-Back scan your local iTunes backup file for recovering.

choose the iTunes backup file

After the scan is complete, you will clearly be able to see and select all the recoverable files and photos that you can recover. You will also be able to select multiple photos that you want to recover from the files that you have deleted.

preview photos from iTunes backup

After review, select the files that you want to restore and simply click on ‘Recover’ – you can also sort the files by seeing only files that have been deleted from your iPhone by selecting the ‘Show only the deleted files’ option. The next window will let you select the recover directory where all the files will be saved. And voila – you have successfully recovered your deleted photos without modifying or deleting any of your other files!

This is why iMyfone D-Back iPhone data Extractor or iMyfone D-Back iPhone data Extractor Mac is a simpler, better alternative to recover the photos from your iTunes backup. And it is easy to use as well with a simple interface that allows you to recover lost photos with ease. And what will surprise you more is that iMyfone D-Back supports recovery for other data, such as WhatsApp messagesNotesCalendars and more! So, try iMyfone D-Back right now!

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  • Naythias

    Can it extract my Facebook messages which I backed up in my iTunes?

    • Hi Naythias,
      thanks for your comment. But iMyfone D-Back cannot recover and extract Facebook messages for now. And we will try our best to add this new feature ASAP. :)