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iMyFone Fixppo

( Reviewed by 247 Users )

User Reviews of iMyFone Fixppo

  • By HIMANSHU PATEL 2018-12-12

    One word unbelieveable this programme is so awesome words cannot discribe got my iX fixed in just under 5 min. many thanks

  • By mahmoud mahgoub 2018-11-23


  • By Armin B 2018-11-20

    thanks for tool. found it on fce 365 ios channel and downloaded the free one and worked (y)

  • By Masih Ahmed 2018-11-17

    I purchased iMyFone Fixppo hoping to fix my broken iPhone 8 Plus that won\'t respond after a failed iOS upgrade. iTunes kept saying this device is in recovery mode and must be restored to factory settings. Apple Support on call too recommended using third party applications to try and repair the device and that all Apple can do is restore the device to factory settings while erasing all data. That\'s when I decided to take a chance with iMyFone Fixppo and I wasn\'t disappointed. This review is for people to know Fixppo does work and they still have hope fixing their phone without losing data. My phone was probably running iOS 12.0.1 and went into a limbo while upgrading to iOS 12.1. I attempted the standard mode in order to not lose any data on my device. Fixppo first downloaded firmware version 12.1 and the repair process kept getting stuck at 10%. I tried thrice and it won\'t go beyond 10% and failed. I then tried downloading firmware 12.0.1 thinking it may be the version my phone needs. Fortunately, this time the repair went beyond 10% and my phone showed the apple logo and the progress bar. I was delighted and overjoyed. It took a further 7 to 8 minutes for the repair to complete and my phone started just fine after that. Thanks and cheers iMyFone!!

  • By Rob 2018-11-01

    Had a failed IOS update from 12.0.1 to 12.1 and could not fix the issue with itunes and several troubleshooting steps. Purchased this product and it re-installed IOS 12.0.1 and after 15 minutes my phone was working again without any data loss and no need to restore from any backup.

  • By Edmund Kalin 2018-10-25

    Your program, in and of itself, works just fine, I personally, can not afford to fix a problem which was created by Apple\'s programmers and should be corrected, pro-bono by it\'s creators. I am now SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING switching to SAMSUNG. i had to watch a friend of a friend recover his iphone by paying a third party to do so. It appears to be taken, as a \"Cost of doing business\", which is BULLSHIT!! SHAME ON APPLE FOR RESORTING TO REMEDY. I am a SENIOR and can barely afford my next meal.

  • By Mohammad Shofiqul Alam Tanmoy 2018-10-16

    This is just a bomb <3! am just speechless

  • By Pascal 2018-09-20

    Super et merci, j\'ai pu récupéré l\'utilisation de mon écran tactile au démarrage pour rentrer mon code, bloqué à la mise à jour d\'IOS 12 (Iphone 7), j\'ai un écran after market, je craignais un blocage par Apple.. Mon iphone était donc bloqué après le redémarrage de la mise à jour Apple. iOS System Recovery m\'a indiqué trois fois que la restauration avait échoué, mais au redémarrage du troisième essai l\'écran était actif tout en utilisant IOS12. Je n\'ai perdu aucune donnée, le mode standard a fonctionné. Je recommande. :) ;)

  • By Nicholasferryman 2018-09-09


  • By chentao 2018-08-30


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