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iMyFone Fixppo

( Reviewed by 247 Users )

User Reviews of iMyFone Fixppo

  • By chentao 2018-08-30

    good good good

  • By Matt 2018-06-19

    I am absolutely speechless. Iphone 7+ was stuck on apple logo after updating. Managed to get it into recovery mode a couple of times only to end up back at apple logo again after re installing IOS. Threw it in my drawer, got a new phone. 6 months later i stumbled across this website. Took the gamble on purchasing, got my phone out and it fixed it with all original files still on it within 30 minutes. Good software, i highly recommend. Thank you!

  • By Michael D. Clancey 2018-06-13

    It works just like promised! ios 11.4 bricked my iphone 7 and iTunes restore would not complete. Bought another third party app for more money that also would not work that begins with a "T". Used the advanced feature and in a very short time my iPhone and I were once again on speaking terms. Great product saved me from owning a several hundred dollar paper weight! Wish I had seen this product before I spent 50 bucks on one that didn't work! For those that complained that they had to pay, this is money well spent for a program that WORKS!

  • By Matthew 2018-06-09

    I have 2 iPhone 4s both have been dead for a long time with one of them being repaired front and back screen because I have a new iPhone 7 I did not back them up and I have a lot of data memories on them ,both are disabled trying to input the correct password to many times ,I’m. Not sure what one to choose from and I hate to erase it all please help getting the right one!

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi if your iPhone can be connected to iPhone without operating on your iPhone screen, then you may try our product to scan both iPhones to see if you can find the files in them.

  • By Tim 2018-06-09

    Need this s badly but seems need to pay a fortune for this software sigh....

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Tim, don't worry. If our product cannot help you, we may offer you the refund.

  • By Jason Ruh 2018-06-02

    My I7 IS LOCKED AND DISABLED! Can this product remedy the phone and wipe and reset Iphone 7???

  • By Miguel 2018-04-29

    Great product!

  • By Ms Johnson 2018-04-14

    Can the app still work if I don\'t pay for it? Because I can\'t afford to pay

    iMyFone replied:

    Hi Ms. Johnson, if you really need the product but not able to pay for the product, we may give you a discount coupon so that you can purchase it at a lower price. How would you like that? You may contact to obtain it. Thank you!

  • By Melvin Cooper 2018-04-13

    Hi Scott, thank you for your feedback. You are advised to contact our support team on to further proceed with your case. Thank you for your cooperation. If we are not able to help you solve the issue, we would like to refund you after confirming the issue.

  • By Melvin Cooper 2018-04-13

    Hi our support team has contacted you via email. You may reply accordingly so that we can further proceed with your case. Don't worry, if you are not happy with our product, we would refund you after confirming your issue. Thank you!

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