“This is a weird one; any note created on my iMac appears on my iPhone and iPad through iCloud. But any note created on my iPad or iPhone doesn't appear on my iMac. My iPhone and iPad are both running iOS 13. Have searched for this particularly iCloud issue, but couldn't find out which device I need to work on or what the workaround is. Thanks for any help!”

There is a question we found in Official Apple Support Communities and such problem is not rare for Apple users. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore. The article will discuss several tips on how to fix iCloud notes not syncing.

Tip 1 Make Sure Your Notes Aren’t Being Stored Locally

Do you know the setting “On My iPhone” under Settings > Notes on your iPhone? The setting forces the notes on your iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, to be stored locally on the device. If you enable the setting, your notes on iOS devices won’t be synced with iCloud and your notes in iCloud won’t be downloaded to your iOS devices.

iPhone notes locally stored

So disable the “On My iPhone” setting on your device if you want your notes on iPhone and iCloud can be synced mutually.

Tip 2 Ensure You’re Logged into Same iCloud Account on All Devices

If you use different iCloud accounts on your Apple devices, then of course your Notes apps won’t sync with one another. Make sure you’re using one iCloud account on all your devices.

sign in one iCloud account

Tip 3 Update to iCloud Drive

Updating to iCloud Drive probably fix the issue of iCloud not syncing. But you shoule note that iCloud Drive requires iOS 8 or later versions for iOS devices and Yosemite or later versions for Mac.

upgrade to iCloud drive

iOS System: Go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and make sure it is enabled.

Mac System: Go to System Preferences > iCloud and make sure iCloud Drive is checked.

Tip 4 Make Sure Notes Syncing is Enabled on All Devices

Have you turned on notes syncing via iCloud on your devices? If you even don’t turn on the iCloud sync function, then your device will never sync your notes from iCloud.

iCloud notes syncing

iOS System: Go to Settings > iCloud > Notes and make sure the switch is turned on.

Mac System: Go to System Preferences > iCloud > Notes and make sure there's a check mark in the Notes check box.

Tip 5 Restart All the Devices and Resign in iCloud

And don’t forget to restart your devices and resign in your iCloud account on all devices. If Notes on only one or two Apple devices cannot sync but on other devices are normal, this operation will help.

sign out iCloud account

iOS System:Go to Settings > iCloud > Sign Out. And then resign in.

Mac System: Go to System Preferences > iCloud > Sign Out. Then resign in your iCloud account.

Tip 6 Back Up Notes on iOS Devices to Computer with iMyFone iTransor Lite (iOS 13 Supported)

You can also back up your notes on iOS devices to your computer in case that you cannot use your iPhone notes on PC/Mac caused by iCloud notes not syncing. And here we are introducing the best iPhone data exporter - iMyFone iTransor Lite. The data exporter can do more than exporting notes from iOS devices to computer. See its main features.

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With all the tips offered, fixing iCloud Notes Not Syncing won’t be a problem anymore. And with iMyFone iTransor Lite, you can use your iPhone data on your computer easily. If the article is useful for you, don’t forget to share it on your SNS!