Why would someone want to reset an iPad?

Well, the most common reasons are preparing this iPad to a new owner or overcome the problems was bogged down by lots of data. If you are planning to give it to someone else, you would like to reset to the factory default setting to wipe out all the data. And also resetting can solve problems by deleting the offending app or powering the iPad down to restart the iPad.

Part 1. What Happens When You Reset Your iPad?

It depends on what kinds of setting you choose to operate. Go to Settings > General > Reset, your iPad will experience the below situations as what will be happened:


What will happens

Reset All Settings

All of your preferences and settings will be removed except your apps and files.

Erase All Content and Settings

You iPhone would resume back to its factory settings. Everything on your iPhone will be removed. After restarting, your iPhone should be set up from the beginning.

Reset Network Settings

It would eliminate all VPN and APN connections and all saved wifi passcode present on your iPhone. But the VPN settings set up from Profile will not be deleted.

Reset Keyboard Dictionary

Any thing you added to dictionary will be removed.

Reset Home Screen Layout

iPhone had a factory installed screen layout. If you have grown tired of the downloaded and absurd home screens you can very well reset home screen layout.

Reset Location & Privacy

The location services and privacy settings will be reset to the factory default.

This is what happens if you reset your iPad. Many users asked the questions on Apple community "If I reset the iPad will I lose everything"? The above chart can manifest that only you reset device to factory settings will lose everything (the same as “Erase All Content and Settings”). It is specially mentioned that Reset All Settings on the iPad won’t erase your apps and files, it just removes your preferences and settings.

Should I Reset My iPad?

Reset on iPad isn’t necessary if you just come across like network issue or want to clear your location privacy, etc. When your iPad come across these little cracks, you can try to reset the above operations as the chart show before acting full reset, then you don’t need to bother about backup which may take quite a time to finish.

But for those who want to resell and expect to erase data by resetting your iPad, you need to know the things below. Apparently, your data seems are all gone, right? Since it's not showing up on your screen and it is no longer accessible, but it is not unrecoverable. Even if you do a regular “reset,” the data is often still there until it is over-written. In other words, it is not permanently erased and is possible recoverable. This means that just factory resetting your iPad the normal way is not permanent if you're looking to protect your privacy.

Part 2. How to Reset Your iPad Safely & Permanently

What happen if you reset your iPad—the permanent way? The ultimate way to reset your iPad and get rid of all its private data is to use a powerful tool like iMyFone Fixppo – iPad Data Eraser. This application permanently deletes files on your iPad so that they are completely unrecoverable. Enables you to enjoy a new iPad after resetting.

ios system recovery

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  • This feature would fit your needs if you want to permanently delete your current iPad data.
  • The Standard Reset and Hard Reset can both get you a whole new iPad without any data after resetting.
  • Also help to reset locked iPad in 10 minutes when forget password.
  • 99% success rate and easy to use for anyone without technical skills.

Simple Steps to Permanently Reset iPhone:

Step 1: Download and install iMyFone Fixppo, then connect your iPhone to your computer and launch the software.

Step 2: Under the Reset iDevices, choose Standard Reset when remember the passcode or the Hard Reset when don't know the passcode.

choose standard reset iphone to factory settings

Step 3: When your device is detected, click Start Standard Reset. In a few seconds, your iPhone will be reset and restarted successfully.

start standard reset device

See? That's how you can reset your iPhone to factory settings with Fixppo. Download to have a try now!

standard reset successfully

You can wipe out all your privacy even the deleted one before you give it to the next master. What's more, you can free up tons of storage by iMyFone Fixppo which is also a useful and effective iPad cleaning helper.


Now I believe you have a clear concept of what happens when you reset your iPad, it is not always delete everything. Whatever your purpose to reset your iPad, it is very important to arrange your personal data. If you want to clear out, then don’t leave the trace and let someone have a chance to access, especially the information like passwords. So we strongly suggest you to download iMyFone Fixppo this App which can help you delete everything to unrecoverable.