I recently shifted to a new network provider. All my contacts are on my iPhone. I need to transfer them to my new Sim Card so that I can save them. How can I do this without wasting too much time? - Mark

Mark's situation is common to a lot of iPhone users. If you are in Mark's situation, you will be looking for the quickest way about how to copy contacts from iPhone to SIM. In this article, we will be showing you how this can be done.

1. Can I Directly Copy Contacts from iPhone to SIM?

The answer to the above question may be disappointing. iPhones don't support saving any data to the SIM. Therefore, you won't have the ability to directly copy contacts from phone to SIM in iPhone. However, this should not be too worrying because there are indirect ways which we have discussed below:

iPhone SIM card

2. Copy iPhone Contacts to SIM with Help of Android Phone

To successfully transfer your iPhone contacts to your SIM card, you may need to use an Android phone. However, the complexity involved depends on the number of contacts you are copying. Below, we will discuss the best methods you can use to copy several contacts, multiple contacts, and even all the contacts from iPhone to SIM.

Only 1 Or 2 Contacts to Transfer to SIM? Try Email!

If you are looking to copy just a few contacts from your iPhone to your SIM card, you can email them to an Android phone and then export them to the SIM. The steps below should help:

  • Step 1: In your iPhone Contacts app, locate the contacts you want to copy to SIM card. Select Share Contact. Share them via email. You can send the contacts to your email address.
  • Step 2: Download the vCards from the email on the Android phone. Go to the Contacts app and tap Import from USB storage.
  • Step 3: The contacts should be imported to your Android phone. Go to Import/Export and tap Export to SIM Card and you are done.

share contact to email

Need to Copy Many or All Contacts from iPhone to SIM?

Using the above method to transfer few contacts from iPhone to your SIM card is easy. However, since you can only send iPhone contacts one by one, it is time-consuming. Below, we describe a better method that involves syncing your iPhone contacts with iCloud, downloading them using your computer, and then transferring them to your Android phone before exporting them to your new SIM card.

  • Step 1: On your iPhone, open Settings, tap iCloud, and then Contacts. Toggle Contacts on.
  • Step 2: On your computer, visit and log into your account. Open Contacts. While holding the Command or Ctrl key, select the contacts you need to copy to your SIM card. Click the Settings icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen and select Export vCard. Your contacts will be downloaded to your computer.
  • Step 3: Plugin your Android device and transfer the contacts to it. Open Android Contact app and import the contacts from USB storage. Finally, go to Import/Export contacts and export them to your SIM card.


3. If You Would Like to, Jailbreak iPhone Is Another Choice

A jailbroken iPhone has lesser limitations. If you are okay with jailbreaking your iPhone, you can do this. After jailbreaking the iPhone, you can install an app known as SIManager from Cydia. With this app, you can copy all your contacts from iPhone to SIM quite easily.

4. The Better Way to Copy Contacts from iPhone

When you decide to change your iPhone, you need to copy your contacts from iPhone to SIM. This can be time-consuming. However, we have better ways which can help you transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. We have written an article that helps you learn the best way to copy contacts from iPhone.

iPhones lack a feature that can allow a user to copy his or her contacts directly to the SIM card. This makes it hard to transfer contacts from one iPhone to the other. However, if you wonder how do you copy contacts from iPhone to SIM, this article will solve your problems. The methods we have described here will work for any iPhone version, including the newly-released iOS 11.4.