If you are an iPhone lover, you must have seen the voicemail feature. Most people who rely on this feature are able to schedule appointments and contact their clients. Therefore, this feature is quite helpful when it’s activated. However, sometimes you may want to disable the voicemail on your iPhone for instance when traveling to a foreign country.

In other cases, for those using the iOS 15/16/17 the voicemail feature can sometimes be a problematic. Most of the users say that the voicemail screen sometimes can jam up hence making it hard to move to the next voicemail. This has prompted the need to disable voicemail on iPhone. If you are experiencing any of the above problems and want to disable voicemail, this part is for you.

In this article, therefore, you can follow the simple steps on how to disable turn off voicemail on iPhone whenever you want to travel and any relevant information that will help you handle your voicemail system effectively without any extra charges. If by any chance you are unable to disable the iPhone voicemail feature, please contact the customer support of your service provider to help you through.

How to Disable Voicemail iPhone Feature

If you are tired of the extra charges due to voicemail, here is a simple procedure listed to help you disable the voicemail on iPhone:

  1. Start by tapping on the phone icon found at your iPhone’s home screen. Next, enter the numbers *#62# then call the number so that you are able to determine your voice mailbox number. Note the number down on a piece of paper or memorize it if you are good with numbers.
  2. Go to the setting section on your iPhone.  As soon as the menu opens, tap on the phone icon and then go to the call forwarding section. At this point, type the voice mailbox number on the space that will be provided and then you can now exit after saving the settings.
  3. Now, you can go to the keypad on your phone and then type the number #404 and then call so that you are able to turn off voicemail on iPhone. Afterward, you can try to call your voicemail box just to confirm if you have new messages.
  4. You also have the option of enabling divert call on your iPhone in case you wish. When you have disabled the voicemail, you can dial #61# hence your phone will have a ‘no answer’ response if anyone is trying to reach you. You also have the option of dialing 67 for user busy response.
  5. If you wish to reactivate the voice mailbox feature, you can dial 004# and call.


How to Turn off Voicemail Password on iPhone

When the inbox of the voicemail messages is set up, the available passwords are turned on by default. This feature is set in place to protect all the voicemail messages from other parties. In most cases, the carriers will not recommend that you turn off the passwords but most of the times if you keep on forgetting the passwords it is best that you turn it off.

The procedure below will help you to turn off the passwords and then turn it on later.

Step 1: Start by calling the system of the voicemail. From the keyboard of your iPhone, press then hold on key number one. You may also consider pressing then holding on the voicemail key too.

Step 2: Enter the password of your voicemail. In case you are prompted, you should enter the password of your inbox voicemail. If you have forgotten the password you may have to reset it first before proceeding.

Step 3: Proceed to the main menu by skipping the part where you have to listen to messages. This will require you to press the * button. From there, you should choose the administrative options.

Step 4: Select the password options. Tap on the key that says turn off the password then proceed by following the given prompts. These prompts always differ depending on the carrier, therefore, it is necessary that you are keen enough to avoid mistakes.


Bonus Tip:

If you find it hard to turn off the voicemail password whatever you try, consider whether it is the iOS system that is prevent your movement, which can be solved by using a professional iOS system recovery software.

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How to Disable Voicemail Transcription on iPhone

Most times the transcription is based on Canadian English and U.S English hence you can only change the language. Go to the settings then change Siri language to any other language that doesn’t sound like English. The end result will show that the transcription is unavailable.


Ask Your Carrier for Help

If you are not able to follow the above procedure, you can dial *611 to contact iPhone providers for help or you can contact your service’s toll number.

  • T-Mobile: 1-877-453-1304
  • Verizon: 1-800-922-0204
  • AT&T: 1-800-331-0500
  • Sprint: 888-211-4727

Bonus: Video Guide on Disable Voicemail of iPhone

If you are still not clear about the operating steps, then you should watch this video.

YouTube Video

In conclusion, with the above descriptions, hope you now have the chance to control your voice mailbox effectively. Use the above steps in case you want to turn off/disable your voicemail. If you find it hard to turn it off, the problem may hav something to do with the iOS system you may need a professional iOS system repair tool. Feel free to leave comments below.