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6 Best Niconico Downloaders You Can’t Miss in 2024


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“Looking to Download Niconico Videos? Discover the Top 6 Niconico Downloaders in 2023!”

In this article:

If you're an anime enthusiast, chances are you're familiar with Niconico, a popular streaming platform. However, streaming content online can be cumbersome for many users. What if we told you there's an effortless way to download Niconico videos and relish your favorite shows hassle-free?

top 6 niconico downloaders

Intrigued? Dive into the following sections to discover how to download Niconico videos and explore the top 6 Niconico downloaders, including the powerful iMyFone TopClipper, that you should consider in 2023. With these tools, you can savor your beloved anime without interruptions.


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Step-by-Step Guide to help you get download Niconico videos: Seamlessly remove watermarks to enhance your Niconico experience!

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What Is Niconico?

Niconico, or Nico Nico Douga, is a well-known Japanese online video platform, often referred to as Nico Nico. It's a hub for user-generated content encompassing anime, music, gaming, vlogs, and more. What sets it apart is its interactive comment system, allowing users to leave comments synchronized with video playback.

niconico video meaning

Founded by Niwango, a Dwango Co., Ltd. subsidiary, Niconico is renowned for its role in Japanese pop culture. While primarily in Japanese, it extends English support for a global audience. However, due to internet issues or traffic-related lags, some users prefer downloading videos from Niconico for a smoother viewing experience.

To enhance your viewing experience, you can use top 6 efficient and user-friendly Niconico downloaders mentioned below to download your exclusive Niconico videos.

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Top 6 Niconico Downloaders You Can’t Miss in 2023

1 iMyFone TopClipper - One-Stop Shop Downloading  Niconico Video

iMyFone TopClipper excels as both a downloader and converter, offering a user-friendly desktop solution. This versatile software enables swift video downloads from popular platforms like Niconico, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and more. TopClipper boasts exceptional ease of use and a range of advantages. Users can expect top-notch audio and video quality, with rapid download speeds that don't compromise content quality.

Using iMyFone TopClipper is straightforward: simply copy the video URL and paste it into the application to download without limitations. Compared to other Niconico downloaders, TopClipper stands out for its simplicity and stability. If you seek an outstanding, high-quality Niconico downloader, TopClipper is the top choice.

imyfone topclipper

Key Features:

  • Download Social Videos from Any Website without Watermark
  • Automatically Crop Brand-New Videos with Ease
  • Extract & Save Audio Freely

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For a step-by-step guide on downloading Niconico videos, refer to the instructions below using iMyFone TopClipper Niconico video downloader:

Step 1 Download and launch the software on your computer.

launch topclipper android to download videos

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Step 2 Paste the URL of the Niconico video you want to save into the input field at the top of the screen. By clicking the NicoNico icon, you can access and search the NicoNico site within the software.

paste link and click niconico

Step 3 When the desired video is displayed and analysis is completed, the "Video" button lights up. Click on it.

click to download niconico video

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Step 4 Change the file name and save location if necessary. When you press the "Download" button, the Niconico video will be saved to your PC after a while.



Click the "File" icon at the top right of TopClipper's home screen to check and play the saved videos in the list.

niconico video downloaded

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2 HitPaw.com

HitPaw.com offers an easy-to-use Niconico video downloader, simplifying the process of saving your favorite content for offline enjoyment. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, this online tool allows you to effortlessly download Niconico videos.


Whether you're into anime, shows, or other content, HitPaw's Niconico video downloader ensures a quick and efficient conversion process, catering to users of all technical levels. It maintains the original video quality, preserving clarity and resolution for the best offline viewing experience.

3 4KDownload.com

This Niconico downloader is user-friendly and efficient for video downloads from any website, including Niconico. Users can quickly copy and paste a video's URL into the 4K Video Downloader. The service processes the URL, initiating a direct download to the user's computer. However, entering an incorrect URL will result in an error message, requiring users to review the URL for accuracy.


4 KeepStreams

KeepStreams for Niconico is not only user-friendly but also offers numerous benefits. It ensures top-quality audio and video for every download, maintaining fast download speeds without compromising quality.


Additionally, KeepStreams understands that uninterrupted binge-watching is a priority for viewers. Therefore, it comes with a no-ad policy, ensuring ad-free downloads for a seamless streaming experience. Furthermore, its bulk download feature allows users to download multiple episodes simultaneously.

5 AmoyShare

AmoyShare offers an excellent Nicovideo downloader, compatible with popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. With this versatile tool, you can effortlessly download Niconico videos and convert them into MP3 or MP4 formats


One standout feature of AmoyShare's Niconico Downloader is its ability to download Nicovideo in multiple resolutions, ensuring you can choose the video quality that suits your preferences. Whether you prefer a high-definition experience or want to save on storage space, this downloader has you covered. 

6 9xbuddy.com

While 9xbuddy may not be the most superior Niconico video downloader available online, it manages to perform its task adequately. This service facilitates downloads in MP4 format, although it lacks the feature to display the video's size or resolution during the download process.


Contrary to several other video downloaders, this Niconico service incorporates advertisements. Consequently, you may encounter a few ads while your content is being downloaded. In spite of these minor inconveniences, 9xbuddy functions effectively. If you can overlook these few drawbacks, it proves to be a commendable choice for Niconico video downloading.

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People Also Ask About Downloading Niconico Videos

1 Why would I want to download Niconico videos?

Downloading Niconico videos allows you to enjoy your favorite content offline, without needing an internet connection. It also provides the convenience of watching videos at your own pace and without ads.

2 How do I download audio from Niconico?

Choose and launch the TopClipper Niconico video downloader on your device. Copy URL from Niconico and paste it into input box. Change your output video format to audio format like MP3. Click the download button to start the process of downloading music from Niconico.

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3 Are there any limitations when downloading Niconico videos?

Yes, some limitations may apply, depending on the downloader you use. These limitations can include video resolution options, download speed, and the presence of ads in some services.

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In this article, we introduce six excellent Niconico video downloaders, each of which has its own features and advantages. However, if you are looking for a versatile download tool, we most highly recommend iMyFone TopClipper. TopClipper can not only easily download Niconico videos, but also supports downloading videos from other popular platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. In addition, TopClipper also has the function of converting videos to MP3, allowing you to extract audio easily.


Why iMyFone TopClipper

Whether you want to watch videos without an internet connection or convert videos to audio for listening at any time, TopClipper is the ideal choice. It offers great performance, simple interface, and versatility to meet a variety of needs.

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Download iMyFone TopClipper now and enjoy the convenient experience of Niconico videos downloading and conversion. Don't miss this powerful tool that makes it easier to manage and enjoy your favorite video content.

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