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[2023] How to Get Free TikTok Likes and Followers


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In this article:

Do you want to learn how to get free TikTok likes and followers through safe and secure ways? Then, you can read this article to find out the answers. We will also show you some frequently asked questions and provide you with bonus tips about getting likes and followers on TikTok!

tiktok likes and followers

Part 1. 5 Useful Ways to Get Free TikTok Likes and Followers

If more than 20% of your videos in one day will be liked, you will get more likes. Therefore, getting more likes and followers is the key to be famous on TikTok. So, we'll take care of your immediate needs in this part. 4 useful ways to get free TikTok likes and followers will be provided as follows.

1 Use iMyFone TopClipper

iMyFone TopClipper adopts the precise editing method that has been tested and researched many times, intelligently changes various attributes of the original video, and uses high-tech technology to automatically reconstruct each frame of the original video, making it your own video. This automatical video editor can help you quickly go viral and become an Internet celebrity. Here are some main features of this tool.

imyfone topclipper

Key Features:

  • Download Social Videos from Any Website without Watermark
  • Automatically Crop Brand-New Videos with Ease
  • Extract & Save Audio Freely

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There is no doubt that TopClipper is the best TikTok video downloader. It obtains the material from the TikTok video link and uses high-tech technology to automate editing. You can post the edited video on your personal channel with confidence to gain more fans and subscriptions. With it, you can select your favorite TikTok popular video material, extract the original video through the "Remove Watermark" feature, and then create a video based on the original one. Now, let us teach you how to remove TikTok watermark and then automatic editing your videos!

Before learning the related text guide, you can learn how to remove TikTok watermark by a video tutorial first.

remove tiktok watermark via imyfone topclipper

Step 1. Launch iMyFone TopClipper and select Remove Watermark mode.

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launch topclipper android to download videos

Step 2. Choose one of your favorite TikTok videos and copy its URL. Then, paste the URL into the search box and click Search.

topclipper search

Step 3. TopClipper will then extract your video and remove its watermark. The whole process will take a few minutes to finish.

processing video

Step 4. Once parsing is complete, you can preview your video to decide whether to save it or not. If you're satisfied with your video, then click Start Creating to make a new TikTok video.

The whole process will take you a few seconds. If your network is not good, then you need to wait for a few minutes. Just be patient.

Step 5. Congratulations! Your video has now been successfully re-edited! Now you can click Save to get a brand new video!

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The following are the latest comments related to iMyFone TopClipper, you can decide whether to download it to take a free trial and buy it.

create a tiktok business account



In order not to affect the video effect, TopClipper cuts the video by performing subtle processing on a frame-by-frame basis. But we promise that the last saved video file information will be completely different from the parameters of the original video.

2 Consider Using Hashtags

Using hashtags on TikTok is one of the best tools for increasing your views and influence. As the number of views increases, the probability of your content being liked will also increase. Then, you will gain more followers due to this. But, how to make a good hashtag? Here, you may get the answer.

add hashtags to favorites

  • 1. Keep your hashtags short and unique.
  • 2. Use tools to research for relevent hashtags.
  • 3. Spellcheck, monitor and track the used hashtags.
  • 4. Avoid overusing hashtags and adding space.
  • 5. Add topic-related hashtags to favorites.

3 Make High Quality Content

The premise of producing high-quality content is that you need to learn to crop videos and trim sounds on TikTok. Before learn these, there are a few tricks you can use to make your videos more polished.

real camera instead of front camera

  • 1. Turn off the "Data Saving" feature on TikTok. This feature may reduce your cellur data usage, but it will take longer for you to load videos and the resolution will be decreased.
  • 2. Use the rear camera instead of using the front camera to record. Because, the rear camera has more megapixels than the front camera.
  • 3. Try asking someone to record videos instead of recording them by yourself.

4 Post Videos Regularly

"How often should I post on Tik Tok?"

—— Tiffany Peral, from Quora

You may see this question a lot online. Actually, all you need to do is to post your videos regularly. You don't need to post a lot of content at once, but be sure to keep it consistent. Maintaining a good frequency of posting videos can greatly increase your chances of getting views. Below is a best timeline for posting videos. You can choose a period of time and update your videos weekly or monthly during that time.

best time to post

5 Use Social Media Advertising

Not only can you advertise on TikTok, you can also advertise on other similar social media platforms. And similar to Facebook and Instagram, the cost of TikTok ads is based on a bidding model. Advertising to a certain extent can increase your exposure and bring you as many views, likes, and followers as possible. However, owning a TikTok business account is the precondition. A brief guide is as follows and the picture can also explain.

  • 1. Go to your profile page and open the "Settings and Privacy" in the top right corner..
  • 2. Tap "Manage my account" -> "Switch to Pro Account".
  • 3. Then, you can choose a category from the list.

create a tiktok business account

After creating a business account, you can choose the types of TikTok ads. Here are the different types of ads you can run using the TikTok advertising platform: "in-feed video", "brand takeover", "spark ads", "image ads", "video ads", "pangle ads" and "carousel ads".

tiktok ads

iMyFone TopClipper

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Part 2. FAQs about Getting Free TikTok Likes and Followers

Some frequently asked questions about getting free likes and followers on TikTok will be shown in part 2. If you have similar problems, please read this part carefully.

1 What to Do If You Don't Get the Number of Likes You Want?

If you don't get the likes you expect on your videos, then you can follow some tips we've just listed above. Such as, making sure that your videos have good quality. After all, poor quailty content will likely not be liked as much by people. Apart from what we've mentioned, you can also make your username and profile picture more attractive. This way maybe also helpful to some extent.

2 What If I Have a Lot of Likes on TikTok But Few Followers?

Maybe the one of the reasons is that your content is not consistent. Your videos only attract some people for a short period of time. That's why people are not following you but giving you a like. Because your content isn't interesting enough to follow yet. All you need to do is to focus on one niche, and keep posting regularly. By the way, don't forget to improve your video quality.

3 What are More Important on TikTok, Likes or Followers?

One thing we need to know is that: Likes lead to followers. And then, followers lead to popularity. After that, popularity leads to opportunities to earn money. So, the question of which is more important between likes and followers does not exist. They complement each other.

4 What Advantages of Getting TikTok Likes and Followers?

It seems that everyone wants to get more likes and followers on TikTok, but you may don't know the benefits of having them. Here, we list some possible advantages of getting TikTok likes and followers.

  • Getting likes and followers is the foundation of gaining popularity.
  • Getting likes and followers can sometimes spark your creativity.
  • Getting likes and followers can open up new opportunities for you and attract the attention of sponsors and business partners.
  • Getting likes and followers can help you boost engagement and get audience for other platforms, like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels.
  • The above are just some of the benefits, as more people give their likes and become your followers, these will also help you fix 0 views, get on TikTok fyp and win the TikTok algorithm. If you want to find the shotcut to be popular on TikTok, then we want to recommend you with an excellent aritcle that will teach you download TikTok videos tanpa watermark!

    Part 3. Bonus Tips about Sites That Get Free TikTok Likes

    In this part, we will show you some sites that you can get free TikTok likes. But we can't guarantee whether these sites actually offer TikTok likes for free. Therefore, you need to verify them by yourself. Although, getting free likes or buying likes is not against the TikTok's terms of service, your account may be flagged for inauthentic likes. So, please think twice before acting.

    Main Websites to Get Free Likes:

    There are more sites where you can get free TikTok likes than those mentioned above. Some of these sites not only allow you to get likes for free, but also you can get TikTok followers and views, just like the last one Instblast. The only thing you need to do is to identify real and fake on these sites.


    That's all for today's content. If you've gained enough likes and followers, and want to earn money on TikTok next, then you can try the same way people often do on YouTube. You can search for questions like How to make money on YouTube. Then, you will see an updated article written by us. There is one thing you need to know, reprinting other people's works or original videos may involve infringement, please publish after obtaining the consent of others. If you want to learn the shotcut to create a video, then, iMyFone TopClipper must be your first choice!


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