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5 Efficient Tips to Fix 0 Views on TikTok [2024 Updated]


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TikTok algorithm doesn't work. I get 0 views and there is a lot of time out in there. Does anyone know why I get 0 views?

——Quora, edited by Ovidiu Jianu

Well, nothing is more annoying than spending time to make a high-quality video and put it on TikTok, then only to get 0 views. Thanks to how the TikTok algorithm works, we can make sure that 0 views is always a glitch. And, this glitch will happen at one time or another. In this article, we will explain why you get 0 views on TikTok and offer 5 tips to help you fix 0 views on TikTok.

0 views on tiktok

Part 1. What is TikTok 0 Views Bug

If you’re uploading videos that weren’t created by yourself. Then, TikTok will block the videos from being uploaded and therefore They’ll look like getting 0 views. Even if the content you’re uploading is original and is created by yourself, you may also experience 0 views.

0 views bug



What does it mean when your TikTok is under review?

If you post content on TikTok and receive a notification that says your video is under review, it may mean that the content violates TikTok's rules and regulations. Sometimes it just happens because TikTok's algorithm extracts something from your videos. Or, it can be something more serious, such as your content containing offensive or political topics.

Part 2. Why Does Your TikTok Get 0 Views

Here are a few reasons can explain that why you get 0 views on TikTok. Sometimes because your former videos didn't get a lot of views. Or you didn't follow the TikTok algorithm. However, once we solve these problems, I believe your videos can get plenty of engagement later. Let's check out the reasons one by one.

  • Your TikTok account is new and has not been trusted by TikTok's algorithms.
  • Your TikTok content is inappropriate or politically sensitive.
  • Your TikTok content is not original or copied from others, but uploaded as yours. This means you are involved in copyright infringement.
  • Your content is low quality, dull ideas, incomplete or not interesting so that nobody wants to watch your videos.
  • Your TikTok went wrong as one of your accounts is connected to the same phone number.
  • Your videos are under review for some other reasons.
  • get 0 views on tiktok

    Knowing the possible reasons, you need to also know the least likely reasons why you get 0 views on TikTok. Such as you have uploaded many videos with no particular focus on a niche. Or TikTok has a glitch that is unable to count views on your videos.

    Part 3. 5 Efficient Tips to Fix 0 Views on TikTok

    So far, we have discussed the probable reasons that can affect your TikTok account and your videos' performance. Now, we will provide 5 efficient tips for you to help you fix 0 views on TikTok. If you also use YouTube and want to get more views on it, these tips are also helpful.

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    • Step 2: Paste Video URL
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    1 Check the Privacy Settings

    Sometimes your privacy settings can be a reason why you can not get views. So, before uploading your videos on TikTok, please check your privacy settings first.

    1. Check The Privacy Settings of Posts

    Step 1. After shooting a video on TikTok, you can see Who can view this video on the interface for posting videos.

    setting privacy

    Step 2. You can set this setting according to your preferences without using the Only me option. Then, you may get views from other people.

    2. Check The Privacy Settings of Your Accounst

    To get rid of the 0 views on TikTok, checking the privacy settings of your account on TikTok is another way. You can follow the steps below to make sure your account is not private.

    Step 1. Open TikTok and click on the three horizontal lines that are located at the top of your screen.

    Step 2. Scroll through the Settings and Privacy and click on the Privacy icon.

    setting account privacy

    2 Consider Watch Time

    Another way TikTok assesses your videos is through watch time. But one thing you should know that is only the TikTok Pro account can browse through TikTok analytics. So, we can say that the main difference between a TikTok pro account and a regular account boils down to TikTok analytics. If people watch your content through to the end, that means your average watch time will increase and you will get more views, too.

    watch time on tiktok

    3 Niche Down Topic

    Choosing a niche for your TikTok videos will help you get more views. You have to make sure you choose a niche by looking at the various categories on TikTok. Please don't change the topic of your videos frequently. Because if you keep on changing the niche, this will lead you to get limited views and will create a negative impression on your videos. In a word, if you want to compete in a niche, your content and marketing strategy should be of great quality.

    niche down topic

    4 Make Good Content

    If you want to break 0 views on TikTok, make sure your content is interesting and compelling. Viewers will stick to your videos for a longer time when you post good content. To make good content, you have to put extra effort into making it unique. And, to make engaging content, you may know these:

    • Use humor. 75% of TikTok users watch TikTok videos just because they are "funny".
    • Be authentic. Make sure your videos show the true essence of your brand as TikTok users love authenticity.
    • Hop on a trend. You can tap into the best TikTok trends + how brands can use them in the weekly TikTok Trends newsletter.

    tiktok content

    If you're using a mobile phone to make videos, you need to make sure your mobile’s camera is good. Avoid using too many filters, this may lower your quality of videos. If required, you can use some built-in settings to improve the quality.

    5 Interact with Audience

    Engagement is detectable by the TikTok algorithm. So you need to encourage your viewers to share their thoughts in the comments of your videos. Don't forget to reply to your audience once they've done their work and commented on your videos. Conversation is a two-way path. So if you want to get more views on TikTok, don't let your audience monologue with themselves in the comments section.

    interact with audience

    Part 4. Bonus Tips about an Excellent Tool to Fix 0 Views - TopClipper

    In this part, we will introduce with you a brilliant tool that can help you create popular TikTok videos, so that you can fix 0 views on TikTok as soon as possible. All you need to do is to download iMyFone TopClipper first. Before starting your creation, you can have a look at the key features of iMyFone TopClipper below.

    imyfone topclipper

    Key Features:

    • Download Social Videos from Any Website without Watermark
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    • Extract & Save Audio Freely

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    After knowing the main features of this video editor, you may be wondering how to use it. Then you can follow our text guide. Before using the second auto-create video feature, make sure you've removed the watermark from popular TikTok videos. You can follow the video tutorial below to remove the watermark and follow our relevant text guide to create your TikTok videos.

    topclipper remove tiktok watermark

    Step 1.If you have just used this tool to remove the watermark, then you can directly select Start Creating to make your new TikTok videos. But if you already have videos without watermark in your computer folder, then you can launch iMyFone TopClipper, and select Create Video Automatically mode.

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    Step 2.Click on +Add video and upload a video and your video should be in the format of MP4.

    create video automatically

    Step 3.Then, click Start to go on, and TopClipper will create a video automatically for you.

    start to create video

    Step 4.Congratulations! You can click Save to save the video to your computer folder now. Although there is no difference between the output video and the original video, the parameters of the video have changed.

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    process video successfully

    It's simple, right? Why not share this useful TikTok video maker with your friends and family? If you want to find an online TikTok video editor, then our related articles can help you, too.


    TikTok 0 views is a common problem for new creators. So, if your TikTok videos are stuck at 0 views, then they might be due to one of the reasons listed above. Just remember that 0 views is always a glitch. After knowing this, you can make some necessary adjustments to help yourself get the views for TikTok videos. I hope that this article can help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by leaving your comments on our websites.

    topclipper remove tiktok watermark

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