Do you want more views on YouTube? But you have been struggling to find an effective method? We all know that, as the one of the largest engine in the world, YouTube is a widely used channel. It has roughly 22 billion monthly visits, but the average session duration is just under 40 minutes.

If you’re a marketer or content creator who want to increase your YouTube views for free, the process will take time and effort. However, you’ll be rewarded with more views by doing right things. And, in this post, we will offer you with 24 tips on how to get more views on YouTube.

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Part 1. How to Get More Views on YouTube

1 Optimize your videos [15 Tips Included]

1. Niche Down Channel’s Topic

Here is an old marketing proverb: "Wealth is in the niche". If you want to get more views on youtube and attract more target audiences, you need a clear content positioning. You need to figure out the common theme that ties all the videos together. This sets the expectations of your uploaded video for the target audience. At each stage of in-depth investigation, the number of people will decrease, but the needs of the audience will be more clear.

niche down topic

2. Leverage Current Trends

Leveraging YouTube trends is a valuable method for obtaining more video views. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should create content that is exactly in line with a current. But you should pay attention to what kinds of videos get lots of views. Suppose you’re a business hoping to utilize one of these trends. You could create a how-to video demonstrating how to use your product or service and Q&A videos. You’re creating content that users want to see that provides value to them.

leverage current trends

3. Create Relevant Content

Creating relevent and compelling contant is the most easiest way to get more views. What you need to do first is to to wonder what your ideal users want to know, then create videos that meet their needs. You can use many tips to rich your content. And you can learn other YouTubers by focusing on content like, How-to content.

relevent content

4. Use Keyword Rich Titles

Title is where your keyword research will play a role in. A descriptive and interesting title will perform two things: one is to provide the algorithm with keywords to rank for relevance, another one is to engage users and inform them of what the video is about. To conduct keyword research, you can use typical SEO methods, such as using a keyword planner or other keyword research tools.

keywords rich titles

5. Use Keywords Rich Descriptions

Video descriptions are where you can better inform search engines and tell your users what your videos are about. So, it is important for you to provide detailed descriptions. Not only will they help increase your click-through rate, but also then they will increase your views. Try to be both prominent and generic, and you should generate interest content while trying to rank for short-tail keywords.

rich descriptions

6. Use Relevant Tags

YouTube Video Tags help you further classification of different videos' content and help algorithms understand what users will see when they see a video. Along with your descriptions and titles, these should reflect the core content of your videos. After that, please consider the short tail search engine optimization again.

use relevent tags

7. Customize Thumbnail Images

Just as titles are the first exposure to your video content, thumbnails are the first images. Whether your thumbnails (like your main image) are on organic search results pages, in the recommended videos section, or on social media, your thumbnails can do wonders when it comes to increasing your YouTube views. Using high-quality images with readable and attractive fonts and facial close-ups can get more views for your YouTube videos.

That's what you need to do, just make your thumbnail a visual counterpart to your title and description to increase your video views.

customize thumbnail images

8. Create Playlists

The more videos you create, the harder it will be for people to navigate through your channel. That's why playlists are so important. Because for viewers, playlists allow them to clearly know what should be played next. They can also switch videos as they wish. And for YouTubers, the playlists can clearly classify and diversify different videos. This has a certain effect on enhancing our confidence in shooting videos. That's what we often say, think in terms of series, not individual videos.

create playlists

9. Use Autoplay for Embeded Videos

Once the video is embedded, autoplay will start playing automatically. But you should be careful when doing this, as auto-playing videos may annoy some users. If the video content is explanatory, it might be a good idea to use it, as users can immediately jump to a video explaining how to do something. To enable autoplay of embedded content, just add this code to the end of the URL in the iframe.

Here is how to autoplay embedded YouTube videos.

  1. Open YouTube and find the video you’d like to embed.
  2. Click Share under the video.
  3. video share

  4. Then, select the Embed sharing option.
  5. embed option

  6. Copy the HTML code of the video.
  7. copy the html code

  8. Paste the HTML code into your website or blog. Finally, add ?autoplay=1 after the video ID. Save the changes and refresh the page of your site.

10. Add Timestamps to Video Descriptions

A timestamp is where you mark out a particular section of your video in the [hour]:[minute]:[second] format. Here are some tips for adding timestamps.

  • Place each timestamp on a new line.
  • List timestamps chronologically.

add timestamps

11. Use Closed Captions and Transcribe Videos

Making videos is great, but sometimes your audience needs to transcribe because of language restrictions or disabilities. YouTube allows closed captions, where text records are added to the video as captions. The audience can open and close these subtitles as whey want. If you plan to put your videos to the international market, transcripts may be a good idea. Translating scripts can help people with other language skills better understand your videos. You can create a sub rip subtitle file, or SRT for short, which includes the start and finish times next to the text.

add timestamps

12. Use Guest YouTubers

Similar to guest posts on blog content, guest posts on YouTube, industry influencers or celebrities with their own followers can create miracles to improve your views. Similar to influence marketing, guest YouTube can attract users with well-known industry names and provide different and unique perspectives for your industry. By providing links to their videos or websites in your description, you can build a beneficial relationship on the basis of reciprocity.

guest mode

13. Use cards and End Screens

You can promote your videos by these YouTube optimization features. Like creating cards and end screens. Cards can be used to:

  • Promote other content of videos.
  • Donate to non-profit organizations.
  • Get more channel subscribers.
  • Encourage users to participate in a poll.

create cards

In order to increase more views, you should use these cards to encourage users to visit your lesser watched content. Then, they may subscribe to your channel. If you want to increase this possibility, you can add another feature. End screens allow you to do a little bit of everything at the end of your videos. It’s a chance to provide users who enjoyed your content with all the relevant information regarding your channel.

create end screens

14. Create YouTube Shorts To Increase Traffic

Even on YouTube, people like to see ultra-short forms of content, like what you might see on Instagram stories or TikTok. That's why YouTube created Shorts. They are videos less than 60 seconds in length. Everyone is eligible to create YouTube Shorts, and there are no minimum requirements for creators to start using this feature. So, it is a good way to help you get more views and increase traffic on YouTube.

youtube shorts

15. Post at The Right Time

The best time to post is when the target audience watches videos. The best times to post on YouTube are Thursday or Friday afternoons between 12:00 and 3:00 PM, and on Saturdays between 9:00 and 11:00 AM. You can determine the peak by viewing the latest YouTube report: "when your audience is on YouTube":

viewers are on youtube

Now, we recommend that you publish one hour before the peak, not at the peak. This gives our viewers enough time to discover and watch our videos, so as to get more views. If you do not have enough daily views for this report to work, you can try to follow these regular time periods, which are provided by frederator networks.

2 Promote your videos [10 Tips Included]

1. Re-edit Popular Videos to Go Viral

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2. Respond to Comments and Actively Interact with Fans

You may not know how important replying to comments is after you post a video. It can help you find out what goes wrong in your videos. Replying to comments can help you connect with your fans. Sometimes, you can get more views from activately interact with fans. Another benefit is that you can get valuable suggestions from your fans.

respond to comments

3. Reach Out to and Work with Influencers

Influence marketing is rapidly becoming an entry point for big brands to reach the audience. They have established a market for resharing and publishing content, which is likely to lead to a surge in views on the scale of viral communication. You can find influential people onmany social media platforms in your field of interest and contact them to promote your contentof videos.

reach out to influencers

Since viewers are already following these influential people and regularly participating in the content they provide, sharing a video can bring a lot of traffic to your YouTube videos and channels.

4. Promote Videos on Other Platforms

Writing a blog post to accompany each video. This is a way to increase video exposure. By associating videos with articles, you can also increase your popularity and get more traffic.

promote videos on other platforms

Embeding video subscription plugins widgets on blog is another tip. Embedded video can already get more video views, but in the long run, providing subscription buttons for channels will be very valuable. About 50% of video views come from subscribers. So, increasing subscribers will greatly increase your video views. To install the subscription widget, follow instructions on YouTube and use the widget on the page where the video is embedded.

5. Find Niche Communities to Share with Videos

You can share your content in a variety of places. Though improving youtself to be an expert is important, finding niche communities and putting your videos on them are also significant, too. Not only that, you may also get some inspiration from thses niche communities.

niche communities

6. Familiarize Yourself with YouTube SEO

Actually, YouTube is a search engine, too. Just like other search engines, YouTube uses a handful of ranking signals to organize its search results. So, if you want to increase your SEO Ranking of video, you need to get familiar with YouTube SEO. You need to be mindful of SEO and organic search results every time you want to create a video.

youtube seo

7. Give Live Streaming a Try

Live broadcasting is one of the biggest social media trends, and there will be no progress in the short term. As applications such as Facebook, periscope and instagram are easier than ever to stream real-time video, more and more brands are joining in. YouTube has been providing live video for years, but it has only recently become popular. You can see some popular live YouTube videos to learn how other brands use the platform. Then, you can also stream live on YouTube easily.


8. Run a Contest or Giveaway

If there's one thing YouTubers love, it's a giveaway. Run a YouTube contest or giveaway to encourage people to subscribe to your channel and get involved. To keep your contests simple, get people to like your videos, leave comments and subscribe to your channel to enter the contest.

run a contest

You can follow our best practices for hosting any social media contest:

  • Make sure you follow YouTube's policies.
  • Give gifts relevant to your brands.
  • Get creative by combining user-generated content with other non-traditional entry requirements.

9. Find Corresponding Methods by Analyzing Views

After postting your videos, please check your traffic at regular intervals. You must wander why YouTube analytics and performance matter to YouTubers. Taking a little extra time to review your views on YouTube, and analytics will tell you how your videos are performing and where you can tweak your content. Using this valuable way can make a difference between 1 view and 1,000+ views. That means you can find corresponding methods by analyzing your views.

analyze views

10. Get More Engaged Views with YouTube Search Ads

If you have a budget, the best way to get more video views is to pay through YouTube ads. We achieve this goal by locating keywords on YouTube, which have brought us high viewing time. The reason is simple: we don't want views for them. What we want is a positive views.

engage views

Part 2. What to Do after Getting Enough Views

After getting enough views, the next step is to ask users to subscribe your YouTube channel. Then, you can make money from your videos by putting some purchase links. Or you can work with influencers to earn money. We will also provide you useful tips to make money on YouTube.

make money after getting enough views

Well, If you aren't making a lot of money with ad views, there are plenty of other ways to make money from your YouTube channel. You can select the best options from below:

  1. Add affiliate links to your video descriptions to recommend products and earn commissions on every sale.
  2. Sell merchandise, T-shirts, and physical products linked to your ecommerce platforms. You can also sell digital products, online courses, and eBooks.
  3. Build your audience and get YouTube sponsorships from brands.
  4. If you're an expert in your niche, sell coaching and consulting services and charge an hourly rate.


Growing mroe views on YouTube doesn't happen by accident. Specially, when you are crowded with competitions. That's exactly why it is worth having a variety of promotional tactics. Although some of tips we recommended above require more effort than others, each one can help you get more views on your channel as well as subcribers in the end,especially with iMyFone TopClipper editor. If you've already started a YouTube channel and wanted to promote it, please save this page and put it into a website folder. Then, you can get ideas for video at every stage of the marketing process.

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