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    How to Control iPhone from PC/Mac 2024

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    “Can you control an iPhone from a Windows computer? Can I remote control an iPhone? How can I access my iPhone/iPad on PC? Can I manage my iOS apps on my computer directly?”

    The answer is "Yes".

    In today's interconnected world, the ability to remote control iPhone or Android has become increasingly valuable. Whether you manage tasks, access files, or control applications, having the flexibility to control your iPhone from a PC/Mac can greatly enhance productivity and convenience. Many people want to remotely control their iPhones on a Windows PC but don't know how to do it.

    control iphone from PC

    Because neither PC nor iPhone possesses pre-installed features that allow remote access and control. It means that you have to acquire 3rd-party software to serve this purpose. In this article, we will explore various methods and software options that allow you to remotely control your iPhone from a Windows PC, providing you with the freedom to access and manage your device from the comfort of your computer.

    In this article:

    Part 1. 8 Feasible Methods to Control iPhone from PC/Mac

    Let's talk about the 8 best apps to control the iPhone remotely from your PC or Mac. Almost all of them also help you control your iPad from the computer.

    1 iMyFone MirrorTo

    iMyFone MirrorTo is a screen mirroring app that allows you to easily remote control your iPhone on PC. With iMyFone MirrorTo, you can help those who often face technical faults on iOS devices, and help them fix the problems by casting and controlling the iPhone screens. It has powerful features and allows you to mirror & control your iPhone via Wi-Fi or USB connection.

    mirrortoiconControl Your iPhone from PC with MirrorTo
    • Smooth Mirroring: Freely mirror your iPhone to PC/Mac via Wi-Fi & USB.
    • Multi-screen cast: It supports casting 3-5 iOS & Android screens on a PC for multi-tasking.
    • Full-Screen Interaction: You can run iOS apps on PC to enjoy a bigger screen.
    • Record and Capture Screen: It is useful for creating tutorials, capturing gameplay, or documenting any other activity on your iOS's screen.

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    How to Control iPhone from PC:

    Step 1. Download and launch the app on your PC.

    Step 2. First, connect your iPhone & computer on the same Wi-Fi network.

    Step 3. Then, go to Control Center and click Screen Mirroring. Choose your PC to mirror.

    screen mirroring iphone to pc

    Step 4. Next, Go to Settings > enable Bluetooth. Pair the Bluetooth of your phone and computer. Bluetooth connection lets you remotely control your iPhone from Macbook or PC.

    bluetooth pairing your device and computer

    Step 5. After Bluetooth connection, you can remote access your iPhone on your computer freely with your mouse or to share iphone screen on PC to Twitch, TikTok, YouTube or in Zoom meetings.

    bluetooth pairing your device and computer

    mirrorto product icon

    iMyFone MirrorTo

    You can Also View & Control iPhone Screen on Mac Easily.

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    Please confirm whether your computer's Bluetooth supports screen casting, if not, you can purchase a USB Bluetooth Dongle 5.0 Adaptor or higherfor your PC to control iphone remotely from PC. Any problems, you can find the solution here: How to fix Bluetooth pairing failure after iOS screen mirroring?

    buy bluetooth adaptor 5.3

    Video tutorial on how to mirror & control iPhone on PC:

    control iphone from pc mac remotely

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  • 2 TeamViewer

    TeamViewer is a befitting remote-control solution that offers unbelievable Features to its users. By installing TeamViewer on your computer, you can remote acces iPhone from PC.


    Its latest version is even better than all the arrangements. It comes with a screen-sharing Feature that offers you to share iPhone's screen with your friends.

    So instead of going to your friends or technician, you can share your iPhone screen with the relevant person. By providing information regarding your problem, you'll be able to solve your problem.

    Remote control iPhone on PC using TeamViewer:

    Step 1. Install TeamViewer

    Download TeamViewer on your iPhone and then install it. After launching the app, it'll generate an ID for your iPhone device.

    install teamviewer

    Step 2. Open TeamViewer software on the computer

    In this phase, you'll need to open TeamViewer on a computer and click on "Remote Control".

    Step 3. Enter the ID

    Enter the unique ID that has generated earlier and click "Connect".

    enter id

    Step 4. Enable Screen Mirroring

    Now, you'll require to enable a Feature named "Screen Mirroring" on your iPhone devices. To allow it, select screen Mirroring after swiping down the "Control Center".

    That's all you need to do to share the iPhone screen on more than one device. Remote iPhone control from PC in a distance by TeamViewer is now easy for you.



  • You can share your iPhone screen with your friend if any of your devices have an issue.
  • It controls the user interface with immense security.
  • Pros

    • Connection stability
    • Account security
    • Remote support


    • Password/Ponds configuration can improve
    • You can't control all the functions of the iPhone.

    3 ISL Light

    If you don't possess a MAC, but you're willing to control an iOS device using a Linux PC or Windows, ISL Light is a perfect and ideal application for you to avail yourself of.

    isl light

    Using ISL Light, you can perform any task on your IOS device with the help of your computer. That particular program is well-designed and fully equipped to remote access the iPhone from a PC.

    Here are the reasons why you should acquire ISL Light

  • It's a program that'll successfully manage your iPhone device with the help of a PC.
  • It'll be helpful for you if you are looking to troubleshoot problems from your iOS device. In addition, it'll configure the device and manage massive data.
  • How to use it ISL Light to control iPhone from PC?

    ISL Light is probably the best method for iPhone remote control from the PC. But for this to happen, you need to follow some instructions. Let's discuss them step by step.

    Step 1. Download the ISL Light

    Download and install ISL Light on your PC.

    Step 2. Launch a Session

    After you download the application, now open it on your PC and Launch a session.

    Step 3. Download the App on your iPhone

    Install the ISL application on your iOS device and open it. After you open the application, click the Join session option.

    install isl application

    Step 4.  Enter the Session code option

    Now, you'll need to move toward the session code on the ISL software displaying on your computer. After moving there, tap on connect.

    Step 5. Click Screen Recording

    Open the control center by swiping up the iPhone and then click the Screen recording button option.

    click screen recording

    Step 6. Control iPhone from PC

    The final step is to select the ISL application, and that's all you need to do. Now it is possible to control the iPhone from a PC, and you can share the screen.

    control iphone from pc



  • You can invite a client to join you in conversion by using a unique code with the help of ISL Light.
  • Switch between multiple monitors
  • Pros

    • Pretty fast connection speed
    • Very intuitive for end-users


    • Although there is no major downfall of it, still user administration can be improved.

    4 Veency

    Veency is software that helps you to remote control the iPhone from a PC. It supports screen sharing and will make sure a user gets access to all functions.

    That means a user can perform any task on his iDevice, changing the icon size, unlocking/locking the device, launching applications, and browsing without touching the iPhone.

    Moreover, it can create a connection between two devices. A user can install any VNC clients, for instance, Tight VNC, Chicken VNC, and UltraVNC, to use Veency.

    Here are some steps to use Veency to access iPhone remotely on PC.

    Step 1. Open Appstore 

    Open Appstore on your search for Veency.

    Step 2. Install the Application

    Now, all you need to do is install the application on your device. Remember, it automatically runs in the background, and sometimes you won't see it on your home screen.

    Step 3.  Go to Settings

    Now, your task is to open Settings > Wi-Fi and check your iPhone's IP address. Keep in mind, Veency would be running in your iPhone's background.

    ip address

    Step 4. Enter the IP address

    Enter your device's IP address in the box termed as VNC client on your computer. And click "Connect''.

    connect ip address

    Step 5. Accept the request

    You'll receive a request on your iPhone device if your connection has been established successfully.

    To proceed further, you'll need to accept the request. Now you'll see your device's screen will fold in the VNC client.

    remote access request



  • You can Unlock/Lock your iPhone from a PC with the help of Veency.
  • Browsing through photos, Contacts, and Photos is also possible with Veency.
  • Pros

    • It is pretty easy to set up.
    • You can check your messages remotely when your iPhone device is getting charged in other places.


    • It'll drain your iPhone's battery quickly.
    • It works with only jailbroken iPhones.

    5 across

    across is software that is pretty efficient at remotely connecting your iPhone device to your PC. Unlike other software, the process of across App is pretty simple and effective. You can access your iPhone remotely even if you are sitting far from your iPhone device with the help of across Software.


    Although the process is straightforward, you still have to follow some instructions to get your job done.

    Let's talk about all instructions step-wise.

    Step 1. Download the Application

    Download and install it on your PC. When you're done with it, the system will ask you to restart your device for opening the application.

    Step 2. Search for a Hidden Icon

    Later on, you need to go to the Start option and press Across center. After doing that, now search for a hidden icon at the bottom of your screen.

    After finding it, click on it and select the server option. Now, open it again and click on open Across center.

    search for hidden icon

    Step 3. Open Bluetooth

    Now open the Bluetooth from here of both PC and iPhone devices and connect them.

    open bluetooth

    enable bluetooth

    Step 4. All is Ready

    After you connect them, you'll see a device present beside the PC icon. By pressing it, you'll hold control of your iPhone device. Enjoy controlling iOS on PC now.

    control iphone with across



  • Incredible easy interface to use and set up.
  • The app provides the facility to pair six different devices.
  • Pros

    • It'll not affect Bluetooth Gadgets.
    • Your data will be encrypted and will remain safe.


    • We haven't found any major downfall of Across. 

    6 Douwan

    Douwan is a iOS screen mirroring & control app that allows you to cast your iPhone screen with a USB cable. It also allows you to control your iPhone screen on the Mac/PC. You can watch videos and play your mobile games on the big screen with no lag, while charging your phone at the same time.


    Steps to use Douwan to control iPhone from PC:

    Step 1. Download and install the app on your PC. Then launch it.

    Step 2. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone and computer and choose iOS Wired Mirroring.

    Step 3. After mirroring your iPhone screen to the PC, you need to pair the Bluetooth. On your iPhone, go to Settings > enable Bluetooth. Find your PC and connect.

    Step 4. Then you can control your iPhone screen on the PC now.



  • 4K ultra-clear video quality with 60-100 ultra-high framerate.
  • Android phones do not need to enable 'USB Debugging Mode', which is safe and reliable.
  • You can control your iOS Phone and Android Phone from PC.(support mouse and keyboard).
  • Pros

    • Wired connection without any lag, and works great with OBS/Streamlabs. 
    •  VIP plan is very good price for 6 / 12 months of usage.
    •  No ads in free and paid version.


    • Sound delay when streaming games.
    • The watermark can't be moved on the side of the screen and its just there infront of the screen.

    7 ApowerMirror

    ApowerMirror is a screen mirroring app that can be used to control your iPhone screen. It offers screen mirroring with audio.


    Steps to use ApowerMirrorTo to control iPhone from PC:

    Step 1. Download and install the app on your PC. Then launch it.

    Step 2. First you need to mirror your iPhone screen to the PC. Make sure your devices are on the same Wi-Fi network or use a USB cable to connect your iPhone and computer.

    Step 3. After mirroring your iPhone screen to the PC, you need to pair the Bluetooth. On your iPhone, go to Settings > enable Bluetooth. Find your PC and connect.

    Step 4. Then you can control iPhone screen from PC now.



  • Full screen display.
  • Take screenshots and record screen.
  • Whiteboard: draw and take notes during presentation.
  • Pros

    • Easy to use.
    • Safe and secure.
    • Allow you to cast multiple screens on a PC.


    • iOS control may collapse sometimes.
    • Sometimes the screen may quality drops when screen mirroring.

    8 Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

    To control iPhone with PC, you'll need to acquire a Remote desktop extension. In the past, the Chrome Remote Desktop extension was only available for Android. But recently, Google allowed it for iOS devices.

    Let's see how to use Chrome Remote Desktop extension with iPhone.

    Steps of Controlling an iPhone Using Chrome Remote Desktop:

    You'll need to take care of a few things before you start. First, you need to make sure your PC possesses the latest Chrome version.

    Second, you'll need to install the Desktop app for iOS on your iPhone. After you put all the things in order, you can proceed with the steps.

    Step 1. Log in to Google Account.

    In the first place, a user will require to log in to his Google Account. Later, he needs to verify the permissions and the types of remote connections he would want to set up.

    Step 2. Install Remote Desktop Host Utility.

    Now, the user will need to install a remote Desktop Host Utility to get going.

    remote desktop host

    Step 3. Create a PIN

    After installing Host Utility, the next step is to create a PIN password to verify whenever a user wants remotely access iPhone from the computer. The PIN should contain six or more digits. 

    create vpn

    Step 4.  Launch the App

    After a user sets up everything, he needs to launch the app on his iPhone. After that, he'll require to choose the PC to connect to and then verify the six digits PIN he set up on his desktop.

    verify pin

    That's it. Now a user can successfully control an iPhone using a PC in real-time.



  • You can transfer your documents quickly with the chrome desktop extension.
  • Allows the users to connect with their iPhone devices sitting long distances
  • Pros

    • Easy to operate
    • Connections will remain stable.


    • No built-in chat
    • Chrome browser is required.

    Part 2. How to Remote Control iPhone from Mac Without Software

    To remote iPhone from Mac without using any third-party software, you can leverage the built-in features and functionalities provided by Apple. But to be able to control your iPhone from a Mac, you devices need to meet this requirements.


  • Your iPhone should be running iOS 9 or later.
  • Note that some older iPhone models may have limitations or lack support for certain features.


  • Your Mac should be running macOS 10.11 or later.
  • Additionally, ensure that your Mac has the necessary hardware capabilities to support AirPlay and screen mirroring.
  • Steps to control iPhone on Mac without any software:

    Step 1. First, you need to register into the same Apple ID on bothe your iOS devices and Mac.

    Step 2. Then, Ensure that your iPhone and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    Step 3. On your iPhone, enable the "Screen Mirroring" or "AirPlay" feature.

    Step 4. On your Mac, make sure that AirPlay is enabled. To do this, click on the "AirPlay" icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

    enable airplay on mac

    Step 5. If you don't see the AirPlay icon, go to System Preferences > Displays > check the box that says "Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available."

    enable displays in system preferences

    Step 6. A list of available devices for AirPlay will appear on your Mac. Select your iPhone from the list.

    Step 7. Now your iPhone's screen will now be mirrored on your Mac. You can interact with your iPhone using your Mac's keyboard and mouse.



  • You can receive or make calls from Mac.
  • A user can type on his iPhone by using the keyboard of Mac.
  • Pros

    • The integration between a Mac and iOS is great
    • It runs pretty fast.


    • MAC PC is pretty expensive compared to Windows computers.
    • You can't upgrade HDD or RAM on Mac.

    Part 3. How to Remote Control iPhone from PC

    Not like remote control iPhone from Mac, you need a third-party remote desktop software (like AnyDesk, TeamViewer, SplashTop, and Sunflower) to remotely control iPhone from Windows PC. Here is a guide for anydesk remote iPhone from PC:

    anydesk remote control iphone from pc

    Steps to control iPhone on Mac without any software:

    Step 1. Download and install AnyDesk on your Windows PC and "AnyDesk Remote Control" on your iPhone.

    anydesk remote desktop

    Step 2. Get Your AnyDesk Address on iPhone: In AnyDesk on your iPhone, you'll see your AnyDesk address displayed on the top.

    remote address

    Step 3. Enter AnyDesk Address on PC: In the AnyDesk Remote Control app on your iPhone, tap on "Remote Desk" and enter the AnyDesk address displayed on your iPhone.

    enter address on pc

    Step 4. Accept Connection on iPhone: Once you enter the AnyDesk address, tap on "Connect". You'll receive a connection request on your iPhone. Accept the request to establish the connection.

    Step 5. Control iPhone from Windows remotely using your Windows PC's mouse and keyboard.

    Part 4. FAQs about iPhone Access Control from PC

    1 How to control my iPhone from PC without jailbreak?

    The apps mentioned above allow you to control your iPhone screen on a PC without jailbreak. They all use screen mirroring and mouse control features to realize it. I highly recommend you try them yourself. Now iMyFone MirrorTo is my daily tool in my life and work.

    2 Can I control my iPhone from my Windows PC?

    Yes, you can control your iPhone from your Windows PC using the above 3-rd party apps like iMyFone MirrorTo, TeamViewer, AnyDesk, etc. These software applications allow you to mirror your iPhone screen onto your PC and control it using your mouse and keyboard. Follow the steps provided earlier for the specific software you choose to use, and you'll be able to remotely control your iPhone from your Windows PC.

    3 How to remotely access a PC from Your iPhone

    There are also some ways for this. You can view this article Control PC from iPhone/iPad to learn about it.

    4 How can I control my iPhone with a broken screen?

    If your iPhone screen is broken and very uneasy to operate by finger touching, you can use some screen control tool to help you like MirrorTo mentioned above. It helps you to mirror your iPhone screen on your Windows PC or Mac, so you can view and access your iPhone screen without any trouble. This method works when your iPhone screen is not totally untouchable. It will give you better experience of using your iPhone.

    5 Can I remote control my iPhone from PC?

    Yes. To remotely control another iPhone from your own device, ensure both iPhones are signed in with the same Apple ID and connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, go to Settings > Accessibility > Control Nearby Devices on your iPhone, and tap "Control Nearby Devices". However, if you want to remote control your iPhone from a distance, you can use remote destop software like TeamViewer, AnyDesk, and SplashTop.

    Part 4. Bonus Tips: How to Control Android from Windows PC

    As mentioned above, iMyFone MirrorTo can also let you to control Android devices on the Windows PC. It performance great on Android. You can smoothly mirror & control Android from PC.

  • You can play mobile games on PC such as playing PUBG mobile on PC.
  • You can esily run Android apps directly from the computer.
  • It allows you to stream phone screen with audio to a Windows PC smoothly.
  • Video tutorial on Android screen mirror & control from PC.

    mirror and control android broken screen on pc

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    If you have an Android phone or tablet with a broken screen and want to view the screen clearer, you can learn about How to Mirror & Control Android Broken Screen on PC.


    In conclusion, accessing your iPhone from a PC offers convenience and productivity. Third-party software like iMyFone MirrorTo enables screen mirroring, file sharing, and more. Mac users can utilize the built-in AirPlay feature.

    Both methods enhance device management and provide seamless interaction between devices, ultimately simplifying multitasking and improving the user experience.

    Keeping software versions updated ensures compatibility and access to the latest features. Remote controlling your iPhone from a PC becomes a seamless and efficient process, empowering users to manage their devices effortlessly.

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