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    How to Control iPhone from Mac

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    Spencer Hill


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    The ability to control iPhone from Mac can be incredibly convenient, especially for multi-tasking, movie-watching, or anyone seeking a seamless experience between their devices.

    control iphone from mac

    In this guide, we'll explore all the user-friendly methods that allow you to take control of your iPhone from your Macbook.

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    Part 1. 3 Best Ways to Remote Control iPhone from Mac

    1 iMyFone MirrorTo

    iMyFone MirrorTo is a powerful software that enables you to control your iPhone from your Mac by mirroring the iOS screen.

    imyfone mirrorto
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    iMyFone MirrorTo

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    Control iPhone from Mac:

    1. Download and install MirrorTo on your Mac. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone and Mac.

    2. Launch the app on your Mac, choose "iOS" & then "USB". (I suggest you choosing USB connection at the first time.)

    choose ios and usb connection

    4. On your iPhone, enter your passcode to trust your computer.

    trust and enter passcode

    5. Then you iPhone screen will show on the Mac.

    6. If you want to control the iOS screen, you need to pair the Bluetooth.

    pair bluetooth

    7. Now you can enjoy iOS experience on your Mac.

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    For iPhone Screen Control, Bluetooth pairing is required. If your computer lacks built-in Bluetooth, you'll need a Bluetooth Adapter 5.0 or higher.

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    Watch Video Tutorial to Control iPhone from Mac

    control iphone from pc mac

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    2 Switch Control

    Switch Control is a built-in accessibility feature on your iPhone that allows you to control it remotely from your Mac using switches or keyboard commands.

    control iphone from mac with switch control

    Control iPhone from Mac using Switch Control:

    1. First, make your iPhone and Mac are on the same Wi-Fi network and sign in to iCloud with the same Apple ID.

    2. Enable Switch Control on your Mac by going to SyStem Settings > Accessibility > Switch Control, and toggle the switch to turn it on.

    switch control home panel

    3. Select your iPhone device that you want to control, then select Connect. Now you can use the switch connected to your Mac to control the other device.

    3 Chrome Remote Desktop

    Chrome Remote Desktop is a remote desktop software tool, developed by Google, that allows a user to remotely control another computer's desktop.

    chrome remote desktop

    Remote control iPhone from Mac using Chrome Remote Desktop:

    1. First, make sure that Chrome on your Mac is the latest version. Download the iOS version of Chrome Remote Desktop app on your iPhone.

    Launch the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your iPhone and follow the instructions to select your Mac from the list.

    chrome remote desktop instructions

    Enter PIN when prompted to establish a connection. You can remote control iPhone from Mac easily.

    Part 2. How to Control Mac from an iPhone

    To control your Mac remotely from your iPhone, you can use built-in features like Apple's Remote Desktop, which allows you to access and control your Mac from your iPhone using a VNC client or third-party apps available on the App Store specifically designed for remote Mac control.

    control mac from iphone ipad

    Using Apple's Built-in Features:

    1. Ensure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

    2. Enable Screen Sharing on your Mac in System Preferences > Sharing.

    3. Allow access for specific users in Screen Sharing settings.

    4. Find your Mac's IP address in System Preferences > Network.

    5. Download and install the 'Screens' app on your iPhone.

    6. Add your Mac's IP address, username, and password in the 'Screens' app.

    7. Tap to connect and enjoy remote access to your Mac.

    Part 3. How to Turn iPhone into an Apple TV Remote

    The convenience of turning your iPhone into an Apple TV remote provides a seamless and versatile way to control your Apple TV. With the Apple TV Remote app integrated into your Control Center, you can navigate through content, adjust settings, and enhance your viewing experience effortlessly.

    Steps to Turn Your iPhone into an Apple TV Remote:

    1. wipe down from the upper right corner of your iPhone screen to open the Control Center.

    2. Tap the Apple TV Remote icon. Choose your Apple TV from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

    tap apple tv remote button

    3. Follow the onscreen instructions to enter a four-digit passcode when prompted.

    enter passcode

    4. Then tap "+" to add "Apple TV Remote" to Control Center.

    all apple tv remote

    For more detailed guide, you can check Set up the Apple TV Remote on your iPhone or iPad on Apple website.

    Part 4. How to Control iPhone from Windows PC/Laptop

    Here we recommend free user-friendly screen-mirroring software - MirrorTo Lite for you. It allows you to cast your phone screen on your computer and allows you to control the screen directly from your computer.

    iMyFone MirrorTo Lite

    Key Features:

    • Cast iOS & Android screen to a PC.
    • Control an Android screen with a keyboard and mouse.
    • Control an iPhone screen with a mouse.

    Free Download

    Steps to control iPhone from PC:

    1. Download & install MirrorTo Lite on your computer. Launch the app and select iOS/iPadOS system.

    select ios system

    2. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer. Choose the USB connection method.

    choose usb connection

    3. Then a window of "Trust this computer" pops up. Tap trust and enter your passcode to allow your phone to trust your computer.

    trust your computer

    4. Wait a moment, the drivers will automatically installed on your computer. Then choose the device you want to cast the screen, and tap "OK".

    cast phone screen successfully

    5. Now, your iPhone/iPad screen is cast on your computer clearly.

    cast phone screen successfully

    MirrorTo Lite logo

    MirrorTo Lite

    MirrorTo Lite is the most budget-friendly screen mirroring software for your phone.

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    Part 3. FAQs about iPhone Control from Mac

    1 Can I remote control iPhone from Mac?

    Yes, you can remote control your iPhone from your Mac using third-party apps or Apple's built-in features like Screen Sharing.

    2 Is Switch Control compatible with all iOS devices?

    Yes, Switch Control is compatible with all iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, making it a versatile accessibility option.

    3 Can I record my iPhone's screen activity on my Mac using MirrorTo?

    Yes, you can record your iPhone's screen activity on your Mac using iMyFone MirrorTo's screen capture and recording feature.


    Easily control your iPhone from Mac with iMyFone MirrorTo, Chrome Remote Desktop, and Switch Control. Hope this guide is helpful for you. Share this empowering knowledge with others! Please spread the word!

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