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    8 Ways to Play Android Games on PC without Bluestacks [2024]

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    Spencer Hill


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    Are you looking for ways to play Android games or apps on PC without the need for Bluestacks? As Bluestacks has contributed a lot to the skyrocketing popularity of android games, there are still many people who want to play Android games on PC without Bluestacks. It’s simply because bluestack may not run on every system, especially those with low hardware configurations.

    play android games on pc

    In this article, we’ll cover some of the popular methods to play mobile games or use android apps on PC without bluestack.

    In this article:

    Part 1: 2 Methods to Play Android Games on PC Without Emulators

    1 iMyFone MirrorTo

    You can control your mobile device on your PC using iMyFone MirrorTo. Through the app, you can use to play mobile games on PC. The tool offers the same service as bluestacks but with the advantage of being able to remotely control your phone using your PC. So it is like the game is downloaded on your PC. This way you can use your computer mouse and keyboard to play your favorite game.

    imyfone mirrorto

    Key Features of MirrorTo

    Watch Video Tutorial to Play Android Games on PC [No Emulator]:

    play mobile games on pc without emulators

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    Choose iMyFone MirrorTo over emulators for running mobile apps on your PC for these reasons:

    • Real device experience.
    • Simplicity in setup and use.
    • Compatibility with all mobile apps.
    • Ability to run iOS apps on PC/Mac.
    • Low PC requirements.
    • Real-time data sync.
    • Consistency in gaming across devices.
    • Minimized data loss risks.
    • No game restrictions.
    • No extra software needed.
    • Direct device control using a mouse and keyboard.
    • Avoiding legal concerns associated with emulators.

    Consider your specific needs and hardware capabilities when making your choice.

    2 Windows Subsystem for Android

    If you have Windows 11, you can use the Windows Subsystem for Android to run Android apps natively on your PC.

    Steps to follow:

    Step 1. Go to Windows Insider Program website. Click "Register".

    register windows insider

    Step 2. Choose Beta Channel in the Insider Settings.

    choose beta channel

    Step 3. Then go to Microsoft Store. Search the game you want to play on the computer.

    Step 4. Click "Get from Amazon Appstore".

    get from amazon appstore

    Step 4. Click Set up > Next > Download Amazon Appstore.

    click set up

    download amazon appstore on win 11

    Step 5. Then restart your PC. Once you finis restarting. Launch Amazon Appstore.

    Step 6. Search the game or app you wan to use on your Windows 11. Download it and you can enjoy mobile games on your Windows 11 PC.

    download game on amazon appstore

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    iMyFone MirrorTo

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    Part 2. 6 Other Emulators to Play Android Games on PC

    1 Android Online Emulator

    Android Online Emulator is the best Google Chrome Extension that allows you to run android apps or play mobile games on PC without any emulator. There are lots of benefits to use this Chrome extension. First of all, it doesn’t require the latest hardware configurations. Secondly, Android Online Emulator gives you a very smooth gaming experience.

    Android Online Emulator

    All you need is to download Android Online Emulator. After that, tap Add to Chrome button. You can add this extension to your chrome in easy steps. Select Run Android online emulator and it will work in the same way.

    2 ARC Welder

    ARC Welder for Chrome is another Google Chrome Extension that can allow you to play android games on PC. It is an extension you can directly use on Chrome. Many people tend to use old PCs. For that reason, it’s important to use Chrome’s extension that works perfectly on old systems. ARC Welder lets you use different android apps on your Chrome browser.

    ARC Welder

    What makes ARC Welder the best extension to play games?

    It runs on any OS regardless of the hardware configurations. You can run Android games directly in the Chrome browser. There is no need for an emulator on your computer. As a result, it helps save enough space required when installing emulators.

    3 Android SDK Emulator

    As the name suggests, it is an android emulator designed for developers. If you want to use an android emulator, all you have is to download Android SDK. It is one of the best emulators that can allow you to play android games on PC. Most importantly, it has a lot of features, which makes it one of the best android emulators. Developers already know about Android SDK Emulator.

    Android SDK Emulator



    Here are some of the key features of this amazing android emulator.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Robust interface
  • Latest applications as well as utilities

  • 4 Remix OS Player

    Remix OS Player is one of the most popular emulators to play mobile games or use android applications. It offers second to none Android experience on a PC to its worldwide users.

    Many designers have been using this robust emulator for testing Android applications. Most importantly, it contains several buttons for controlling purposes. With Remix OS Player, you can run a lot of games over the latest updated version of Android OS.

    Remix OS Player



  • Android Marshmallow-based programming tools
  • The improved Android gaming experience on PC
  • The latest and updated version of the Android Operating System

  • 5 MEmu Play

    MEmu Play is very simple and easy to use. There is no need for any configuration settings. All you have is to download the MEmu emulator and start playing. MEmu PLAY is an excellent decision among many other emulators available. It offers a variety of android games that you can play on PC without Bluestacks.

    MEmu Play



  • Very simple and easy to use
  • A huge range of games can be played on PC
  • Best emulator for systems with low configurations

  • 6 Nox Player

    It comes with a lot of advanced features to enhance the mobile gaming experience on PC. This emulator ensures the best game experience. Moreover, you can play a range of android games on Nox Player.

    Download Noxplayer for Windows



  • Many advanced features for gaming
  • Fast emulator
  • Browser and Google Play Store are accessible
  • Conclusion

    There are a lot of other ways to play Android games on PC without Bluestacks, such as Android SDK Emulator and REMIX OS PLAYER. Apart from that, you can use Google Chrome Extensions or Screen Mirroring Apps like MirrorTo to use Android apps on your PC without any emulator.

    Prime OS is the best operating system that lets you play a huge range of android games on your computer.

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    iMyFone MirrorTo

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