Nowadays, it is very convenient to use websites on mobile, however, you might be interested in seeing how a mobile browser website appears on a PC. It's essential to remember that more than half of all Internet traffic originates from mobile devices.

Customers are more likely to purchase or stay on a website longer if it has an appealing design. A desktop view can also assist you in making modifications and addressing probable errors more quickly than a mobile view.

mobile browser on pc

Below we will guide how you can see your mobile browser for PC.

Part 1: How to Send Web Pages from Your Mobile Browser to PC

1.1 Sync Chrome Bookmarks PC to Android or iOS

If you are a developer, you should keep in mind that in the first quarter of 2021, 54.8% of all global website traffic came from mobile phones. As a result, they must make sure that their websites are mobile-friendly. Chrome is the world's most popular mobile browser, with a market share of 64.06%. For this reason, it is essential to evaluate the mobile versions of websites on Chrome. Follow the steps below to set up a chrome phone on PC and how you can share your chrome tabs to PC.

Setting Up Chrome Sync

Step 1. Launch the Google Chrome web browser on your PC. Go to Settings in the top right corner by clicking the More menu.

google settings

Step 2. Select Google Services and Click Sync.

sync and google services

Step 3. Select the Manage what you sync option.

manage what you sync

Step 4. Toggle Bookmarks on in Customize sync.

bookmarks on in customize sync

Step 5. Go to Chrome on your phone.Select More menu > Choose Settings > Google services and Tap Sync.

sync google account

Step 6. Click Manage sync. You can choose to sync bookmarks or any other type of data.

sync everything

1.2 Send Web Pages from your Mobile Browser to Windows 10

Are you surfing on a web page on the phone, but you'd prefer to see it in more detail on your computer?

Don’t worry; whether it’s an online article or any form which is difficult for you to fill out on a small screen of your phone, we have you covered with the solution to link your phone with your computer.

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you may easily transmit web pages from that device to Windows 10. Before transferring any web pages, you must first connect your phone to your computer. Follow these steps to connect your phone to Windows 10:

Step 1. On your Windows PC, go to the Settings menu.

Step 2. Choose Phone ˃ Click to Add a phone.

windows settings phone

Step 3. Add your phone number and press the Send button to send. Then click the Close button to finish.

link your phone and pc

Step 4. You will send a link to your phone's Microsoft Apps download page through text message.

Step 5. Install the Microsoft Apps app by clicking on the link you received through SMS. If you already have Microsoft Apps installed on your phone, you may skip this step.

Part 2: 4 Fabulous Mirroring Apps to Share Mobile Browser on PC

1. iMyFone MirrorTo

It is very convenient to see your phone's screen on your pc; all you need is software that can screencast your Android & iOS screen to your PC, such as iMyFone MirrorTo. Read along as we go in-depth on this top-rated screen mirror app, including its features and a "How To" instruction.

1,000,000+ Downloads

Features of MirrorTo

  • Control your gadgets from a PC while working.
  • Allow you to connect your phone securely to a computer or projector.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Can enjoy social media like Snapchat, Linkedin, Instagram and other platforms with big screen for better communication.

Video Tutorial about Mirroring iPhone to PC with MirrorTo

YouTube Video
Follow the Steps to Use Viber on PC via MirrorTo

Step 1.Download the iMyFone MirrorTo app and install it on your PC.

Step 2.Connect the two devices with the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step 3. Go to Control Center and click Screen Mirroring.

screen mirroring iphone to pc

Now you can see your mobile browser on your PC.

website on pc

Step 4. If you want to control your phone from PC, go to Settings, then enter Bluetooth and pair the bluetooth between your phone and computer.

bluetooth pairing your device and computer

Please check how to mirror Android phone to Windows 10 if you want to know.

MirrorTo also support live stream. It can stream your phone to Youtube or other platfroms like Instagram, Zoom, Facebook, Cisco Webex Meeting, ect. Come and have a look at more details.


MirrorTo is a good software for mirroring Android and iOS devices to a big screen. Its elegant and inventive layout makes it the go-to screen mirror software for even non-techies. Install the premium version to use all the iMyFone MirrorTo features. The price $9.95/month is quite affordable.

2. ScreenMo

If you want to record your screen wirelessly, you can utilize FonePaw ScreenMo . Mirroring many devices simultaneously is possible. You don't need to have a jailbroken phone to use this application.


Features of ScreenMo

  • You will be able to mirror several mobile devices to a PC simultaneously.
  • You can record games, lessons, and music on your iPhone/iPad or Android smartphone.
  • For PC and TV, the screen will be at 1080p resolution.

How to Use ScreenMo?

  1. Download FonePaw ScreenMo by clicking the link.
  2. Pick an additional task from a pop-up box. To proceed, click the Next button.
  3. install screenmo

  4. Click Install when you are ready to proceed with the installation.
  5. screenmo install

  6. After that, the installation process will get underway. Wait till it finishes.
  7. ScreenMo has now been successfully installed on your phone. To begin using it, click Finish.

finish install screenmo


One of the best apps for mirroring your iPhone to a computer is FonePaw ScreenMo. After a seven-day trial, you may purchase the program from FonePaw's website for $19.95/month.

3. Let's View

Let's View displays content from your smartphone to your PC/laptop. It’s multiplatform software and doesn't disturb the graphics quality.

apowermirror app

Features of Let's View

  • Free to use Android and iOS screen mirroring app.
  • It allows users to record and capture screen.
  • Offers a smooth wireless connection.

How to Use Let's View

  1. Install Let's View app on both PC and iPhone.
  2. Connect both the devices with the same Wi-Fi connection.
  3. In your iPhone device, go to the "Control Center" option. Select “Screen Mirroring” and look for your device name.
  4. choose device to screen mirror

  5. Once the two devices are connected, your iPhone will be mirrored to the PC.


One of the most popular apps for mirroring your Phone to a computer. It’s completely free to use. However, in many cases, it does not give a stable connection and it's also not available for connection via USB.

4. Mirroring360

Mirroring360 is screen mirroring app for iPhone due to its compatibility with different operating systems. This screen mirroring iPhone app lets you control your iPhone screen from MAC, Windows, Android, and Linux computers.

mirroring360 app

Features of Mirroring360

  • It is an application to wirelessly mirror your iPad, Chromebook, iPhone, and Android devices screens to your pc or laptop.
  • You can also broadcast your screen to up to 40 people in a meeting, and they will be able to see your screen while you are working.

How to Use Mirroring360

  1. First of all, open the control center of your iPhone device after installing the application.
  2. Then click on the "screen mirroring" or "Airplay" option.
  3. Choose your computer from the list that you want to share the screen with. Select "Start Sharing" from the right-hand side of the Mirroring 360 interface on your laptop.
  4. mirroring 360

  5. Your iPhone screen will start showing on your computer screen.


A license is required for every computer that you want your screen to be mirrored to, $11.99/month with standard licence. So whilst you can use Mirroring360 for free with the trial version, you’ll probably need to buy a license eventually so that your access isn’t cut off.

Our Summary

There are now nearly as many mobile web browsers as desktop ones.

However, many people would like to see their tiny phone screen on their PC to enjoy the large screen, for which you can quickly screen mirror your phone or sync your phone to your PC. To assist you in converting mobile browsers to PC, we've brought you the complete guide and several apps.

You should check the app requirements to see whether they're compatible with your phone or tablet. The best of all is iMyFone MirrorTo. It contains all the features required to be the most excellent screen mirroring app.