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iMyFone TunesFix

( Reviewed by 113 Users )

User Reviews of iMyFone TunesFix

iMyFone TunesFix, the world’s NO.1 all-sided iTunes repair expert, gives you the easiest way to brings iTunes back to work normally.

  • By Allan 2018-06-19

    I can't sync my iPhone X to iTunes. Every time I connect my device my iTunes stops working and I have to force close the application. After fixing with TunesFix, now it works well.

  • By Ben 2018-06-18

    Amazing! It worked really well: fast to run, easy to use.

  • By Wayne 2018-06-15

    One of my friend recommended this to me because he knew that I was annoyed with my annoying iTunes. TunesFix is strongly recommended, I never experience iTunes in this way.

  • By Marco 2018-06-14

    When I tried to reinstall the iTunes, an error appeared showing that something wrong with the Windows installer. Thanks for iMyFone, it fixed my issue and helped me install the iTunes.

  • By Joshua 2018-06-13

    I used Umate Pro to erase my iPhone data, however, as there is problem with my iTunes, Umate Pro cannot detect my iPhone. After using TunesFix to repair my iTunes, I can freely use Umate Pro now, thanks for all of your good software.

  • By Tyric 2018-06-10

    Wonderful software to fix cannot recognize iPhone issue!

  • By Leo 2018-06-08

    My iTunes couldn't update and I don't know why. I found TunesFix online and tried to repair it. That's so great! Now I successfully update my iTunes to the latest version.

  • By Roseanne 2018-06-08

    Wonderful. My computer didn\'t show up my iPad when I connected it. I tried lots of solutions but still failed. Thanks to iMyFone team, developing such great software for help. I recommend it!

  • By Francis 2018-06-08

    This tool helped me remove iTunes media, some update files and other cache, cookies in iTunes. Great!!

  • By Jillian 2018-06-07

    Best review to your great software!

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