• Live Transcription: Transcribe speech to text in real time in meetings, classroom, or in lectures.
  • File Transcription: Convert audio files into text within a short time.
  • Speaker Identification: VoxNote identifies different speakers for you.
  • AI Summary Generation: Get a quick summary of dinsitin speakers.
  • Edit & Share: Allow you to edit and share the transcripts.

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Top 12 Speech-to-Text Chrome Extensions for Effortless Transcription


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In an increasingly fast-paced digital world, efficiency is paramount. Whether you're a student, professional, or content creator, the ability to quickly convert spoken words into written text can significantly boost productivity. This is where speech-to-text Chrome extensions come to the rescue. These innovative tools leverage the power of speech recognition technology, making transcription tasks a breeze. Let's explore the top 10 speech-to-text Chrome extensions that are changing the way we interact with written content.

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Part 1. Bonus Tips: A Great Speech-to-text App

VoxNote, available for iOS and Android, is a robust speech-to-text app equipped with an array of powerful features that enhance productivity and organization.

iMyFone AnySmall

Key Features of VoxNote:

  • Live transcription: Convert spoken words into text in real-time, ideal for capturing meetings, lectures, or interviews.
  • File Transcription: Easily transcribe existing audio files to text, making it a versatile tool for various content needs.
  • Speaker identification: Identify different speakers in recordings, enhancing clarity in multi-participant discussions.
  • Keyword & summary generation: It help you identify essential keywords from transcriptions and condenses lengthy content into concise summaries, capturing the conversation's main points.
  • Edit & Share: Edit transcriptions as needed, and seamlessly share them with others, promoting collaboration and information sharing.

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Video tutorial on how to convert audio to text:

transcribe speech to text

Part 2. Top 12 Speech-to-Text Chrome Extensions in 2023

1 Transkriptor: Transcribe Audio to Text

transkriptor speech to text

Experience unparalleled automatic meeting transcription with Transkriptor. It effortlessly captures notes in 100+ languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Simply use the user-friendly Chrome extension for Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Cisco Webex. Available on the Web, iOS, and Android for ultimate convenience.

2 SpeechText.AI: Record, Capture & Transcribe

speechtext ai

Experience flawless voice recording and automatic transcription with SpeechText.AI. Easily convert audio and video to accurate text and subtitles by uploading your file. Our advanced speech recognition ensures human-level precision in seconds.

3 Record, Transcribe & ChatGPT for Google Meet

tl dv for google meeting

Meet TL;DV, the acclaimed recorder for Google Meet & Zoom. Easily record, transcribe, and share meetings. AI note-taking, CRM integration, and more. Efficient, accurate, and empowering, enhancing your meeting experience.

4 Voice In - Speech-To-Text Dictation

voice in

VoiceIn empowers you with Google's top-notch speech recognition. Type hands-free on any site's textbox using the most precise Speech to Text tech. Unleash seamless voice typing across the web.

5 Speech to Text (Voice Recognition)

voice recognition

Discover a user-friendly browser tool for speech synthesis and recognition. The Speech to Text extension effortlessly converts speech into text, supporting numerous languages. Grant microphone permission, open the UI, and tap the microphone icon to initiate the conversion process.

6 Speech recognition is everywhere

voice recognition

Empower your web experience with Voice Recognition Anywhere. Fill forms, compose emails, and control sites hands-free. Seamless integration, eliminating copy-paste. Navigate and command the web using voice, just like a virtual assistant. Unleash the power of speech recognition.

7 Talk & Write

talk and write

Meet Talk & Write the Chrome extension for a listening notepad. Type hands-free with voice recognition. Read text, and it's transcribed to an editable notepad, simplifying digital document creation. Optimal with a headset or external microphone, powered by Google's Web Speech API.

8 Voice Typing

voice typing

Voice Typing empowers voice-to-text on any website. From emails in Gmail to assignments in Classroom, it's versatile—ideal for chats, blogs, or docs. Compatible with Google services, Facebook, Instagram, Slack, and more. Simple UI: tap the microphone icon. Mic permission required for initial setup; accept to begin.

9 Speech Recognition Everywhere 365

speech recognition everywhere 365

Unlock the web with Voice Recognition Anywhere! Effortlessly fill forms, dictate emails, and command the Internet. No copy-paste needed; speak, and it's typed. Browse and control websites using voice commands—your virtual assistant. Available with 365 subscription.

10 HTML5 Web Speech Recognition

html5 web speech recognition

This project utilizes HTML5 Web Speech Recognition API for speech-to-text translation. It relies on Google's Speech-to-Text Engine and Services, requiring an active network connection to Google for functionality.

11 SpeechAgent - Live Voice Typing


Unlock voice input for web forms! SpeechAgent uses your browser's speech recognition engine. Click the toolbar icon, speak, and see accurate multilingual text fill any selected input box. No server interaction; pure browser-based API. Copy recognized text to clipboard as well.

12 Speechnotes Speech to Text

speechnotes speech to text

Revolutionize your web experience with Speechnotes Speech to Text. Click to unleash the finest speech recognition on any webpage. Save time and energy, even on Gmail. Trusted globally, privacy-respecting, powered by Google. Satisfaction guaranteed. Voice input everywhere!


These 12 speech-to-text Chrome extensions cover a wide range of needs, from simple note-taking to complex transcription projects. By incorporating these tools into your workflow, you'll save time, reduce manual effort, and boost your overall productivity. Choose the one that best suits your requirements and start experiencing the benefits of effortless transcription today.

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