• Live Transcription: Transcribe speech to text in real time in meetings, classroom, or in lectures.
  • File Transcription: Convert audio files into text within a short time.
  • Speaker Identification: VoxNote identifies different speakers for you.
  • AI Summary Generation: Get a quick summary of dinsitin speakers.
  • Edit & Share: Allow you to edit and share the transcripts.

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How to Transcribe a Voice Recording to Text


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In the world of speech-to-text applications, the options are plenty and diverse. Today, I'm thrilled to showcase a cutting-edge addition to this landscape – the VoxNote app. Together, we'll delve into a straightforward guide on how to seamlessly transcribe your voice recordings into accurate text using VoxNote's innovative features. Let's dive in and explore the practicality of VoxNote!

transcribe voice recordings to text

In this article:

Part 1. What is iMyFone VoxNote

iMyFone VoxNote an application designed for transcription and note-taking purposes.

iMyFone AnySmall

Key Features of VoxNote:

  • Live/File transcription: Convert spoken language into written text in real-time during live events or from recorded audio/video files. It lets you take better notes in meeting.
  • Speaker identification: It helps distinguish who said what, which is especially helpful in group discussions or interviews.
  • Keyword & summary generation: It help you identify essential keywords from transcriptions and condenses lengthy content into concise summaries, capturing the conversation's main points.
  • Editable and exportable: You are able to edit the transcribed text, correcting any errors or making necessary changes.

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Part 2. How to Transcribe Voice Recording to Text

Let's learn about how to convert voice recordings to text with VoxNote:

1. Download and install VoxNote from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

download voxnote

2. Sign in or register for an account.

3. Tap the center-bottom icon and choose "File Transcription". Select your preferred transcription language

select file transcription

4. Import the audio recording file you want to transcribe into text.

5. The transcription process begins; wait for completion.

transcribe successfully

6. Edit any errors, append text, and structure your notes.

edit transcription

7. Instantly generate speaker-specific summaries in a single click.

generate ai speaker specific summary

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Video tutorial on how to convert audio to text:

transcribe audio to text

Part 3. FAQs about Transcribing Audio Files to Text

1 How long does it take to transcribe audio files?

The duration of audio file transcription varies based on its length and the chosen tool. For instance, with VoxNote, a 2-minute audio takes just 10 seconds. Generally, automated tools yield faster outcomes than human transcription services.

2 Can I get summaries from transcribed content?

Yes, some tools like VoxNote offer summarization features that condense longer transcripts into shorter summaries, capturing the key points of the conversation.

3 Is speaker identification possible in transcription?

Yes, some advanced tools can identify different speakers in the audio and label their dialogue accordingly. This feature is particularly helpful for interviews and discussions involving multiple participants.

4 How accurate are automated transcription tools?

Automated transcription tools have improved over the years but can still have accuracy limitations. They work better with clear audio and familiar accents, but accuracy might decrease with background noise, multiple speakers, or strong accents.


In conclusion, transcribing a voice recording to text can significantly enhance accessibility, organization, and information retention. Whether you're capturing important meetings, interviews, lectures, or personal notes, converting spoken content into written text offers numerous advantages.

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