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It is common for iPhone users to encounter the iPhone Restriction鈥檚 passcode even if they never set the passcode in the first place. Many iPhone users complaint this issue in This can be an incredibly annoying situation. Obviously, if iPhone restrictions passcode never set, you won鈥檛 have a passcode to use to disable the iPhone settings restrictions.

If you have kids at home, there is always the possibility that one of your kids could have learned how to set restrictions passcode on iPhone and implemented what he/she had learned on your iPhone. Irrespective of whether a bug enabled the restrictions setting on iPhone or someone did it behind your back, you can disable settings general restrictions. In this article, we will be showing you how to do that.

Try Using the Possible Default Passcode for Restrictions

If you are dealing with the 鈥淚 never set a restrictions passcode鈥 issue, there is always the possibility that the default passcode can work for you. In most instances, the default passcode is usually 1234 or 0000. To try this passcode, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Settings application on your iPhone and select General. (If your iPhone runs on iOS 12, please select Screen Time instead of General.)
  2. Under General, select Restrictions.
  3. It will ask you to enter the Restrictions passcode, try entering 1234 or 00000.
iPhone restrictions

If the default passcode does not help you disable the restrictions setting on iPhone, this means that there is a more ideal passcode that you can use. To find out which passcode is this, you will need to use the tool we will be introducing in the following solution.

iPhone Restrictions Passcode Never Set? How to Fix It without Erasing

It is easy to give up when you find it impossible to disable the parental controls using the default passcode. However, you should not give up. With a tool known as iMyFone LockWiper, you can figure out the exact passcode you need to use to get rid of the 鈥淚 never set a restrictions passcode鈥 issue.

Within a couple of minutes, LockWiper will crack the Restrictions鈥 passcode even if you cannot recall setting it. The tool is designed for everyone, irrespective of their technical expertise. When using the tool to get the passcode, you will simply need to follow steps which appear on your screen.

lockwiper unlock iPhone passcode

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iMyFone LockWiper Main Features:

  • LockWiper makes the whole process of retrieving the Restriction鈥檚 passcode quick and easy.
  • You will not lose your data during the passcode recovery process.
  • Ensure that you are the only one capable of accessing your private data. 100% privacy is maintained during and after the recovery process.
  • If you cannot recall the password, pattern, PIN or you do not have access to the face and fingerprint used to set up the screen lock, LockWiper can help you get rid of the screen lock.
  • LockWiper makes it possible for you to remove the Apple ID without password.

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How to Retrieve Restrictions Passcode Using LockWiper

Step 1: After launching the tool on your Windows PC or Mac and connecting the iPhone to the computer via a USB cable, simply click Unlock Screen Time Passcode.

iMyFone LockWiper screenshot

Step 2: On the following screen, choose Start to Unlock and then wait while LockWiper loads the device data.

iMyFone LockWiper screenshot

Step 3: After loading the device data, LockWiper should start recovering the passcode. Within a couple of minutes, you should have the missing passcode.

iMyFone LockWiper screenshot

Restore Your iPhone via iTunes to Disable Restrictions

If you are not worried about losing all your data, restoring your iPhone via iTunes could help you disable restrictions iPhone settings if you cannot remember enabling the iPhone restrictions settings. Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. After ensuring that you have the latest iTunes version, connect your iPhone to the computer and then launch iTunes.
  2. Wait for the iPhone icon to appear and then select it.
  3. Next, choose to Restore iPhone on the Summary screen and then confirm your action.
Restore iPhone

Note: For the steps outlined above, you should disable the Find My iPhone feature first or you鈥檒l be stuck at the iCloud activation lock screen. After the Restore process is complete, all your data will be gone. You won鈥檛 have any data on your iPhone.


If you are dealing with the 鈥渋Phone restrictions passcode never set鈥 issue, this does not automatically mean that the restrictions setting on iPhone were not enabled on your device by someone. If you allow people to access your device, someone who knew how to set restrictions passcode on iPhone could have enabled the settings restrictions.

In this article, we have looked at the top 3 solutions you can use. When compared to solution 1 and solution 3, Solution 2 is much better. iMyFone LockWiper guarantees you higher chances of success. The tool will help you retrieve the passcode to use without erasing your data.

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