Over the last few years, technology has revolutionized the meaning of communication. Gone are the days when people used to talk over boring Short Service Messages (SMS), WhatsApp has proved to be the real game-changer here! It has changed the way we all communicate. In addition to changing the communication patterns, it also provides safety features to its users. WhatsApp enables you to keep the backup of all the chats that you want to save. Here, we are going to explore the procedure that how you can back up your files on Google Drive, WhatsApp backup location on Google Drive, and all the things you should know before backing up your precious data on Google Drive.


No matter how far you are from your loved ones, you can share every special moment by sending pictures, videos, or even can connect with them through its video calling feature. But to have a backup of these files is sometimes even more important than sharing them. So we are going to let you know how a backup can make your precious data more secure. Furthermore, we will also discuss some alternatives that you can use instead of Google Drive to back up your WhatsApp chats.


WhatsApp Backup Location On Google Drive

Nowadays people prefer to talk more on WhatsApp, than call, the reason is that it provides useful features and more convenience to its users. Whether you have lost your mobile phone or you are planning to change it, now you don鈥檛 need to worry about all the important messages and chats on your phone. WhatsApp allows you to save your chats in Google Drive, which you can access and use later.

Now you might be thinking that how you can locate the WhatsApp backup files on Google Drive. As the backup folder is saved as hidden data, it can be problematic to find the backed up chats on Google Drive. But we are going to discuss some easy steps through which you can find your WhatsApp data backups on Google Drive.


1. Google Drive WhatsApp Backup Location On Mobile

If you are using android Google Drive application on mobile, you can follow these steps to locate the backup files on Google Drive.

Step 1. Open Google Drive

First of all, open Google Drive on your mobile. Press the three horizontal lined icon (鈮) on the top left, or swipe the screen from left to right, to open the menu bar.

Step 2. Tap Backups

Here you will see Backups in the menu bar. Tap that Backups option. Then you will able to see all the backed up files on your drive. You can also see the date and time when this backup was created. But you cannot access the individual messages here.

Step 3. Restore Backup

If you want to restore the backups, open the same profile in WhatsApp and you will get the messages back.



2. Google Drive WhatsApp Backup Location On Web

If you are locating the backups in Google Drive website on your desktop, following are the steps through which you can find your saved chats on Google Drive.

Step 1. Login to Your Google Drive

Visit the Google Drive webpage on your browser. Login to your Google account to which the chats were backed up. Put the details of your account i.e. email and password, to login to your account.

Step 2. Select Backup Option

Search the left menu to find out the Backup option, click on that. Then, you will be shown all the backup you have made using Google Drive.


Step 3. Search For WhatsApp Backup

Scroll down to the WhatsApp backup, the latest backup date will give you the idea that whether the data you want has saved or not. You can double click the backup to view details.



How to Turn Off WhatsApp Automatic Backup on Google Drive

At times you don鈥檛 need to take backups of your files on Google Drive, and in this case, you have to turn off the backup feature of WhatsApp. Once the WhatsApp Backup is turned off, your data will not be automatically backed up by the app on Google Drive.

To turn off the WhatsApp Backup feature, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1. Open Google Drive

First of all, you will need to open the Google Drive webpage. Once you have open the Google Drive and you are logged in to your to Google account, then click on the gear icon located on the top right and select Settings.

Step 2. Tap 鈥淢anage Apps鈥

At the Settings window, you have to tap on the 鈥淢anage Apps鈥 located on the left side of the screen. A list of apps that you have connected with Google Drive will appear. Go to WhatsApp in the list, it will take some time to show the information depending on the data size.

Step 3. Disconnect From Google Drive

Click on the Options button, and press Disconnect from Drive. It will disable the auto backup of WhatsApp data on Google Drive.

In this way, you can delete hidden app data and turn off the WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive.


Step 4. Open WhatsApp

Run the WhatsApp app on your device. Tap More Options, and then select the Settings.

Step 5. Go to Chat Backup

Select Chats, and then Chat Backup. Choose in between the auto backup and manual back options.

Step 6. Turn Off Google Drive Auto Backup

Click Backup to Google Drive and add your Google account details. Then, you have to select the backup frequency and choose never.



WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive: Pros & Cons

As we have discussed the different features, the procedure of backing up WhatsApp files on Google Drive, now we are going to talk about some benefits and problems that you may face by enabling the WhatsApp backup on Google Drive.

Pros Cons
鈥 This feature provides convenience to users. No matter what happens to your device, your data will remain permanently stored on Google Drive. Furthermore, you can access and restore your backed up files to any other device. 鈥 It loses encryption when you backup your data on Google Drive. It further may compromise on your privacy, security, and the quality of your data.
鈥 WhatsApp is providing this feature of backing up your messages free of cost. 鈥 There is also a possibility that your data might get overwritten when you back up it on Google Drive.
鈥 The biggest problem of backing up your data on Google Drive is that if you have changed your device from android to iOS, the backed up data cannot be restored, and you cannot read the WhatsApp data in the Google Drive backup directly.


iTransor for WhatsApp - An Alternative to Backup on Google Drive

iTransor for WhatsApp is a transfer tool that is used to back up your WhatsApp data from your smartphones to the computer. Unlike Google Drive, it also enables you to transfer data from android to iPhone.


Why Should I Use An Alternative To Back Up My WhatsApp Data On Google Drive?

A simple answer to this question is that security and privacy matter. One of the major drawbacks of making a direct backup of your WhatsApp data on Google Drive is that your security might get compromised. Direct backing up can make the things vulnerable for you as far as your data鈥檚 security is concerned. Using iTransor for WhatsApp, it won鈥檛 let your WhatsApp back up data to get overwritten while encrypting and decrypting of data during the transfer process. In simple words, iTransor for WhatsApp is truly concerned about your privacy and data security.

Why iTransor for WhatsApp?

  • As its name reflects, the product bolsters the moving of a wide range of information you share through WhatsApp not just on identical devices using the same operating systems but also between devices using heterogeneous OS (like between Android and IOS devices) just at the convenience of a single click.
  • It provides you the ease of transferring any kind of WhatsApp data from Android to Android, iPhone to iPhone devices and even from Android to iPhone and vice versa.
  • Customer鈥檚 convenience is also this product鈥檚 utmost priority, so it comes with better versions, better features, and latest updates pertaining to your security as well from time to time.
  • It's Pro version provides you the access to its all features and lets you to enjoy premium security functions, hassle-free data transferring and data backing up options without any worries.

windows version    Mac version

Final Thoughts

Here we have come to know that backing up your WhatsApp data on Google Drive lets you approach your precious data anytime, anywhere, just at the convenience of a single click. We have also learned the way of accessing the WhatsApp Backup Location on Google Drive. But where it provides the accessibility of data, it may affect the data quality and also doesn鈥檛 allow you to restore your data from android to iPhone devices. For this purpose, keeping your concerns ahead we recommend you to use iTransor For WhatsApp for better features and premium services.