My iPhone is locked by the iCloud activation lock. I'm looking for an iCloud activation lock removal tool but don't know which one to use, what are some of the best options?

One of the most common struggles that iOS users experience is dealing with an iCloud activation lock. It's stressful and most of the time, it's unnecessary. If your iPhone is locked with iCloud activation and you cannot recover the password, you should try an iCloud activation lock removal tool to get rid of it.

icloud activation lock removal tool

In this article, we have hand-picked 7 most popular iCloud activation removal tools, showing their pros and cons and let you know whether you should try them on your own Apple device.

You will learn:

Part 1: 2 Professional iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools

Comparing to free activation lock bypass tools, professional iCloud activation lock removal tools are relatively reliable and trustworthy. Some of the tools like iBypasser, usually have over 98% success rate, and have great support for iOS 13/14 or even iOS 14.8. But still, before you pay for any application, there are still some things you should know first.

1 Before You Try - Tips and Must-Knows

Will It be Compatible?

Although professional iCloud activation lock removal tools usually have better compatibilities, you still need to consider it as a crucial factor. Does the software have a Windows/Mac version? Is your device supported for bypassing? Is the current iOS version of your device supported?

To prevent purchasing the software for nothing, better choose a product with free trial version that allows you to make sure that your device can indeed be bypassed.

About the Price

Most legit software charge by month, season, year or lifetime. But there are still some other products charge for each try. Be careful about these products. Because some bypass might no be though thorough. Meaning if you reboot your device, you have to pay again to bypass.

Watch Out for Scams

Not all paid activation lock removal tools are legit. Verify these factors to identify a scam: Does the product have a legit official website? Does it have money-back guarantee? Are there real customer feedbacks? Always THINK TWICE before you pay.

2 A Professional iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool - iBypasser

Recommended: star star star star star

iMyFone iBypasser is a professional iCloud activation lock removal tool developed by iMyFone. With successful experience in the field of iPhone unlocking, iBypasser came out as the first complete and official software that can remove iCloud activation lock without Apple ID or passwords. This software supports to bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone 6 to iPhone X running iOS 12.x to iOS14.8.

iBypasser bypass iPhone activation lock

1,000,000+ Downloads

Great Features of iBypasser:

  • Powerful iCloud activation lock removal tool with wide range of supported devices.
  • Remove activation lock without any passwords.
  • Bypass activation lock and access your device with no locks at all.
  • Allow you to use a new Apple ID after removing activation lock screen.
  • Insulate tracking and erasing from the previous Apple ID.

As a leading player in the industry, iMyFone really put all its effort into this application. Not only does iBypasser support most Apple devices with a 98% high success rate, it has also added the function to unlock SIM carrier feature without password in the latest update, making the application more versatile and handy.

Now let's see how iBypasser can help you easily remove iCloud Activation Lock.

If you prefer a video tutorial, there is one for you to walk through.
Top 5 Activation Lock Removal Tools Compared

Step 1. Launch iBypasser, choose "Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen" and click "Start". After that, connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to the computer using a USB cable.

start iMyFone iBypasser

Step 2. Then iBypasser will guide you through a jailbreaking process. Click "Next" to start jailbreaking your device and follow the on-screen instruction.

Jailbreak iPhone

Step 3. After jailbreaking your device, iBypasser will immediately start bypassing the activation lock. Wait for a moment and you should be able to start using the device as new. Now you can download the software for a free trial.

start bypassing the activation lock


  • All you need is to connect your device to the computer and follow the simple instructions.
  • You don't have to offer any extra information such as IMEI or screen passcodes.
  • After iCloud activation lock removes, you can sign in with a new Apple ID.
  • Your device won't be tracked or erased by the previous Apple ID.
  • 7/24 professional customer support.


  • At present, iBypasser is compatible with macOS 10.13 - 10.15 and Windows 10/8/8.1/7.
  • After bypassing, the function of calls, cellular and iCloud are disabled.

Supported iOS

  • iOS 12.0 to iOS 14, including iOS 14.8.

3 A Traditional Choice - Open My iCloud

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Open My iCloud is another iCloud activation lock removal tool that has been popular in the past few years. Although it is not the latest application and cannot guarantee a high success rate, it is still embraced by many users because of its wide reputation on the Internet.

This program is very simple to use. Here is a tutorial video for your reference if you want to try it out.



  • It is very effective and very fast at removing an iCloud activation lock.
  • Open My iCloud is compatible with all iOS devices.
  • You can unlock the iCloud activation lock using your iPhone's IMEI code.


  • It's very hard to find this software download online. It has not been updated for a long time.

Supported iOS

  • iOS 9.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.0.2/1, iOS 8, iOS 7.1.1 , iOS 7.1, iOS 7.0.6, iOS 7.0.5

Part 2: 4 Free iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools

The activation lock feature has probably the highest security level amongst all Apple's privacy and safety measures, and the free tools are clearly not as effective as professional iCloud activation lock bypass tools. Yet, you can still find some free tools or methods that seem to be able to help you bypass the activation lock without any cost for iOS 12/13 or some older versions. But the question is, do they really work?

1 Do Free iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools Really Work?

One thing about the free stuff is that, free as they seem to be, sometimes they consume time and energy which is worth way more that a few bucks. So before you dive into the countless "free" tricks and methods, it's definitely necessary to take some time and evaluate whether they worth time or not.

Why are They Free?

Here is why: Free activation lock removal tools either use loopholes of the iOS system which basically cost nothing, like the DNS bypass method, or are developed by non-profit crack organizations. Of course, there are also other cases in which some paid software use the completely useless "free trial version" as another "advertising cliché".

Will The Free iCloud Bypass Actually Work?

It depends. Because the free nature of these methods of tools, the developers or inventors usually wouldn't put too much effort maintaining them. They may either work for some module/iOS systems but not others, or work in the old days but not now. The truth is, you should not put too much hope in them if your device is running iOS 15/16 because these new versions of iOS may very much likely not be supported by these free tools. You only shot might be using some professional software to bypass the activation lock.

But hey, they are free, so it wouldn't hurt to try, right? Now here are some of the most wide-spread free activation bypass tools and methods.

2 The DNS Method

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Rumor has it, on the activation lock screen, if you change your DNS settings to some certain servers, you will be able to bypass the activation lock and use some of the functions.

This is a trick to remove iCloud activation lock in iOS 12/13. Many iOS 12/13 users have testified that this trick worked for them, and it's also proved to be working as a iPhone 4s to iPhone 6 iCloud removal tool. but there are also reports say it never worked. We believe it's worth a try if you are using older models like iPhone 4s to iPhone 6, or if your device is running an iOS version exactly or older than iOS 12/13, because it may work for you.

Here is how to apply the method.

use DNS method

Step 1. Reboot your iPhone, start the setup process and select your country & Language.

Step 2. Choose a Wi-Fi network and connect to it. Then scroll down to "DNS" and type in one of the following digits based on your region:

  • USA/North America: 154.51.7
  • Europe: 155.28.90
  • Asia: 155.220.58
  • In the rest of the world: 109.17.60

Step 3. Click "Back" on the top left corner of your screen. Click on your Wi-Fi network again to enter your Wi-Fi password, and tap "Join".

Step 4. Tap the "Back" tab at the button of the page, and your iPhone will try to activate and go to a new page. Quickly back "Back" tab at the top right corner of your page, and you will be on the Wi-Fi page.

Step 5. Now, you should be seeing "" at the top. Scroll and tap on the menu icon so that you can access apps and several features.

Step 6. Choose any app that will give you the right information about the owner of the app, so that you can contact him/her to remove iCloud Activation lock from the iPhone.

It would be much easier to act with the following video.
How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock with DNS Method


The success rate of this free iCloud activation bypass method is not very high, and it's highly dependent on your network connection and the stability of the DNS server. After bypassing, you can only access the limited number of functions provided by the server. Check out the video below for details.

3 iCloudin

Recommended: star star star

iCloudin is another tool to bypass activation lock. The website claims to be able to bypass iCloud activation lock for free, even on iOS 12/13. But according to users' feedback, the free service is not promising and doesn't seem to work every time.

About the product itself, iCloudin claims to be compatible with all iOS devices and is incredibly easy to use. However, when we actually tried it on our iPhone X, it didn't work.

But still, although it's not effective as the professional choices, according to the users' review, this product does work for some scenarios. If you choose to use this tool you are able to find a range of tutorials on their website that will help you out. Here is a brief guide for you to know better how this tool works.


Step 1: Download the software on your computer and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer.

Step 2: Start the program and it will detect your connected device.

Step 3: Hit "Start" and choose the model of your iDevice, then click "Next".

Step 4: The program will scan your device and then begin to bypass your iCloud activation lock. Note that the entire process takes about 20-30 minutes. Once it is completed, your device will restart.


The official free download source of iCloudin is nowhere to be found. The most relevant site to download iCloudin version 1.5.1 for free is this site, while there are also other iCloudin version free downloads like iCloud in 1.4 on the internet. The different versions of iCloudin could be developed by completely different developers, so watch out for scams.

4 Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool

Recommended: star star

The Doulci iCloud Unloocking tool, Doulci Activator, is also a very popular iCloud unlocking service. But before we get to know the service, there is something you should know about: Doulci Activator is not the service provided by the original Doulci Team.

Doulci used to be a team dedicated in providing free online activation lock bypassing service back in 2014. They use loopholes to help users to bypass their activation lock for completely free. But ever since the loopholes got patched by Apple, the free service was suspended.

But recently, Doulci Activator caught our eyes. After some research, this is how it works:


Step 1: Free download DoulCi Activator server files that you received from TrialPay and then install it on your web server.

Step 2: Unzip the files. Once it is unzipped successfully, you will see the files: download doulci iCloud unlock tool. The installation on a web server is quite easy and is similar. You just need to install the script on a local server and then edit your hosts file.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone, iPad or to iTunes iPod via USB cable.

Step 4: Wait for a few minutes until the magic happens. Done! Finally, exit the tool and disconnect your device to it.

See the Relevated Video.
How to unlock iCloud with Doulci Activator


According to the statement on, the Doulci Activator you see nowadays has nothing to do with the original Doulci team. It's a completely independent organization with the doulci's name. That been said, there are still some customers leaving positive reviews on this website.

5 Gadget Wide

Recommended: star star star

This is one of the best tools for bypassing iCloud activation lock. It is user-friendly, compatible with most Apple devices and can efficiently remove iCloud lock free. It is one of the most highly skilled tools on the market, it is completely free to download and use, and it has a very fast turnaround time.

gadgewide bypass tool


The GadgetWide YouTube channel has stopped uploading videos for more than 5 years. So I guess there is nobody updating the iCloud activation lock removal tool these days, and there is no reliable reference about whether this tool still works or not.

Part 3: iCloud Activation Lock Removal Services

Besides the free and paid iCloud activation lock removal tools, there is a third option: online iCloud activation lock removal services. This is the simplest activation lock removal approach, but at the same time, it's the least recommended. I'll explain.

1 Are online services reliable?

There may be some working online activation lock removal services, but the hard fact is that, there is almost no way to tell whether a service is a scam or not. Online iCloud activation lock removal services usually require the IEMI number of your device and an upfront payment. But after you pay the fee, all you can do is wait and hope they get the job done.

2 An Online Service Example - Official iPhone Unlock

Recommended: star star

Official iPhone Unlock is an online activation lock removal service. To use this service, simply pay the price online (prices start at $19.95), provide the IMEI serial number and they will take care of everything for you.

The good thing about this kind of online activation lock removal tools is that, you don't need to download or install any third-party application. But the online unlocking service also adds some uncertainty to your money because there is a chance that you can't get your device unlocked even after paying the price.

That being said, if you wat to try this shortcut, here is how:

Step 1: Go to the website and Click where it says iCloud unlock.

Step 2: Now you just choose what model of phone you have, input your IMEI or serial number.

Step 3: Now you you'll be taken to a secure page to pay the small fee, then the unlocking process will be started.



  • You don't have to do anything and the process is taken care of by professionals.
  • This is a very popular and reputable website so you are can be assured a good job will be done.


  • I will take you at least 3 business days for iCloud activation lock removal.
  • Some users claim online that it's not working. They're not always offering refund though promise to.

Supported iOS

  • iOS 7, iOS 7.1, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10

3 Other Online Activation Lock Removal Services

Official iPhone Unlock is just an example of how online iCloud activation lock service work. There are also a ton of other similar online services out there like or Again, if you want to try any of these, definitely do some research and sure it's not a scam.

Part 4: Final Words and FAQs Removing Activation Lock

Q How to Choose an iCloud Unlock Tool from Paid/Free/Online Options?

Free iCloud bypassing tools have the lowest success rate. But it wouldn't hurt to try if you are not in a hurry. For those who need an instant solid bypass, One of the best paid activation lock bypass application like iMyFone iBypasser is definitely the best choice. As for the online iCloud unlock services, don't do it unless you are confident enough to know that it is not a scam.

Q Can You Remove iOS Activation Lock by Jailbreaking iPhone?

Simply jailbreaking your device does not remove the activation lock. But on the other side, jailbreak is a necessary step for most activation lock bypassing tools.

Q How to Remove Activation Lock for Free?

Besides using the free activation lock removal methods and tools mentioned above, you can also remove the activation lock with official approaches. If you have the iCloud account, or can contact the owner of the account, go to, sign in with the original account, find the device and click "Remove" to remove it from the Apple ID. You may need to click "Erase" to erase the device first.

Q Will Bypassing Activation Lock Brick or Damage My Device?

For iBypasser, as long as you stick to the instruction in the application, your device should be fine and won't be bricked or damaged. Make sure your device is connected to computer throughout the entire bypass process until it gets bypassed successfully.

Q Is My Device Running iOS 12/13 Supported for Activation Bypassing?

iBypasser supports iPhone 5S to iPhone X running iOS 12.0 and versions above, including iOS 14.8. Detailed information can be acquired on the official product page. Of you can go with the easier approach, directly download a free trial version with the links below and give it a try.

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