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SEO Content Writing AI Service for Google SEO-Friendly Article


10 mins read

Unlike traffic from sponsored advertisements in Google and other search engines, organic traffic is free and can get last-long going up traffic if your page keeps a better ranking in such search engines. Whether you are an e-commerce business owner or a website owner, you must understand the importance of attracting organic traffic to your platform. One of the most effective ways is to write high-quality, SEO-optimized content for search engines. This article will help you acknowledge its potential and how to make SEO-friendly content effectively. Any helpful SEO content writing services? Find all answers here.  

How to use Google content writing service

In this article:

Chapter 1: What is SEO Content Writing

1 SEO Implication

SEO, shorts of search engine optimization, aims to attract more audiences via organic traffic from search engines. It contains 2 parts, content creation and SEO strategies. And here are the key components of SEO strategies:

  • Keyword targeting
  • SEO content writing
  • Page speed optimization
  • Cleaning up sites’ code
  • Backlinks

2 SEO Content Writing – The Start Point

Here we need to learn more about the SEO content creation which is also called SEO content writing. Unlike generating stories or poems, SEO content writing is the implementation of keywords and key phrases in the article or webpage to rank the top positions of search engine’s result pages. 

With fresh, quality content, search engines get something to rank in the keywords-related search results. Besides, please keep in mind that SEO content writing is not just to please readers, but also needs to please Google for a good rank in search results at the same time.  

3 Benefits of Ranking at the Top 

According to Sistrix's latest study, the average Click Through Rate (CTR) of the first position in Google’s organic search results is 28.5%. The data goes down rapidly after the first position while the second and third ones get the CTR of 15.7% and 11% respectively. Finally, only 2.5% can leave for the tenth one. Besides, most search engine users won’t go to the second page even the third page for solutions.

Sistrix‘s study of Google ranking position

So, how to rank at the top of the search results has been discussed for a long time. But the well-crafted content will surely be the first thing we need to achieve. From the above explanation, you can conclude that content writing could be the cornerstone of a successful SEO. 

Chapter 2: How to Generate SEO-Friendly Content

We have acknowledged the importance of a well-crafted SEO article. How to come up with SEO-friendly content? Follow us.

Before starting, you need to have a clear image of the topic or the main ideas you want to convey, promote even discuss in your SEO articles. Then you need to go through a combination of keyword investigation, user intent observation, high-quality content creation, and content optimization. Each part takes you lots of time to make research, decisions, and writing. After generating the content, more activities need to be processed to optimize and renew the page like adding internal links and leveraging the use of keywords.

In the SEO content writing process, we need to use lots of tools like keyword research, Google content analysis, grammar checking, AI content, and plagiarism detection. Finding a suitable tool for each usage could be a time-consuming process.

Chapter 3: Effective SEO Writing Service: SEO Writing AI


Is there any SEO writing service that can combine all these necessary tools into one?

There are so many steps to go through for creating a new SEO article. If you want to craft an SEO-friendly article, more steps need to go through. You may need to find different tools online for SEO content writing, article optimization, keyword investigation, brainstorming, etc. The searching and testing process could be time-consuming. Besides, switching from different tools also lowers the working efficiency.

ChatArt, one of the best AI-powered writers for SEO, can make your dream come true. More functions like plagiarism detection, rewritten, and content optimization can be found in ChatArt. 


ChatArt Key Features:

  • Advanced AI Tech: Embedded ChatGPT-4, Claude 3 Opus, and Google Gemini, ChatArt provides the best AI experiences to all types of users.
  • AI Writer: Combined keyword finder, outline generator, article optimization, Google article analysis system(upcoming), and plagiarism detection(upcoming) functions, ChatArt helps you make an SEO-friendly article with simple steps.
  • Format Optimization: Besides generating content based on your given topic and selected keywords, you can edit the output content with productivity tools. Some of them are also equipped with AI functions.
  • Save valuable content via bookmarking for easy future access and use.

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Simple Steps to Generate Google SEO-Friendly Article

Input your Topic, ChatArt does the rest for you

Input Topic
Generate and select keyword
Generate and edit Outline
Select Output Language and other customizable options
Generate and edit article based on the Google article optimize suggestions

Input Topic: Go to ChatArt. Find Article Generator. Input the Topic of your SEO article.

Input topic of the article in SEO Writing AI

Generate and select Keyword: Select the country that your article aims at and click Generate Keywords. Select keywords based on the relevance, trends, and difficulty of the list.

Tips: If you get your keywords, click Already have keywords? Enter them here.

Select keywords for the article in SEO Writing AI

Generate and edit Outline: Choose a desired type of passage content and then click Generate for outline creation. You can modify, add, and remove any part of the outline before processing to the next step.

Generate an outline for the article in SEO Writing AI

Select customizable options: Output language, article tone, and word count can be customized. You can make the options based on your need. Finally, click Generate to get the SEO article.

Select customizable options for the article in SEO Writing Service

Content Optimization: Select any words, sentences even paragraphs. Then you can: raise questions, generate pictures, optimize tone and length, and translate into another language.

Optimize content for the article in SEO Content Writing AI

Format Optimization: You can edit the content in different appearances with the tools in the top bar.

Optimize content for the article in SEO Content Writing AI

Chapter 4: Benefits of Using the AI Tech to Generate SEO-Friendly Article

With AI SEO content writing tools like ChatArt, you can gain many benefits. Here are some from our users: 

  • Time-saving: No need to find, test, or switch from different software and online services. You can get all the necessary SEO writing tools in ChatArt.
  • Effortless: You do not need to waste efforts and money on different platforms for their services to fulfill different SEO step requirements. You can make all the steps in ChatArt. One-time payment, lifetime SEO content writing AI service
  • More targeted: With the powerful AI analysis ability and learning algorithm, AI-powered ChatArt can produce engaging content that can hit users’ search intent. As a result, improve the CTR.
  • Generative Tools: You can raise any queries or ask ChatArt to generate images by selecting words, sentences even paragraphs. Also, translation, tone, and length optimization functions are available.
  • Productivity Tools: Built-in content style editing tools can help you finish the format editing directly. Then you can paste the content to your blog or webpage editor for publishing. 

Chapter 5: Tips for Increasing Article’s Search Engine Discoverability

Before applying the tips to the content from the AI SEO content writing tools to make it get a better ranking in search results, we need to understand which factors may impact the ranking. 

1 Key Features that Google will look for when ranking

Google article ranking factors

Content quality: Is your SEO article writing accurate and with precious expression, relevant to keywords and topics, and user-friendly?

Backlinks: Do other sites link to your content or webpage? A well-crafted SEO article cannot only get a higher ranking in search results but also attract backlinks at the same time.

User Experience: Is your content visual and helpful to the reader? Can they find solutions via your SEO articles?

Devices Support: Do the pages get optimized for portable devices’ screens besides desktops?

Content Depth: Is the content easy for readers to grasp the ideas? Does it provide more useful information to readers than similar pages?

Structure: Can the search engines understand your content easily?

2 More Tips for article optimization and better ranking

Google article ranking tips

Research and Choose the Correct Keyword: Keyword research is the most important part of the SEO writing process. Correct and relevant keywords could be a game-changer. A throughout research on the content-related keywords can help us figure out the most relevant and high-volume keywords.

Intent Investigation: Get a better understanding of what kind of content users like for target keywords. 

User intent analysis for SEO content writing

Title Selection: A good and engaging article title is one of the critical points for the success of your article. Please note that the 60-character title needs to include your selected keyword and convey the main idea of your passage. Do not have any ideas about this? Try the AI SEO content writing service.

Structure Quality Article: It is recommended to write an original, comprehensive, concise, and valuable article. Sometimes, the length of the article is not the key point to drive Google to list the content in the first position but the depth of the content and the value it brings to users.

Leverage Keywords in Content: No matter the title, subtitle, abstract, heading, and content, relevant keywords should be applied leverage and in position. Please note that it is not the density percentage but the position of keywords that plays an important role in article optimization.

Write Compelling Meta Description: Although meta description will not impact the ranking, a catchy meta description that strikes users’ intent can boost your organic click-through rate. If you are confused about how to make it short and attractive, the SEO content writing service can give you a hand. 

Get Feedback and Optimize: Before publishing, you’d better run it on some Google content writing evaluation tools for optimization. 

Add ALT to Image: Since search engines like Google will not read and understand the content in images like human beings, we can add ALT to the image to describe the image. Adding ALT can enhance the accessibility and user experience.

Build links strategically: Making more inbound and outbound links from trusted sites will make Google value your SEO writing.

Build link for the SEO writing content


Getting organic traffic with SEO content writing could be a long way to go. Generating SEO-friendly articles with SEO content writing AI services or tools like ChatArt could make the path shorter and quickly achieve your goal. It cannot only save your time and provide data-driven insights but also guarantee the high quality of the output content. With the AI-powered writer in ChatArt, you can go through all the SEO article generation steps in one tool. Simple and easy! Try the fantastic SEO content writing service from the SEO writing AI tool!

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