You'd have stored the memorable photos on your Android device as everyone loves enjoying time with family, creating videos and photo

What if your Android device gets stolen or lost in a public gathering? Apart from losing the expensive smartphone, you'd be more worried about the data stored in your lost or stolen Android device.

Luckily, you can get back all the data from stolen Android phone as we'll reveal how to recover photos from lost Android phone.

Part 1: How to Restore Photos from Stolen/Lost Android Phone

1.1. Retrieve Photos from Lost Android Phone with D-back for Android

You don't need to worry about if you lost the Android device or someone has stolen it. Instead, you can take the services of iMyFone D-Back, as this software allows you to recover the data from Google Drive.

So, if you set up the Google Drive backup of the lost Android device, D-Back for Android comes in handy.

D-Back for Android is an unbelievable data recovery software that makes it look simple to retrieve all the deleted data on Android devices.

Main Features:

  • Recover data from Google backup
  • Allows you to recover 13+ data types
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Preview the data before retrieving it
  • Broken Android data recovery is possible
  • Highest recovery rate
  • Retrieve data from Android devices without root

How to recover photos from lost Android phone?

Step 1: Launch the iMyFone D-Back and select ”Recover Data from Google Drive”.

install d-back for android

Step 2: Log in with the Google account credentials and then access the data you'd want to retrieve.

Tap on the” Next” icon and then iMyFone D-Back to scan your data.

scan for deleted text messages

Step 3: After scanning for your Google Drive data, all you need to do is preview the data and choose the files you'd want to restore. Next, click on the ” Recover” icon to recover your data.

click on recover

1.2. Get Photos Back from Stolen Android Phone with Dropbox

Another way to restore the data from a stolen or lost Android device is to use Dropbox.

Here's how to recover photos from lost Android phone.

Step 1: Launch the Dropbox application on the Android tablet or laptop

Step 2: Navigate to the Folder you created for storing the photos or Camera Uploads.

Step 3: Select the photos you'd want to retrieve and click on ”Tap More”. Next, tap on the ”Save to Device” icon to start restoring the data

tap on download as zip

1.3. Recover Photos from Lost Android Phone via Onedrive

OneDrive is Microsoft's brilliant cloud storage service that empowers you to automatically backup the Android data.

So, if your smartphone got stolen or lost, you can follow the guide below to know how to recover photos from lost Android phone.

Step 1: Log in with the ”OneDrive” account and visit the Photos tab.

Step 2: Select the videos or photos you'd want to get back and click on the ” Download” icon. Tap on the” Save” icon to confirm the action, and then OneDrive will start downloading the data to your preferred location on your PC or any other Android device.

click on the restore icon

Part 2: FAQs

1 Can I retrieve photos from a lost Samsung phone?

You can recover the photos from a lost Samsung phone through Dropbox or OneDrive, provided you have prepared the backup of your Android data. However, the best way to get back the data from a lost or stolen device has to be the iMyFone D-Back. It allows you to restore the data within a few clicks.

2 How to recover contacts from lost Android phone?

You can retrieve the contacts from an Android device through Google Backup. You'll need to log in with your Google account and navigate to Settings. Next, tap the Set & Restore icon after hitting the Google option. Hit the” Restore contacts” icon to get back the lost contacts.

3 Can I recover photos from lost/stolen Android phone without backup?

If you don't backup your Android device, it is almost next to impossible to restore the data when your Android device gets lost or stolen.

So, you should sync your Android data to a cloud storage service to ensure you don't lose critical data when something happens.


Knowing how to recover photos from lost Android phone becomes pretty simple courtesy of this insightful guide.

You can read this post to figure out the remarkable ways to get back the data from your stolen or Android device.

D-Back for Android comes out as the most reliable and straightforward way to retrieve photos or other data from lost mobile phones, as it doesn't tinker with the data quality of the mobile device.