Despite the prevalence of iOS devices, Android still has relevance, and millions of people love using Android devices. Like all devices, losing data from Android is familiar, as everyone can lose data on an Android device. D-Back for Android emerges as the most reliable way to retrieve lost data from Android devices. In this post, we'll review iMyFone D-Back, which will help us know how to retrieve lost data using iMyFone D-Back.

Part 1: D-back for Android data recovery review

1.1 What is iMyFone d-back for Android data recovery software?

d-back for android website

D-Back for Android data recovery software is a tool that stimulates retrieving lost data from Android devices. Luckily, this software supports all Android devices, meaning you can get back the lost data on all Android devices.

Using this software, you can recover data from broken or dead Android devices, enabling you to restore the data from Google Backup.

On top of that, the iMyFone D-Back offers an intuitive user interface. Despite offering advanced services, D-Back for Android offers an affordable premium package.

So, if you've lost important data unintentionally or intentionally, the iMyFone D-Back has to be the best available option for you.

1.2 The features of d-back for Android

1 Recover 11 types of data

The presence of D-Back for Android has made it simple to recover lost data on Android. For instance, D-Back for Android empowers you to retrieve 11 types of data, including Contacts, Call logs, Messages, documents, WiFi passwords, calendars, videos, audio, gallery, documents, and more.

2 Recover data from Google Drive backup without factory resetting on android

If you lost an Android device or your mobile got broken and want back all the Android data, iMyFone D-Back allows you to retrieve the data from Google Drive backup. 

3 Retrieve data without root

D-Back for Android helps you retrieve all the deleted data without granting root access to your Android device.

4 Recover data lost in various scenarios

Regardless of how you lost the Android data, iMyFone D-Back ensures that you retrieve the data from multiple scenarios. For instance, it allows you to recover data lost due to system crashes, accidental deletions, black screens, forgotten passwords, virus attacks, broken screens, etc. 

5Preview the data before restoring it

Using iMyFone D-Back, you carry the advantage of reviewing the scanned data. This way, you can select the files you'd like to get back.

6Export to PC or phone device

D-Back for Android empowers you to export the retrieved Android data directly to the PC or Android phone.

1.3 How to use D-Back for Android to recover data?

Step 1: Navigate to the official website of iMyFone D-Back and install the software. Next, launch the D-Back for Android and select Recover Phone Data.

recover data with-d-back

Step 2: Connect the Android device to the PC and start scanning for your lost data. The scanning process will take a little while if you've got a fast internet connection.

android dback

Step 3: After scanning for your lost Android data, you'll need to tap on the'' Recover'' icon to restore the lost data.

recover data from d-back android

1.4 Is the iMyFone d-back for Android data Safe to Use?

Using iMyFone D-Back is safe as it doesn't make your important data vulnerable to a virus or malware attack. Importantly, this software doesn't keep track of your activities on the Android device.

Part 2: Bonus: Get a Coupon Code to Enjoy a Discount from D-B for Android

D-Back for Android is undoubtedly a brilliant tool that makes retrieving lost Android simple and effortless.

Although D-Back for Android offers affordable monthly, yearly, and lifetime packages, you can still get more discounts using unique coupon codes. 

Here's the list of discount coupon codes that assist you in claiming the membership of iMyFone for Android at much cheaper rates.

iMyFone D-Back Coupon Code: 90recovery

How to Use D-Back for Android Coupon Code?

Step 1: Go to the purchase website, click on Copy the code and then tap on "Buy now"

click copy the coupon

Step 2: click on "I have a coupon"

i have a coupon

Step 3: Tap on "Use coupon code"


Step 4: Now you can paste the code on here and then click on "Apply"

enter code

Part 3: FAQs about D-Back for Android data recovery

3.1 Can I recover lost data from Android after factory resetting or a dead phone?

If you factory reset your Android device or your mobile device becomes dead, you can restore the data through Google Drive backup using iMyFone D-Back. It only asks you to scan for your lost data, and you'll be able to access it in a few moments.

3.2 is D-back for Android free? 

Although iMyFone D-Back comes up with a brilliant free trial version that enables you to scan the Android lost data, you'll need to pay to retrieve the lost data. Luckily, all the premium packages of iMyFone D-Back are affordable, and you won't have any issues.

3.3 What is D-Back for Android price?

1 month's membership of iMyFone for Android costs you only $26.95. If you intend to get the yearly package of D-Back for Android, you'll need to spend $35.95. You can acquire the lifetime license of D-Back for Android by paying $44.95 with the discount code.

3.4 Can I permanently recover deleted files from an Android device?

You can recover the permanently deleted files from Android device courtesy of the iMyFone D-Back for Android. All you need to do is connect the device to your PC and then scan for your lost data. 

3.5 How to recover lost data from Android without backup?

If you still need to prepare the backup of your Android device and intend to retrieve the important data, iMyFone D-Back comes to rescue you. It empowers you to retrieve lost data in a few clicks. 

Final Words

This review of iMyFone D-Back indicates that no other data recovery software can help you retrieve lost Android data better than this tool. This software has all the basics, and you won't have any issues recovering lost data from your device. You can visit the official website of iMyFone D-Back to claim membership in this fascinating tool.