How Long Does It Take to Back Up iPhone?

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Is your iPhone taking forever to back up? Whenever you are backing it up in iTunes/iCloud, does the back up seem to stay on the screen for a long amount of time, with the progress bar hardly moving at all? Is it frozen entirely? If you're not sure what to do about this and need some help, keep reading.

How Long Does an iPhone Backup Take?

How long it takes for an iPhone to back itself up really depends. If there's tons of data on your iPhone, or the network speed is really slow—or both—then iTunes and iCloud will both need a longer amount of time to finish backing up your iPhone.

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What Data Will iTunes or iCloud Back Up?

iTunes and iCloud will back up a large portion of your data. If you want to know what types specifically will be incorporated in the backup, then take a look at this link: About backups for iOS devices. As you can see, the backup is pretty thorough; this is why iPhone backups can take a lot of time.

It Takes Too Long to Back Up My iPhone, How to Fix?

If you're experiencing really delayed backup times with iTunes or iCloud, then keep reading. Below, we'll discuss 3 ways to fix this issue, and hopefully it won't take so long next time you need to back up your iPhone.

1 Reduce the Data on Your Phone

The easiest, most direct way to fix this problem is of course to reduce the amount of data that needs to be transferred during the backup in the first place. Go through your iPhone when you connect to iTunes and look to see if you have anything unnecessary that is taking up a lot of space. Delete it before you back up.

If you're going to use iCloud for the backup, then go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud > Apps Using iCloud. Look at the list of data types and see if you need all of them when you make the backup. If there are any that you don't really need, you can save yourself some time by turning them off.

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This approach may not be ideal for some users, especially those who need all of the data on their phones, but the less data you have on your phone, the less you have to wait.

2 Make Sure Your Wi-Fi Network Speed Is Good

The problem could also be that your network is too slow. iCloud backups depend on network speed, and it can really slow a backup down if you have an unreliable connection. Change to a better Wi-Fi network if you can, or disconnect other devices from the network during the back up process (leaving only your iPhone) so that you can speed things up.

3 Use an Alternative to iTunes / iCloud to Back Up Your iPhone Faster

There are also professional backup tools that you can use to backup your iPhone faster. One such tool is iMyFone D-Port Pro, which comes highly recommended. It's better than iTunes or iCloud in a lot of ways:

Key Features:

  • It can back up your iPhone in about 20 minutes, even if you have a lot of data. This is partially because you don't need a network connection to back it up.
  • You can back up just portions of your data if you want, according to data type. For example, you can back up only your WhatsApp data on iPhone X/iPhone 8 or back up only your iPhone messages if you want. This will help reduce back up times substantially, since you're only backing up what's important to you.
  • You can make backups with D-Port Pro that are way more flexible than iTunes' or iCloud's backups. You can view them, extract specific data from them, or restore them quickly.

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How to Back Up iPhone Faster and Easier With D-Port Pro

(1) Download and install D-Port Pro on your computer. Plug your iPhone into your computer and launch D-Port Pro.

(2) Click Back Up and Export from Device on the sidebar.

backup & export from iOS device

(3) Click Make a Full Backup and iMyFone D-Port Pro will show you the notice before starting to back up your iPhone.

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(4) Click Back Up, then wait while the phone backs up.

make a successful backup

(5) Click OK when it is finished.

Backing up an iPhone can sometimes take forever using iTunes or iCloud. Luckily, there are alternatives. You can back up your phone using iMyFone D-Port Pro and it will only take about 20 minutes. Best of all, you have a lot of control over the backup, and you can store it anywhere, as well as selectively extract data. It's definitely worth a try next time you need to back up your iPhone.

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