So, how do you restore data from a specific app in your backup, all while keeping the rest of the data on your device intact? What if you just want a small piece of data鈥攍ike your WhatsApp messages鈥攂ut you don't want to restore the rest of your device's backup because you don't want to overwrite or delete anything else? You updated to iOS 12 and don't know whether you can restore the app without problems? This is a tough situation. It's not so easy to do this with Apple's own native tools, but let's take a look at a few different methods:

Restore Specific App from iCloud Backup with Help of iTunes

One way that you can do this is with iTunes. It's kind of a work-around, but here's how you do it:

(1) Backup your device to iTunes.

(2) Restore your last iCloud backup to your device, one where the app in question still had the data you wanted.

(3) Go to iTunes > [Your Device Name] > Apps > Documents to save and export the data from the app, if possible.

(4) Restore the iTunes backup that you made earlier.

(5) Reinstall the app and try to save the data that you salvaged.

As you can see, this is a very overly-complicated method for something so simple, and you may not be able to do it in every situation.

Restore Specific App from iCloud Backup with聽3rd-Party Tool

An easier method is to just use a third-party application like聽iMyFone iTransor聽to restore specific data from your backups. This is better than any of Apple's backup tools because you can selectively back up and restore data, without having it affect any of the other data on your device. Some of its features include:

Key Features:

  • Restore specific app data, such as contacts, messages,聽WhatsApp, WeChat from iCloud backups without overwriting anything else.
  • Merge the data in iCloud backup with the data on your device, which means you don't have to lose any data after restore.
  • Extract data from iCloud backups and store it on your computer for more use.
  • iTransor聽has a shorter restoring time than iCloud.
  • It is compatible with iCloud backups from many versions of iOS, from iOS 7 to iOS 12.

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Steps to Restore Specific App from iCloud Backup

(1) Install聽iTransor on your computer and click聽Download iCloud Backup from the main window.


(2) Then just input your Apple ID and password to authorize the download.


(3) When you see a list of iCloud backups, choose the one that you want to restore from and click Next.


(4) After downloading the backup successfully, click Restore Data in the Backup to proceed.


(5) Choose the iCloud backup downloaded from the list and click Next.


(6) Choose what app you want to restore and connect your device. iMyFone will support more types of data in following updates. Choose Preview & Restore you can preview the data you chose in the backup and then restore. Choose Directly Restore the restore process will begin immediately. You can click聽Preview & Restore.

choose to restore partial backup

(7) After that, you can preview specific data associated with that app, and click Restore button to choose how you can restore the app data to your iOS device.

preview data in iCloud backup

Additional Tips about iCloud Backup and Restore

You may also find that it is hard to restore iCloud backup. Such-and-such problems happen and you just cannot restore the iCloud backup, especially after you upgrading your device to iOS 12. If you are tired of iCloud's snag, then you can find聽iCloud alternatives to backup and restore your iPhone.

As you can see, restoring a specific app from an iCloud backup doesn't need to be a hassle. In fact, you can try out iTransor to聽restore certain app from iTunes backup, also. What may surprise you is that the program is compatible with iOS 12 and the partial funtion of it is for free. The trial version of聽iMyFone iTransor聽allows you to make backups without paying a dime (you only need to buy it when you need to restore them). Give it a try today!

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