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The problem of No Location found on iPhone is common for many users. There are many reasons for this, but the solutions are pretty simple and straightforward.

no location found on iphone

This article will provide you with some information about the problem, as well as some possible solutions for it.

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In this article:

Part 1: What Does No Location Found Mean on iPhone?

iPhones have a handy feature that allows users to track their friends and family by using the phone's sharing location feature. However, you may wonder what it means if you or someone else receives a No Location Found message on their iPhone, or has been noticed about the iPhone location is wrong.

location not found

No Location Found for an iPhone can indicate several things, including the iPhone being in airplane mode, being out of service, the iOS system not being up to date, or the location or Find My Phone services being disabled.

Part 2: Why Does It Say No Location Found?

As mentioned previously, the "No Location Found" on iPhone indicates a technical error. This occurs when the sending device fails to transmit location data to the receiving device, leading to the display of this error message.

  • The individual lacks an internet connection.
  • Their internet connection is either too slow or unreliable.
  • Their phone is powered off.
  • They possess a low battery, and Low Power mode is activated, potentially impacting background location activities.
  • They find themselves in a remote location with limited cellular connectivity, making it difficult to establish a reliable internet connection.

Part 3: How to Fix No Location Found on iPhone?

Now, let's look at the fixes that can be applied to the Find My App's location issues. Even though the solutions offered are relatively complete, different solutions might work for both issues. So, keep an eye on the fixes and choose the solution that best suits your personality.

Method 1 Check the Apple's System Status Page

Apple's System Status Page is a great tool to fix "No Location Found" on your iPhone. You can find the System Status Page on Apple's website.


The System Status Page will update the most recent information about Apple's products, including iOS and macOS. This is an excellent place to check for updates if you are trying to find out what is going on with your iPhone.

Method 2 Change the Network Connections Setting to Refreshing Network Settings

It is not necessary to start with complicated procedures to resolve "No Location Found" issues on your device. You can look for a solution to this issue through your iPhone's network settings.

internet network connection

First, if your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can switch to a cellular data network or another Wi-Fi network. To fix issues across them, try turning off and on the services. If location errors arise due to network inefficiencies, changing the network settings would successfully resolve them.

Method 3 Turn off the Airplane Mode across your iPhone

Airplane mode disables all wireless connections on your device. This includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular data. When the device is in Airplane mode, the GPS cannot locate your position, leading to the "No Location Found" error. The Airplane Mode can be turned off by going to Settings, then tapping airplane mode and turning it off.

Turn on Airplane Mode

Method 4 Set the Appropriate Date & Time for the Phone

It is essential to set the appropriate date and time of the phone to fix "No Location Found" on the iPhone. A mismatch between your device and server time often causes this problem. To get rid of this, you need to change your device's date and time settings.

To set the date and time, launch Settings from your home screen. Tap General and then select Date & Time. Then tap Set Automatically and make sure that this is turned off. Next, tap Set Date & Time and input your current location's correct date, time, and time zone information. Tap Done when finished to save these settings.

internet network connection

Method 5 Try Restarting your iPhone

The iPhone's location services are powered by three different systems: GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular data. Hence, when one of these systems is not working correctly or needs to be in order, the other two will try to compensate for the lack of data.

restart iphone power off

If your iPhone has been experiencing issues with location tracking, you should restart the device. This can reset all three systems and help you get back on track.

Method 6 Enable Location Services From iPhone Settings

If your iPhone cannot provide your location, it may be because the Location Services feature is turned off. In order to enable Location Services from the Settings app on an iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Tap "Settings" from the home screen of your device.
  2. Scroll down and tap "Privacy".
  3. Tap "Location Services".
  4. Slide the switch next to "Location Services" so that it turns green.

Method 7 Turning on Precise Location on iPhone

The precise location is a feature on iPhone that allows the user to provide their location more accurately. It can be turned on in the Settings app. Once it is turned on, it will work like GPS and give you accurate location information.

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Part 4: FAQs about Find My App on iPhone

1. What does Location Not Available on iPhone mean?

The device may have been turned off if you receive the error message which 'Location Not Available' while using the Find My service.

It should be noted that this is one of many instances of such a problem, as other problems like software bugs and networking errors can also cause such a mistake.

2. Does No Location Found mean they stopped sharing?

Of course not.

This message surfaces when a technical error occurs in the location-sharing feature. This issue may stem from factors such as a poor internet connection, low battery, or other technical reasons, which will be elaborated on in the following section.



For now, keep in mind that "Location Not Available" indicates the other person intentionally stopped sharing their location, while "No Location Found" suggests a technical error, and the other person hasn't ceased location sharing.

3. How to Know if Someone Turned off Their Location on iPhone?

You can enable this option in the Find My app, which displays a list of People who have activated their location. If you need help finding a specific user on the list, they've turned off location services on their iPhones.

If you want to stop someone from tracking you without them knowing, the perfect method is faking GPS location on iPad , iPhone, or other iDivices.

4. Reasons of No Location Found & Location Not Available

Why Does My iPhone Say, "Location Not Available"?

  • Location Services Disabled
  • Poor or No Internet Connection
  • Incorrect Date and Time Settings
  • Privacy Settings
  • Device Turned Off or Battery Depleted
  • Problems with Application or Device

Why Does My iPhone Say, "No Location Found"?

  • Location Services Disabled
  • Location Not Being Shared
  • Device Ran Out of Battery
  • iCloud Removed from Device
  • Poor GPS Signal or No Internet Connection
  • Outdated iOS Version
  • Find My Not Working Properly

5. 'No Location Found' vs. 'Location Not Available'

No Location Found Location Not Available / Location Unavailable
Occurs when iPhone is turned off or is offline The Find My App is turned on but is failing to update the user's current location.
The device will be blank in color. The device will have a color and will not be generic.
Location Services across the iPhone might not be turned on. The "Location Services" and "Share My Location" features on iPhone are active and running.
It does not update the location of the person in seconds. The location is updated within seconds once the service is resumed.

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Final Word

In conclusion, Apple is always working on the best possible solution to no location found on iPhone. We hope they find a solution soon and make the location services more accurate.

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