Subscription and Cancellation Terms

Subscription Terms

You can use this product or this service for the duration of your subscription. The duration of the subscription, the billing period, and the price per subscription period for each product will be displayed during the order process. Limited subscriptions will end automatically. Unlimited subscriptions can be terminated by either party at any time.

If you select payment by credit or debit card, or via direct debit, you agree to have the unit price per subscription period automatically charged to your card and/or bank account immediately prior to the start of the next billing period.

Yes, please save this account and payment information for future purchases, including the processing of any subsequent subscription renewals which may occur following the date of this order.

Cancellation Terms

You can contact our customer service to cancel subscription, or unsubscribe by yourself in the subsequent emails you receive. After the subscription plan is cancelled, your paid service will continue until the end of the contract period.

We may modify our subscription and cancellation terms in the future, and your continued subscription shall be deemed to comply with our terms, including subsequent updates.