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[2024] 5 Tested Ways: How to Compress Video for Web Easily


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There's no denying that videos are more attention-grabbing than written text. Incorporating a background video can certainly elevate the attractiveness of your website. However, if your videos load slowly, it will result in an unpleasant experience. This is where web video compression plays a crucial role.

What’s worse, uploading high-quality, sizable videos not only puts a strain on your data but also your patience. To improve the process, the need to compress video for web can’t be ignored. Therefore, today this article will present you with the 5 effective solutions to tackle the issue at hand.

compress video for web

In this article:

Part 1: Comparison Table of 5 Video Compressors

iMyFone AnySmall Windows Movie Maker iMovie Adobe Media Encoder ClipChamp
Easy to use yes no yes no no
Batch compression yes no no no yes
No watermark on videos yes yes yes yes no(for the free trial)
File size limit no no no no no

Part 2: Best Video Compression for Web to Compress Videos

Among the short list of video compressors, iMyFone AnySmall tops the list to be the most favored software that is specifically designed to compress video for the web, due to its all-inclusive features. To put it simply, this tool make the video compression process simple by allowing you to reducing video size to up to 90%, which means compressing 1GB to 10MB is more realizable.

Moreover, the least thing to worry about is the quality of the compressed videos since this tool serves to use lossless compression technique to retain the original quality while downsizing the videos. And, no watermarks added! The compressed videos will look like the original one but in a smaller size.

Figure out how AnySmall compress video for the website without losing quality.

how to compress videos without losing quality
iMyFone AnySmall

Key Features:

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Steps to compress video file for the website using AnySmall:

Step 1: Download and install iMyFone AnySmall. Click to choose the destination folder first and then add video files you want to optimize for the web.

anysmall launch software to upload videos

Step 2:  Choose the different Compression Degrees you need. And they differ on the reduced video size (The quality of the compressed videos remain the same no matter which you choose).

anysmall choose compression degree

Step 3: Hit the Start button for the program to begin the compressing work.

anysmall wait for compression to complete

Step 4: Within a few seconds, your videos will be compressed and saved to your device. You can then freely share or upload them to the web.

anysmall compress videos successfully

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Part 3: 4 Other Tools to Compress video for Website

Looking for more tools to perform the job of video compression? We’ve picked up 4 other tools that make your choice-selecting process easier.

1 Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker, the prevalent software intended for Windows operating systems, can perform numerous tasks including but not limited to the addition of transitions, effects, audio tracks, and video compression for the web.

Furthermore, the software enables you to choose the footage to be utilized in the upcoming film. And it's possible to upload movies directly onto platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and similar websites.

windows movie maker software


  • User-friendly interface
  • Basic video editing features
  • Integration with Windows


  • Limited functionality
  • Lack of updates and support
  • Export limitations

2 iMovie

iMovie is a well-known video editing software accessible for Mac and iOS gadgets. Similarly, this computer program enables you to compress video file for the website. The program has the capability to carry out a range of additional tasks along with functioning as a comprehensive video tool.

Several notable features consist of producing top-notch films utilizing footages, visual effects, filters with superior sound quality, and incorporating preloaded soundtracks, among other things.

imovie software


  • Intuitive interface
  • Extensive video editing features
  • Seamless integration with Apple ecosystem


  • Not many formats supported
  • Limited compatibility
  • Advanced features may be lacking

3 Adobe Media Encoder

Another software that allows users to convert videos and compress video for the web is Adobe Media Encoder. Researched by Adobe Systems, it can be used to better streamline the media encoding and export the processed files.

For more, it supports for various video and audio formats, specifying the encoding settings and can handle batch processing, making it a versatile and efficient tool. However, you should be aware that it is accessible through subscription.

adobe media encoder software


  • Versatile media encoding and exporting
  • Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Batch processing capabilities


  • Resource-intensive
  • Subscription-based model
  • Hard to operate with skills required

4 ClipChamp

ClipChamp is a highly prevalent online tool utilized to compress video for web. This program is free to use and can accommodate various input formats. Additionally, there are no limitations on the file size that can be uploaded to the website.

You have the option to choose the program's preexisting settings or modify them according to your preferences for the purpose of optimizing the file size. A variety of added features such as the ability to process batches, handle multiple inputs, and adjust output resolution are provided as well.

clipchamp online video editor


  • Multiple editing features to choose from
  • Online tools without downloading
  • Allows for batch processing


  • A bit complicated to use
  • Free version adds watermarks to processed videos
  • Total rely on a strong network connection


Want to compress video for web immediately? You can just sit back and the burden will be taken by iMyFone AnySmall. With its features of fast processing speed, batch compression and watermark-free on the compressed videos, you can optimize the videos in no time with great results generated.

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