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[A Comprehensive Guide]: How to Save TikTok Videos


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In just a few years, TikTok has emerged as a treasure trove for sharing creative and engaging short videos. Since the app has its own video-sharing feature that creators have the right to disable the download option, many users often find themselves wondering how to save TikTok videos for offline viewing or sharing outside the app.

If you have the same question, then lucky you. In this guide, we'll guide you on how to make it, ensuring that you never miss out on those worthy-sharing video clips! Now, let’s make it happen within your reach.

how to save tiktok videos

In this article:

Part 1. Understanding the Types of TikTok Videos

Before diving into the process of knowing how to save TikTok videos, it's important to understand the types of videos on the platform from two different aspects:

From different interests and preferences:

  • Lip Sync and Dance Videos: Users often mimic popular songs or movie dialogues while incorporating choreographed movements or dance routines.
  • DIY and Life Hacks: These videos often cover topics such as cooking, crafting, or home improvement, providing users with practical tips and creative ideas for various projects or problem-solving tasks.
  • Challenges and Trends: Users participate in shared challenges by creating their own videos based on a specific theme or trend, often accompanied by a specific hashtag.
  • Beauty and Fashion: Influencers and content creators share their expertise and showcase their personal styles with videos including makeup tutorials, skincare routines, outfit styling, etc
  • Travel and Adventure: These videos often feature stunning landscapes, unique cultural insights, and exciting activities, users can share their travel experiences and tips.

From privacy protection:

  • Public videos: Public videos are those that creators have made available for anyone to view, like, and share. They can be easily saved directly through the TikTok app or by using third-party tools.
  • Protected Videos: Protected videos are those that creators have chosen to restrict in some way, usually by disabling the download option. To save these videos, you'll need to use alternative methods, which we'll discuss later in the guide.

Part 2: How to Save Public TikTok Videos?

Since you know the differences between public and private TikTok videos, you must head to this part to check the different ways to save them. For private videos, getting yourself a right tool is important while you can get the normal and public videos in a regular way. And here for both Android and iPhone users, you can try the following ways to get public videos:

save public tiktok videos

Step 1: Open the TikTok app and locate the video you want to save.

Step 2: Tap the Share icon (an arrow pointing to the right) located on the right side of the screen.

Step 3: In the sharing options, tap Save video.

Step 4: The video will be downloaded and saved to your device's gallery or camera roll.

Part 3: How to Save Protected TikTok Videos?

With regard to those protected videos that the creators have turned off the Share button, you may need a TikTok video downloader as they require alternative methods for saving with the standard option is unavailable. Since there are many choices for you on the market, here we’ll pick up some that are used with recommendation.

Before that, follow the routine that works for all videos before heading to check out those platforms that can be used to download TikTok videos:

  • 1. Open the TikTok app/platform and find the protected video you want to save.
  • 2. Tap the Share icon on the right side of the screen.
  • 3. In the sharing options, tap Copy link.

Desktop Tools:

3.1 SaveTT.cc

This is a simple-to-use platform for you to save TikTok video when using the desktop platform of TikTok. You don’t need to download any software to get the video, which is quite easy. But please note that these online tools often contain with ads that may piss you off by time.

savettcc save tiktok videos

Step 1: After following the above method, turn to this website.

Step 2: Paste the TikTok URL and click to Search.

Step 3: You can choose the formats including MP4 and MP3, then hit to Download.

Step 4: The video will then be downloaded, and you need to manually open it.



The network should be stable enough to support the downloading, or it may crash.

3.2 ssstikio

This is also another online platform for you to get TikTok saved videos. Also, you can get the video with no further steps but pasting the URL and wait for the content to be downloaded. The better part of it is that it contains no ads, which makes the interface clear and easy to see through other stuffs. Videos download come with no watermark, please be sure.

ssstikio save tiktok video

Step 1: After copying the URL from TikTok, open this website.

Step 2: Paste the TikTok URL and click to Download.

Step 3: To get the video without a watermark, click the Without watermark HD option.

Step 4: The video will soon be saved, go to the folder and check it.

Mobile Tools:

3.3 Downloader for TikTok (Android)

This app allows you to download TikTok videos without any watermark. And likewise, simple-to-operate without the need of specific knowledge. Here's how to use it:

downloader for tiktok app for android

Step 1: Install the app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Paste the link that you copy from the TikTok app.

Step 3: The app will automatically detect the copied link and display it on the main screen.

Step 4: Tap the Download button under the video.

Step 5: The video will then be saved in the gallery folder of your phone.

3.4 SaveTik: TikTok Video Saver (iPhone)

This is a video saver for iPhone users. And unlike other apps, it supports to switch to the TikTok app directly without opening two apps. Besides, you can use it to search for some hit videos by searching through hashtags. Follow to see how it works.

savetik app for iphone

Step 1: Install the app from the App Store.

Step 2: Click on Open TikTok.

Step 3: Find the video that you want to save and copy its URL.

Step 4: Click the Save Video option and there is a window down there, choose to save the video on to your photo gallery.

Step 5: The video will then be downloaded and saved to your device.

Bonus Tips: How to Save TikTok Videos without Taking Up Much Storage Space?

Do you know the TikTok video size limit? For Android users, the maximum file size for a video that can be uploaded to the TikTok newsfeed is 72 MB while iOS users are capped to 287.6 MB. This means a video that gets saved may take up much of the storage space, and your devices may be full eventually.

How to save a video on TikTok without spending much of the storage space? More importantly, how to make it without causing quality loss? To answer this question, you should need a video compressor called iMyFone AnySmall.

It’s a perfect fix designed specifically for those who want to get a large video without having enough storage space. And what makes it a more recommended tool is its ability to compress videos without damaging the pixel of your videos. All you have to do is upload your saved TikTok videos, choose the settings you like and hit to Start. That’s all it takes!

You’re invited to watch how AnySmall compress TikTok saved videos to save storage space!

how to compress videos to save storage space
iMyFone AnySmall

Key Features:

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To share a TikTok video freely regardless of its attribute, using the right tool is important. And tools introduced above are free for you to save TikTok videos unlimitedly. If you find the saved videos are too large to store, make sure to try iMyFone AnySmall. It can remove your headache and help you save more TikTok videos!

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