Adobe Lightroom is like Photoshop, where you can edit, process, and organize your photos. Using this tool, you can surely make your photos top-notch and attractive. However, many Lightroom users tend to ask how to recover deleted from Lightroom as their photos got deleted unintentionally.

Losing important files by mistake is a human error, and you can't fault yourself when this happens. However, what you can do is restore your important files by using appropriate methods.

This article is all about helping you to restore your Lightroom photos.

recover from lightroom

Part 1: Efficient Way to Recover Deleted Files/Catalog/Photos from Lightroom (Win&Mac)

If you're looking to recover deleted files from Lightroom, iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert might be the solution for you. Using this incredible tool, you can get your data back from many storage devices.

On top of that, D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert enables you to recover 1000+ data types, including archives, office documents, photos, videos, etc.

Surprisingly, despite offering high-quality features, D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert doesn't come up with a hectic interface. Instead, you can get your data back with minimal effort.

Main Features about iMyFone D-Back:

  • It helps retrieve your lost files from USB flash drives, hard drives, cameras, SD cards, etc.
  • You can restore your data in a couple of simple steps.
  • It also supports Windows partition recovery, including corrupted partition, formatted partition, raw partition, etc.
  • You can recover deleted Lightroom catalog using D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert.

Step 1: Downloading and installing iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert is fairly easy as you'll only need to visit the official website and then install the latest version. Next up, all you need to do is launch the software and navigate where you had lost the Lightroom files.

Step 2: After navigating to the ''Pictures'' folder, you'll need to hit ''Scan'' to start canning your Pictures folders. The process will stop once the tool scans all your lost files. You can preview files and select the files you'd like to recover from here.

scan lightroom

Step 3: You'll only need to tap the ''Recover'' icon in this phase and then start downloading the lost Lightroom files to your favorite destination.

recover lightroom files

Part 2: How to Recover Lightroom Mobile Presets/Photos

2.1. Recover Lightroom Mobile Presets/Photos from iPhone

After restoring your iPhone, you don't have to worry about it if you've lost important Lightroom photos, as iMyFone D-Back for iOS can help you get your photos back.

Using this immaculate third-party iOS device data recovery software, you can retrieve different file types from your iPhone. On top of that, it also enables you to recover data from iCloud.

Luckily, D-Back for iOS helps you restore your photos from even worst situations. For instance, if you've damaged your iPhone unintentionally, you can still get your important photos back using iMyFone D-Back for iOS.

Windows version Mac version

Here is how to recover Lightroom mobile presets/photos from iPhone:

Step 1: After installing the D-Back for iOS on your PC, you'll need to launch the program. Next up, you'll need to tap the'' Recover from iOS device'' icon and then try connecting the affected iOS device to the PC.

lunch d-back

Step 2: You'll need to select the deleted data type and start the scanning process. It will scan your iOS device within a few minutes.

scan the file

Step 3: After reviewing the photos, you can hit Recover to recover the lost Lightroom photos on your iOS device.

recover the file

Windows version Mac version

2.2. Recover Lightroom Mobile Presets/Photos from Android

Many Android users tend to create and edit photos on Lightroom for Android. However, sometimes when they reset their device, all the photos get deleted from the device. Luckily, you can restore all your Android photos using iMyFone D-Back (Android).

It is an unbelievable data recovery tool that helps you retrieve 11+ files, including WhatsApp, contacts, photos, messages, and other files. On top of that, this tool allows you to get your data back when your device tends to get broken.

In addition, iMyFone D-Back (Android) comes with a fairly simple interface, making your job easier than you think.

Step 1: Launch the iMyFone D-Back (Android) on your PC after installing it from the official website. Next up, you'll need to select a recovery mode.

lightroom files

Step 2: You'll need to connect your Android device to your PC and start scanning the file you've selected in the first step.

navigate files

Step 3: After scanning the files, you need to hit the Recover icon to get your lost Lightroom photos back on your Android device.

recover lightroom files

Part 3: Pro Tip about Lightroom Backup

3.1. How to Make a Lightroom Backup?

The Lightroom catalog stores the information about your photos. It doesn't only know the location of your photos but all the edits you've done in your photos. Hence, backing up your catalog backups might help you retrieve your photos when you lose them accidentally.

You can backup the Lightroom Catalog automatically every time you tend to quit the software.

Here's how to do it.

  1. Navigate to Catalog Settings after hitting the ''Edit'' icon. If you're using a Mac OS, you'll need to visit Catalog Settings after navigating Lightroom.
  2. You'll need to select a backup option for '' Back up a catalog. After visiting the Catalog Settings, you'll be able to see the location of backup metadata and catalog files.

3.2. How to Make a Lightroom Backup?

After backing up your photos, you can restore the Lightroom catalog to ensure you don't lose any important photos.

Your hard drive might get crashed, and that, as a result, might cause data loss, and who knows, that data might be your important Lightroom photos. However, backing up your data is that you can easily restore your files afterward.

Here's how to do it.

  1. Hit '' Open Catalog'' after hitting ''File'' icon. Next up, you'll need to navigate where you've backed the catalog log file.
  2. After finding the file, you'll need to select and open it.LRCAT file. Now, you can restore the backed-up Lightroom catalog to any destination you'd want.
Not backing up your Lightroom photos is one of the worst things you can ever do as you work hard to edit a photo, and losing it will hunt you big time. Hence, you'll need to ensure you're backing up your important photos before doing anything.

Part 4: Faqs about Lightroom Photos/Presets

01 How to recover deleted photos from the lightroom catalog?

Deleting the Lightroom Catalog photos is common, as many unintentionally do it. However, the question is can you get your photos back?

You can restore your lost or corrupted Lightroom photos using iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert.

You don't need to put extra yards to serve your purpose. Instead, following only a few simple steps will be enough to serve your purpose.

02 Where do my lightroom photos go?

Although you can save the Lightroom photos anywhere, you'd want to save them on your PC. However, after editing the Lightroom photos, when you tend to click on the Save icon, the'' Pictures'' folder accepts these photos by default.

Despite saving the photos, if you're unable to access the files, you can scan your PC through iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert.

03 How to recover lost presets in Lightroom?

Recovering lost preset in LightroomLightroom is now far easier than you thought a while ago. You can scan your PC through iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert if you've lost the files from the PC.

However, if you've unintentionally deleted the photos from Android or iPhone devices, you can iMyFone D-Back (Android) and iMyFone D-Back for iOS, respectively. Surprisingly, you can get your job done by following only a few simple and short steps.


You can get your lost or deleted Lightroom photos back through Lightroom backup, but recovering the files won't be possible if you've enabled the backup. Hence, the best option to recover the Lightroom catalog is the iMyFone D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert.

Using this prestigious third-party recovery software, you can easily get your lost files on your PC. However, you can opt for iMyFone D-Back for iOS and iMyFone D-Back (Android) if you've lost files from your mobile device.