How to Get Rid of Bookmark Sidebar on iPhone/iPad

There are times when it becomes necessary to get rid of the annoying bookmark bar in Safari on your iPad and the reality is that there are many ways to get it done. It is important to note that some of the ways can only achieve a temporary delete while there is also an opportunity for a permanent iPhone deletion. However, this article will look at the various ways to get rid of bookmarks on iPhone.

How to Get Rid of Bookmarks on iPad

1 Hide Bookmark Bar in Safari

Most people get fed up with the safari bookmark and always ask how it can be removed. In fact, it is important especially if you would like your browser to run clean and lean. It is easy to get rid of Bookmarks on iPad from hanging under the address bar because having a whole lot extra toolbar of your bookmark get things cluttered easily. So how then can it be removed? It just requires the following few steps

ipad bookmark

Step 1: Click on the View Menu.

Step 2: Once it is done, and then click on the “Hide Bookmarks Bar”.

This is just simple and alternatively, you can also use keyboard shortcut to hide the bookmarks bar by just pressing command + Shift + B on your keyboard.

2 Delete Directly an Individual Bookmark in Safari on iPad

It is possible to individually delete bookmark on your iPhone/iPad and it does not really require additional application or tools but few clicks. The following are the steps required.

Step 1: Open your iPad safari browser.

Step 2: At the top, you will find a book like item, this is the bookmark, tap on the button.

Step 3: Tap the Edit button on the top right corner.

Step 4: You will see a minus sign that appears to each of the saved bookmarks. Just tap on those Minus signs and click “Done” for every bookmark in safari you want to delete.

3 Permanently Erase iPad Safari Bookmarks

To get rid of bookmarks on iPhone/iPad, you can easily erase your iPad safari history using the ever reliable iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. To do a permanent erase of your iPad, you can use the Umate Pro “Erase All” mode which has the capability of erasing all data permanently.

Some people think the “Erase All” mode is just like a iPhone factory reset. but that is not completely the case. For example, factory reset will delete all your data and files but the deleted data can be recovered.

However, by using the Umate pro erase modes, you can erase iPhone permanently without chance of recovery.

The following are the steps required to use the Umate Pro.

Step 1: Run the program and connect your iPad device to it.

Windows version Mac version

Step 2: Select the “Erase All” mode.

how to get rid of bookmarks on ipad

Step 3: Click on “Erase Now” to erase your safari bookmarks permanently.

erase ipad

It is important to note that the Umate Pro is a better option because it offers many advantages when compared to all other alternatives. The following are the reasons

  • The Umate Pro does not just clear safari bookmarks but also clear safari history, safari caches and even safari cookies among other unneeded files and data.
  • Apart from clearing bookmarks, the Umate Pro also has the capability of erasing an already deleted bookmark that was done by just simple means. Umate Pro finds out these deleted bookmarks and erase them permanently.
  • It erases data in such a way that they are unrecoverable. Note that simply deleting the files is not enough because they can be recovered by data criminals.
  • It is easy to use and this means you do not require any skill to use it.

erase ipad

What Other Things Can Umate Pro Do for You?

  • The Umate Pro can help you delete hidden junk and also temporary files
  • It can help you compress iPhone photos to increase your storage space as well as export them to your PC
  • Where there are too many photos and app that is eating up storage space, the Umate Pro can mass delete the photos , videos and other apps
  • It can erase already deleted files which are not properly deleted saving you from data theft.
  • It can erase contacts, messages, call history contacts, photo, videos, notes and even erase Whatsapp messages.
  • It can erase all things on your device making it like new again.

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