Why iPad Mini Keeps Crashing? How to Fix it?

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Often when we are using our iPad mini to check our mails, open attachments, check Facebook or even play music at times, it would crash abruptly. The screen would go blank and the lights would dim and the Apple logo would appear on the screen.

Some users may concern “why does my iPad mini keeps crashing”. A major reason for this happening can be of a faulty flash memory on your device. It doesn’t show immediately but only when your device reaches that part of the memory to use it for storage or for usage. This issue may not arise at the beginning but only when the device users have maxed out on the memory and reached that part of the flash memory.

Part 1What to do when iPad Mini Crashes?

1 Force Reboot Your iPad Mini

  1. Press and hold both “Sleep/Wake” and Home buttons at the same time until the red slider appears.
  2. Slide your finger across the slider to turn off your iPad mini.
  3. Press and hold “Sleep/Wake” button until you see Apple logo.

When iPad mini has been restarted, all the RAM gets written again, that’s why it may fix iPad mini crashing.

ipad sleep button

2 Hard Reset Your iPad Mini

Press and hold “Sleep/Wake” button and Home button at the same time for at least 10-12 seconds until the Apple logo appears. Then please wait for it to restart.


iPad mini crashing issues have become somewhat of a common issue for consumers. Gone are the days when a simple phone/device can be functional by just readjusting the batteries. Consumers now look for permanent solutions that can help them in the long run and this case the iPad mini doesn’t crash anymore.

One way to do it is to get rid of extra junk files and temporary files from your device that can take up extra space and make the device slow and faulty. These files can also tamper with the memory and flash of the device so it’s best to fix it.

Part 2Manage iPad Mini Storage Memory to Reduce Chance of Crashing

For this day and age, users have the wonderful solution of iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser or iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser for Mac. It’s an all-in-one solution for iOS devices, including the iPad Mini.

It comes in a in a simple one-click step to get rid of your iPad mini crashing issues. Primarily, you can manage your iPad mini storage memory to reduce chance of crashing and malfunctioning. Sometimes, iPad mini crashing is caused by corrupted files or log. You can totally clean the potential corrupted files through “Junk Files” on iMyFone Umate Pro.

iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Cleaner

Umate Pro iphone data eraser

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Key Features:

  • Junk Files: Here as many as 30+ types of junk files can be cleaned once, such as cookies, log, caches, corrupted files, and etc.
  • Temporary Files: When you preview something but not download them, the temporary files are created. Only one click is required here to clean them.
  • Photos: Transfer photos to computer first for future need. Then you can choose to delete or compress them on your iDevice.
  • Large Files: Videos, music, movies can be backup & delete here according to different file sizes.
  • Apps: A bulk of apps can be managed here once.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 11 and receive lots of positive reviews from macworld.co.uk, Makeuseof.com , Cultofmac.com etc.

Try It FreeTry It Free

3 Steps Needed to Reduce Chance of iPad Mini Crashing

Step 1: Have the software installed and run it on your PC and connect your iOS device with a cable.

Step 2: Hit “Quick Scan” button to start space saving analysis. It will show how much space can be saved from your device.


Step 3: Tap “Clean” button beside the specific item, like “Junk Files”, and hit “Start” button. When it finishes, you will know how much storage has been cleaned.


iMyFone Umate Pro: An iOS Data Eraser

iMyFone Umate Pro does not only provide release of temporary files but it is a software that can help you in all your device issues.

1 Erase All Data

It has the ability to permanently erase all your data in case you wish to sell your device. It can delete all your temporary as well as permanent files and all the private data that is in your device that should remain confidential and not go to anyone else.

2 Erase Private Data

Sometimes users just want to individually erase some private data instead of all data, here is the option. You can select the unwanted files to be erased here, such as messages, photos, contact, call history, WeChat, WhatsApp, and more.

3 Erase Deleted Files

Another smart feature is that it can find out previously deleted files and completely erase all them. Sometimes the files may remain after deleting, so this ensures of all the deleted files are completely erased from your device.

Part 3Bonus: Useful Tips to Avoid iPad Mini Crashing

1 Trim Notification Center

If you have applications that are also in your iPhone, you don’t need its notifications on your iPad mini too. Your iPhone can be the sole use for those apps and the notifications. This keeps the iPad free and lighter and saves you from notifications twice.
Go to “Settings” of your iPad mini and select “Notifications”. Select each app separately and turn off its sliders.

2 Turn off Spotlight Search

Spotlight search allows you to search anything- contacts, music and apps but you can do it on your own too, so you can uncheck this field and save some energy. Go to “Setting” and the “General” tab, click on “Spotlight Search” and uncheck the items.


3 Update iOS System and Apps

Keeping your device up to date helps a lot. If you update your device as per trends and time with latest iOS updates, your device will function better because all the systems are updated too and made better. The same can be said for your applications that you need to update them with time so they function as per the latest development and does not make your device lag or make the use hard for you.