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How to Delete WhatsApp Chat History Permanently – 100% Work

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Aaron Donald

July 5, 2017 (Updated: December 25, 2019)• Filed to: Erase iPhone

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There could be a number of reasons why you would need to delete your WhatsApp chat history.

  • You could be concerned for your privacy and don’t want others to know who you have been communicating with.
  • Perhaps you are afraid that someone could snoop through your phone.
  • Maybe you plan to sell your phone or give it away and you don’t want all of your private chats on there.
  • Or WhatsApp document and data occupies so much space and you want to clear.


At any rate, if you really value your privacy, you should consider to delete WhatsApp chat history permanently.

How to Delete WhatsApp Chat History Permanently from iPhone (100% Unrecoverable)

How do you make WhatsApp chat history unrecoverable, then? Well, luckily there are data erasers that allow you to find and permanently delete your private data before your privacy is compromised. One such iPhone eraser is iMyFone WhatsApp Eraser for Win/for Mac. This will not only delete your WhatsApp chat history forever, but all kinds of other private data from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, the data erased by Umate Pro won't be recovered by any data recovery tool.

Umate Pro iphone data eraser

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Options to Delete WhatsApp:

  • Preview and select WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, attachments and other private data tp completely erase.
  • Wipe private WhatsApp fragments that the app leaves behind, which is also for Snapchat, WeChat, Line, Viber, and 10+ third-party apps.
  • Find out and permanently delete data that you previously deleted, including deleted WhatsApp messages.
  • Free trial to clear WhatsApp cache and all other apps cache from iPhone at once.

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Steps to Delete WhatsApp Chat History Permanently from iPhone

Step 1: Download and install iMyFone WhatsApp Eraser on your computer. Open it and connect your iPhone with a cable.
Step 2: Click “Erase Private Data.” And let it scan your iPhone.
Note: You can also choose "Erase Deleted Files" to scan previously deleted WhatsApp data or select "Erase Private Fragments" to wipe third-party app traces.
how to delete WhatsApp chat history permanently
Step 3: When scanning done, it will show up all the private data of your iPhone. You can preview and select WhatsApp chat history.
how to delete WhatsApp chat history
Step 4: After that, you can click on “Erase Now” and then confirm to begin.

iMyFone WhatsApp Eraser was highly spoken of for secure erasure by, MacWorld, APPKED and 100+ more professional software review sites.


How to Delete WhatsApp Chat History from iPhone (Recoverable)

Here is how to delete your WhatsApp chat history the “usual” way from iPhone. Keep in mind that the data will be recoverable with recovery tool, though:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your device.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to Chats.
  4. Go to the bottom and hit “Delete All Chats.”

However, if you just want to delete specific WhatsApp chat history, directly go to “Chats” when you launch WhatsApp, swipe the chat you want to delete to the left. Click on More button and then Delete Chat. Note that you cannot delete WhatsApp chat history in bulk.
delete WhatsApp chat history

Are Deleted WhatsApp Chat History Gone Forever?

If you don’t care that someone could use a third-party tool to recover your conversations from your phone, then maybe it is indeed “enough.” However, if you value your privacy and don’t want your private information getting into the wrong hands, then manually deleting your WhatsApp chat history is not enough at all.

Anyone who is even a little bit technically savvy could easily recover your private conversations. If you exchanged any important information, they could even use sensitive information to steal your identity in a worst case scenario. If you are selling your phone, it’s a good idea to wipe it clean.

Can We Delete WhatsApp Chat History from Both Ends

Actually, the answer is NO!

There is no way to delete WhatsApp chat history both from your device and the recipient's device. The WhatsApp chat history are stored in its server. No one besides WhatsApp can access the files in the server. That's why we could not delete data from other side. (It's a difression that only the Viber app allows you to delete your message from both ends. )

But don't worry, the WhatsApp chats are not stored in the server forever. They will be deleted from server when time is out. It maybe several months.

So what we can do to protect sensitive data from being leaked is to completely erase WhatsApp chats from our own iPhone instead of leaving deleted chats recoverable. iMyFone WhatsApp Eraser is the only one iPhone eraser that supports third-party apps, you should give it a try.

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Does WhatsApp has Any Privacy Leak Risk

WhatsApp offers a secure platform through which its users can send end-to-end encrypted messages which can only be decoded by the recipients’ device. This means messages sent across the platform between users cannot be intercepted. However, after receiving the messages, your device can be hacked and the messages compromised. It is possible to backup your WhatsApp data on iOS and Android operating systems by using the iCloud or Google Drive remote storage. In these backups, the decrypted messages on your device will be stored.

The backup copies are however not encrypted, and your data can be accessed when an outsider gets access to the latest copy of your backup.

Sharing WhatsApp data on Facebook

Facebook secured the approval of regulatory agencies in the EU to introduce WhatsApp as a part of the Facebook apps. Subsequently, the privacy policy applicable to WhatsApp as modified on 25 August 2016. The new changes in the privacy policy made it possible for data to be shared between WhatsApp and Facebook.

fecebook user data leak

Loopholes in WhatsApp’s Encryption

A story carried by the Guardian printed in January 2017 indicated that the implementation of an encryption protocol introduced to WhatsApp could be vulnerable. Sending messages across the platform are encrypted, but after the message has been received, it can be accessed from the recipients’ phone.

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